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Ziada Ferelle
Country: Andor
Birthday:  ?
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: Caemlyn, Andor
Job: Thief
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Ziada Ferelle was born in Kore Springs, a large village in Andor. Her parents were Restear Ferelle and Mariende Ferelle, a pair of normal people in the village. Her father was a merchant and her mother helped her father with this occupation, serving as scribe and merchant for their small establishment. Ziada doesn't remember this period in her life well, for all it lasted five years. In this time, she remembers that she was loved and that her parents were good people; she was raised a happy child, given what they could afford, and loved. It was a childhood much like any in Andor.

Not long after her fifth birthday, there was a fire in Ziada's parents' home. What she doesn't realize is it was due to some charge that they were Darkfriends, and one thing led to another, as is wont to happen. The result of this, however, was their death, and Ziada's eventual adoption by her aunt and uncle, in the city of Caemlyn. To this date, the young woman doesn't know the specifics of her parents' deaths, and her relations have little wish to tell her such dirty 'laundry'.

And so Ziada went to live with her aunt and uncle, who it seemed didn't wish to care for her. Her life with them was rather difficult, for she got little of the care that a child needed other than the bare essentials of food and shelter, and even those were scarce sometimes. In spite of their own relative wealth (Uncle is a bookbinder), she was treated rather poorly, and it was this that led Ziada to choose a life of crime.

She started relatively simply, picking up things that were unattended and trying to sell them. This didn't sit well with her for long, and she began to do other things instead, ranging from sneaking into nobles' yards and stealing to later, after some practice, sneaking into homes and flitting away with some measure of wealth. This isn't to say she was exceptional, for she wasn't. She was competent, but there were others who were far better at this 'trade'.

It was in this period that she ran into trouble with a clothier in Tar Valon, by the name of Alemethia. Having stolen some of the woman's wares, she was recognized later by the woman. It's something she worries about, for while Alemethia has no real proof, she could still make the young thief's life difficult if she chose, and by all that Ziada's heard, she plans on doing so.

Not long after this all happened, the young woman met Ryder while trying to rob another building, and one thing did lead to another. He threatened her and told her to quit thieving, but would Ziada listen? No. She was too strong willed. He caught her a few times, and finally gave her an ultimatum to join his gang, or die. Of course, the girl chose the first option, and it's suited her well enough, so far, and gives her some protection from the difficulties of the streets.

It was also in this period of life, that she met Blaine Thaewath, and they got into something of a verbal scuffle. Ryder came upon them at the time, and he was /enraged/. She managed to salvage the situation, but it was difficult, and he's become more overprotective than ever...and now, the young woman is sure that Ryder is smitten with her. She, alas, has something of a crush on Blaine, and is frightened of telling Ryder...she's decided not to, because his rages tend to upset and frighten her.

And this brings us to this day; Ziada lives with the gang, and avoids those who she doesn't like or trust, including her aunt and uncle. She's trying to hone her skills with burglary, but is having problems due to Ryder...he's rather overprotective of her, and it's been getting worse over time.

Family Information


Restear Ferelle and Mariende Ferelle were simple merchants in the town of Kore Springs. When Ziada was only 5 years old, an accusation was made that her parents were Darkfriends. Their home was set ablaze, leading to their deaths.

Tinaele Elszet

Tinaele is Ziada's aunt. She has treated her poorly, and she dislikes her intensely. She rarely sees her and is unwilling to speak to her when she does.

Jerral Elszet

Jerral is Ziada's uncle. He has treated her poorly, and she dislikes him intensely. She rarely sees him and is unwilling to speak to him when she does.

Ziada lived with her aunt and uncle in Caemlyn after her parent's demise. Although they took the girl in, it was clear that they would never consider her one of their own. While they were considerably well-off, she found herself getting only the bare essentials. Despite what some might call 'cruel treatment', they showed her one kindness that she will never know: Her aunt and uncle kept silent about the truth of the charges brought against her parents. Their neglect unintentionally started Ziada toward a life of crime.




Conin Lareca

Conin is the youngest son of the main line of the Lareca family. This means something, and Ziada knows it, even if the family is only of minor nobility. No one dares cross the Lareca family, not even the Greater Houses. Things tend to happen. Despite all that, Ziada finds herself liking Conin. For all his pomp and posturing, she's managed to find the kid she knew would lie inside of him. She finds him easy to talk to, and often gets him to open up to her. That, in part, helps Ryder guide him, and she's only glad to help.

Lurek Mandene

Lurek is a member of the gang, and a good friend of Ziada's. He looks at her something like a younger sister, and tends to try to offer his advice...even when she doesn't want it, which is most of the time. He's a trifle overbearing, which greatly annoys her, and also tries to help her with her 'burglary', because he's far better at it than she is. She refuses to take his help, but does like him. It's something of a minor love-hate relationship/friendship.


Ryder is the leader of the gang that Ziada's a part of. He and Ziada have grown fairly close, and she's convinced that he's smitten with her. She's a bit afraid of his temper, though, and while she likes him, doesn't -like- him.

Tirene Abernath

Tirene is a street walker, and one of Ziada's best friends. It was Tirene who helped calm the girl down when Ryder came back with her in tow. Ziada doesn't really understand Tirene...Tirene's quite feminine in spite of her hard edge, but nevertheless, they /are/ friends. In fact, in a way, Tirene's the closest thing that Ziada has to a female adult role model... which is frightening, in a way. They get along well, though Ziada doesn't put much stock in Tirene's romantic suggestions: Tirene is a consummate matchmaker.



Ziada is hated by a clothier by the name of Alemethia, who she robbed. Alemethia doesn't have evidence, but spreads some rumors about the girl, deriding her character and calling her promiscuous. If Alemethia could find a way to get her in trouble, she would.

Brenov Harkone

Brenev is also a member of Ryder's gang. The young man is a con of various means, such as running shell games and scheming money out of fools who live in the city. He considers himself a lady's man, and has quite an ego; he is, admittedly, rather attractive. However, for a time, he pursued Ziada when Ryder wasn't present, and she turned him down flat. This was a blow to his ego that is difficult to heal. He greatly dislikes her now, and they squabble quite often. It's not strong enough for him to go out of his way to harm her, but ... if the opportunity comes up, he very well might.

Other acquaintances

Blaine Thaeweth

She interacted with Blaine some time back, and got into an argument. Ryder was incredibly upset, but things were dropped. However, she's got something of a crush for the young man, and hasn't as yet done something about it. She probably won't, she doesn't want to upset Ryder further.

Jairin Lareca

A very handsome lordling who occasionally talks with Ryder in various taverns and inns, buying drinks. He seems to like the atmosphere, and even manages to fit in (mostly).

Rinquist Maldon

A sometimes employer for your thieving skills. Technically, he employs you in the 'collections' department. You know Ryder is jealous of him and try to only take a few jobs and sporatically to keep things quiet.





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