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Leadership Information

Queen: Elisia Nalia Murellan
First Prince of the Sword: Vince Brighton, formerly of House Linmar
Heirs: Aeline Olivia Murellan, Galavan Talvis Murellan and Quinlin Murellan
Symbols: White lion on red field, Rose Crown
Capital: Caemlyn
Towns: Whitebridge, Baerlon
Villages: Aringill, Deven Ride, Emond's Field, Four Kings, Kore Springs, New Braem, Taren Ferry, Watch Hill

General Overview

Andor lies in the center of the known world, bounded on the west by the Mountains of Mist, on the east by Cairhien, on the south by Ghealdan and Murandy, and on the north by wilderness. A class system exists in Andor, with the nobility dominant, but all citizens are treated fairly by that nobility.

Queens have ruled Andor since the end of the War of the Hundred Years. Traditionally, the Queen's brother acts as her First Prince of the Sword and Captain-General of her armies. A Governor of the Queen administrates the larger towns. Villages are governed by a Mayor and a Village Council, and a Wisdom and a Women's Circle. The Queen's Guard keeps the peace in Caemlyn and throughout the countryside, and larger towns are walled and patrolled by a Town Watch.

The Andoran Queens are among the few rulers to openly admit to keeping Aes Sedai advisors. It is traditional for the Daughter-Heir to train with the Aes Sedai, and her brother to train with the Warders, at Tar Valon. Not all Andorans approve of these associations and traditions.

Most Andorans are dark-haired and dark-eyed people of medium height with a medium skin tone. Blondes and light-eyed people are rare, although red hair and blue eyes are common in the Andoran noble lines.

Andoran men wear trousers, shirts and coats with turned-back cuffs and upstanding collars. Women wear long dresses with modest square-cut necks and fitted sleeves. The dresses are worn belted at the waist, and are occasionally embroidered with leaves and flowers. Both sexes wear cloaks in cold weather. Class distinctions are displayed through differences in the quality of cut and cloth. Most of the smaller villages have a way of distinguishing a mature woman, such as a braid or a bonnet.

Metals mined in the Mountains of Mist are Andor's most important products, although tabac, grain and wool are also key exports. Despite several wars with Cairhien, Andor is its second-largest supplier of grain needed to feed Cairhienin refugees of the Aiel War.

The vast majority of Andorans consider such things as Trollocs and Fades to be nothing more than fantastic legends. People outside of Andor believe that horrific creatures wander the Mountains of Mist.

The Inner City and the Royal Palace of Caemlyn were built by Ogier. The city has expanded outside the original walls, into an area called the New City. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Caemlyn has an excellent library, but it does not compete with the White Tower's library or the Royal Library of Cairhien.

Baerlon's population swells seasonally when miners and smelters come down from their shanty towns in the Mountains of Mist. The Baerlon Ironworks is famous for the quality of its castings. Baerlon lies some distance away from other populated centers, and at times the Queen has had to struggle to maintain control over this important source of revenues.

Whitebridge and Four Kings both make the majority of their income from merchants and traders, as both are on major thoroughfares. Whitebridge has the only bridge crossing the Arinelle south of Maradon in Saldaea.

The Two Rivers area, made up of the villages of Emond's Field, Taren Ferry, Deven Ride and Watch Hill, lies to the far west. Technically considered part of Andor, the Two Rivers has not seen a tax collector or Queen's Guard in seven generations, and few of its residents consider themselves Andoran. The Two Rivers plays a very significant role in the novels, but on the MUSH, it is an unimportant area known to the world only for the quality tabac and wool produced there. The Two Rivers is an offscreen area of the game.

Andor is recommended as a background culture for those unfamiliar with the novels. Its culture can be described as "typical fantasy".

Crude Map

Rough Map of Holdings of Andor's Noble Houses:

The cities of Whitebridge and Caemlyn are under the direct authority of the Crown of Andor. Four Kings and Aringyll are managed by their prospective noble houses.

The introductory text used for this webpage was written and copyrighted © by Rhonda Peters. It is used with permission on Cuendillar MUSH.

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