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Hello! Welcome to Cuendillar and to Sha'rah's page.

I've been MU*ing since 1997, and have been playing regularly on Cuendillar since 2005 though I visited occasionally several years before I was able to finally settle in and make a home of it. I've got numerous alts. Some of you may know who they are, some not.

I'm here to help out as much as I can. Still somewhat getting the hang of this Wizard thing, so please be patient if I can't fix something right away or answer a question right away. Be assured that I will do my best.

Currently working on:

  • Facilitating player plots
  • Reviving Cairhien
  • Updating +roster characters
  • General admin stuff
  • Numerous other projects

Need help? Feel free to ask. @requests are preferred.

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