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Official Permission Granted

Cuendillar MUSH has received official on-line permission from Robert Jordan. Listed below are the 'official' restrictions and qualifications of such permission. All players of CuendillarMUX are expected to abide by the restrictions set aside by Robert Jordan. It is his creative work, and we do not wish to have his permission revoked.

Page 1.

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your letter; I apologize for the extended delay in answering it. I spent so much time finishing The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, A Path of Daggers and "New Spring", that I managed to get very far behind on my mail. I am glad you like The Wheel of Time, and hope that you will enjoy future volumes too. I am now working on book nine, Winter's Heart, which is due for release in the fall of this year.

Enclosed is your permission for your online not-for-profit game. You don't need any permission for a Web page, but remember that you cannot use anything out of the books. You cannot use the icons or other artwork from the books, because those things are copyrighted by their creators. And note that some things are specifically prohibited in the permission that I am sending you.

Thanks again for writing.

With best wishes, I am,


Robert Jordan

Page 2.

This letter grants to Nynaeve, at (address omitted), permission to use proper names and background material from Robert Jordan's WHEEL OF TIME novel series (the WOT material), limited as follows:

- The permission is for use in an on-line role-playing game, by the game's operators and participants. It is non-exclusive (i.e., the same permission may be granted to others), and revocable by Mr. Jordan or his representative.

- It is understood that this game is not operated for profit.

- The operators and participants may make no use of WOT material outside the game, whether or not for profit

- The operators and participants may create new material derived from the WHEEL OF TIME background, provided that no use is made of such material outside the game. Gaming objects may be transferred to other such games (through porting of source code, object inheritance, or any other means) only after all WOT material has been removed from object descriptions.

- This permission is not transferable without the authorization of Robert Jordan or his representatives. Should the permission holders transfer management of the game to others, they will notify Robert Jordan, who may at his discretion transfer or rescind the permission.

- The game operators must state that they use the WOT material with permission of Robert Jordan.

- Robert Jordan shall under no circumstances be liable for any claim or damage against the operators or participants of the game resulting from the use of WOT material.

- The game operators must state, in the game's printed and on-line documentation, the limits of this permission as described here, and make a reasonable effort to establish that all participants understand these limitations.

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