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Alemethia ###
Country: Andor
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: ###
Job: Clothier
Hair Color: ###
Eye Color: ###
Spouse Greges
Children: Halis, Jarmac and Rissa


Background Information

Alemethia's life was never an easy one. Rather, its been full of trial after trial. Her childhood was hard, her family struggling to get by. Until she was about eight, and then suddenly they came into some money and raised themselves to middle class merchants. Her mother taught her sewing and apparelling, a trade that she plys herself even to this day.

Things were good until Alemethia was 16, then she decided that her lot in life was -NOT- staying at home. With a prayer to the Light, Alemethia packed her things and ran away. Her father was outraged, and sent out men to hunt her, but as luck would have it, she stumbled into a young man's stables, and was offered a refuge there. THat man, Greges, later became her husband.

He protected her and kept her safe in no way that any member of her family could, and even stood up to her father - defying his 'right' to take his daughter back home. She was invited to stay with Greges and his family, eventually began to court him, and then they were married. Together they have three children, two sons and a lovely young daughter. Their family is as close as any can be, barring the typical familial squabbles.

She does what she can to teacher her daughter the trade that her own mother lovingly bestowed upon her. She finds herself missing her own family, but fears what would happen should she ever try to contact them again. So, she busies herself with her own clothier business, and supports Greges as best she can.

Family Information





Greges is your husband of 18 years. You were married on the 18th of Shaldine, 985 NE. You both get along fabulously, most of the time. You sometimes get jealous of the fact that Greges likes to eye the younger women of his serving staff.



Halis is your second born child and son. He was born on Nineday, 5 Adar, 988 NE. He fancies himself as something of a hunter, which worries you. Not that hunting isn't a bad trade or anything, but he's come back with several broken bones before -- and you don't want to see him get hurt.


Jarmac is your first born child and son. He was born on Sixday, 18 Tammaz, 986 NE. He's being groomed by both yourself and Greges to take over the family business one day -- though you know he secretly hopes to join the Queen's Guard as a bowman one day.


Rissa is your youngest child and only daughter. She was born on Sixday, 4 Saven, 990 NE. You are closer to her than her father is, but that's likely because Greges spends most of his time with the boys. You take pride in the fact that she wishes to learn the clothier trade from you.


Deidre Thaeweth

This woman is about Alemethia's age, maybe a few years younger. She's a noble of House Thaeweth and she's had some hard times. Alemethia has become a sort of 'ear' for her, which she doesn't mind at all. She often makes clothing for the woman and finds her company pleasant. It's a nice change from having to look after her children.


Ziada Ferelle

You are convinced that this street girl has robbed you even though you've got no evidence. So you have spread some rumours about the girl, deriding her character and calling her promiscuous. If you could find a way to get Ziada in trouble, you would.

Other acquaintances


Brea is a young woman who wirks at the Inn as one of the waiting/serving staff. She's not quite the type of young woman that you catch your husband peering after and she seems nice enough, so you two are on good terms.





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