Andoran War of Succession: 1022 NE

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Current Events

Andoran War of Succession

Please note the posts following this section detail the events that lead up to what will be the Andoran War of Succession. Read here to find out how this affects the players of Cuendillar:

Andor & You

In the next several weeks, I will be GMing the conflict thats growing in Andor. During this plot, players will have every opportunity to take risks, get involved, and help determine the outcome of whats to come in Andor. There are no right or wrong answers, and there are no scripted endings. Rolls will be used to determine the luck or success of the plot. Aeline may become Queen, or someone else may be crowned in her place. Choices, hard choices, will have to be made. And, while ICly, there will be winning and losing, and triumphs and downfalls for the characters, as players, OOCly you win. For you will get the opportunity to tell a great story, and tell it well.

Normally, I do not post as a precursor to any plot that I intend to do. However, I feel in this case, I need to make such a post. In the past, when weve done huge game changing events either allowing actions to happen through the hands of the players, such as Nessas death in Cairhien, or through bigger events weve wanted to GM ourselves, staff has faced criticism for not being open about what was happening. So, Im laying things bare before you.

A War of Succession is coming to Andor. The seeds of it have already been planted. Players interested in such a plot are welcomed and encouraged to either take characters off the roster or bring their alts to Andor to participate. Well need players on both sides of the war, those for Aeline as Queen, and those against Aeline as Queen. Even if we do not get players against Aeline I will be GMing the NPCs and their reactions. I have laid out the motivations of each House is.

There will be conflict. It will be dirty. It will be gritty. It will be dangerous for anyone who gets involved. Especially those who are set non-consent, which means there can and will be death involved. This will not be slice of life RP. There will be GMd battles, and there will be global emits. As players, you will have to make a choice how invested you wish to get involved in the conflict. But, regardless of whether or not players take interest or involve themselves even if it is just BBposts to an empty game the plot will commence. It is my hope that it will commence with those who would prefer to make a difference, rather than those who will just simply let things happen. Come take the wild, and crazy ride with me.

I will be posting ways that you can get involved a bit later today. In the meantime, to allow people time to prepare, get alts in place, pick a side, take characters off the roster and get their feet wet, the GMing will not start taking place until Saturday, April 2nd. If you are going to be in Andor for this conflict, be prepared to pick a side.

If you choose to pick a player off the roster from Houses Lothievia or Demmar (characters to be CGd by this weekend), you are choosing to stand against House Murellan and with the opposing factions.

How War Works

For the War of Succession, I am adopting a GMing style from another game that I play, called Resolution Day. Each player may make 1 @request for Resolution Day, and that request may only involve one plan of action for that particular Resolution Day. If your plan of action includes military movement, be sure to have at least 1 player character (PC) that's going to support you or lead your troops, and be certain to include them in the request.

If your request has actions that would include another player, you will need to check with that player to ensure that they are with you; for if that player submits a seperate request with different actions that have been anticipated or discussed, that player's request will be honored over yours. Be sure to be on the same page with one another!

For instance, John Doe is going to invade the lands held from House Lareca, and Joe Schmoe is his go to person for doing this. John submits a request outlining his plan on how he wants to try to invade House Lareca's property, and what he hopes to gain, noting Joe Schmoe is going to do the work. Joe Scmoe's dice will be used in this instance to complete this task.

I will roll for the results, and I will announce them to the game in the GM style that I used when exposing the deaths that occured recently in the White Tower. These emits will also post to Board 14, for players to read who missed the events themselves.

Please note, a single player may only have one alt involved in the war at a time. Your other alts may be in Caemlyn to participate and get involved in other ways, but only one character on your alts list may actively influence events in Caemlyn.

Your character's actions matter. Make them count. Include other players. Make allies. Recruit people as supporters.

This is not the only GM style that I'll be using. I will be doing some short scenes with players, and doing some face to face combat with players as well; time and schedule permitting. Most of this will occur on weekends because my weekday life is hectic.

Most importantly, please be patient with me as we collectively try something new to bring a great story together for everyone presently playing in Andor.

What High Seats Can Do

t is important to understand that Resolution Days do not equate to IC game days, but days that I GM the war going in Andor. Also, realize, War is /expensive/. Each house will be given an allowance. Once they run out of money, they will either need to beg, borrow or steal from other houses - or your troops will start abandoning you and join the Houses that can pay for them.

In the case of NPC houses/alliances - you can @request once a resolution week, that's not part of Resolution Day, to see if you can make a deal to broker an alliance or borrow money for your cause.

Each house starts with 1,000 of their available troops on hand and ready to move around. Those within the city do not cost you anything extra. These are the people that are within Caemlyn. Each house may only gather up to 2,000 troops per Resolution Day, at a cost of 2,000 gold.

Houses can move move up to 2,000 troops per Resolution Day. Doing so will cost them 2,000 gold in expenses per Resolution Day they are not home. Moving them back will also cost 2,000 gold. This is a public action. People will know you're moving troops because fields will no longer be worked, or cities and towns will no longer be defended. Troop movements count as your action! If you move troops, you may not do anything else this Resolution Day. However, you can have someone else put in an action if you want your already gathered troops in Caemlyn to do something.

Houses with relatives in Cairhien may move 2,000 troops per Resolution Day. It will cost 2,000 gold per Resolution Day movement, and it takes 2 Resolution Days for those troops to travel through Cairhien, and through Andor, to get to Caemlyn. The chose of these troops goes up 2,000 gold for each Resolution Day they are in play, for no more than 4,000 gold a Resolution Day until they return to Cairhien.

Houses may purchase up to 1,000 mercenaries per Resolution Day. Each mercenary purchased costs 3 gold, for a total of 3,000 gold if the full allotment is purchased. After they are mustered, they will cost 4,000 gold to maintain per Resolution Day. Purchasing mercenaries is your action for Resolution Day if you choose to do this! However, you may get someone to move around your already gathered troops with a separate request.

Each Resolution Day, actively played High Seats can either purchase or gather new troops, or do an action. One or the other, unless they delegate an action to a designated person; a general, military leader, strategist, etc. Designates can only be played PCs. NPCs and Rostered Characters may not be delegated to this purpose.

Players who are not part of houses, but want to support other houses, may do so. They may not, however, purchase or gather troops. Only High Seats can do this.

You are also not limited to doing things in Caemlyn. If you move troops, it can be to the land of other Houses, so as to sabotage things on their home front. So, anything goes; so long as it's within the bounds of the rules above, and in the post: How War Works.

The following are the starting Military Numbers for each house, those marked with a * have relatives in Cairhien they can ask for aid. All except the starting 1,000 troops designated for each house in Caemlyn above are stationed in their House lands within Andor and may be moved as outlined above:

  • Buchannan 8,000
  • Choswen * 8,500
  • Demmar * 8,000
  • Lareca 6,000
  • Lotheivia 9,500
  • Murellan 10,000
  • Risden 7,500
  • Roesone 8,000
  • Thaeweth 9,500

Resolution Day Deadline

The next Resolution Day Deadline is Friday, June 3, 2011 at 11:59 pm.

Andor in General

Andor Mourns the Queen

8 Amadaine, 1022

News travels around Caemlyn that the royal family has a public statement to make. When the time arrives, the Prince Consort, Vincent Brighton, husband to Queen Elisian Murellen, comes to stand before the crowd. His face is a mask of absolute stoicism, except for his eyes, which hold a deep, profound sadness. Even then, at that very moment he is supposed to address the crowd, he needs a minute or two to keep himself composed before he speaks.

"People of Andor, I come to you today on a day that should be most joyous for a husband, but it is with great sadness that I speak to you today. My wife, Queen Elisia Murellan, By the Grace fo the Light, Queen of Andor, Defender of the Realm, Protector of the People, High Seat of House Murellen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We have named her Daella. However, this joyous news was shadowed with the passing of the Queen, who did not survive her birth. I ask that you all mourn for your Queen, and the House Murellan. Upon her deathbed, her wishes were clear. Our daughter, Lady Aeline Murellan, is hereby recalled from her training to Andor to take the mantle of her birth, to become the next Queen of Andor, and our son, Galavan, to become the First Prince of the Sword."

Unable to say more than those words to the people, who he is certain will spread the word to Tar Valon and the White Tower, he withdraws within the Palace; secluding himself for the traditional mourning period until the funeral is to take place.

Funeral Speech for Elisia

21 Maigdhal, 1022

Vincent steps forward, after others have had their opportunity to speak. He gazes around the courtyard, looking at those who are most forefront, but without really looking at them at all. His gaze is distant, forlorn. After a small silence, he speaks.

"My wife, she was a headstrong woman." Vincent begins, "When she got an idea in her head, she took it to heart to complete that idea herself." A soft smile plays at the side of his lips for only the briefest of moments before he continues, "Elisia would never give anyone a task that she could not bear to do herself, which sometimes often left me to do some of the more difficult things; but that never affected our marriage. She was a woman of great compassion and courage. Some might think that she leaned on me for her strength, but there they were wrong. I leaned on her." He pauses, licking his lips a moment before he prepares to move on.

Vincent's expression grows more serious as he continues, "She trusted me with many things. Her life, her love, her children, and more importantly, her country." He clasps his hands before him, allowing his gaze once more to roam the crowd, though he keeps his expression carefully controlled, unreadable. "I do not ever know a time that I had been more frightened in my life than the first time she put the reins in my hand. For, Andor was hers, and she its mother. I did not, for the lack of better words, want to screw things up; which was a difficult task, as Andor does not accept men as rulers." His gaze goes over to Aeline as he finishes speaking, then moves on to someone else, "But, never-the-less, I filled her shoes, with assurances to the people that she would return, and always she would. Always." His words trail off, but he does not give the impression he's done yet.

"Elisia wanted the people to know that she loved them," Vincent remarks, his voice more softly spoken now, "as if they were her own children. She also wanted them to know that it was her wish that her daughter, Aeline Murellan, take her place as Queen." His attention once more goes to Aeline as he speaks, and stays there for some time. "It was her hope, her desire, that the people would embrace Aeline as they had her. This was her dying wish, for she knew this time she would not be able to return. She loved the people of Andor as she loved her own children, putting Andor above all else, even her personal desires and ambitions. She was, and ever will be, Queen Elisia Nalia Murellan, By the Grace of the Light, Queen of Andor, Defender of the Realm, Protector of the People, High Seat of House Murellan."

And with that, he is finished. He grows quiet, and steps back and signals to the guards to set the funeral pyre ablaze.

The Public Stirs

9 Choren, 1022

It has been sometime since Queen Elisia has been put to rest, but still no word comes from the Palace, or the Daughter-Heir, about the intentions for the throne. There is some worry establishing itself among the people. Already, it was clear that not all Great Houses supported House Murellan, for neither the Heads of House nor the members of Houses Lothievia, Risden and Lareca were seen during the funeral. Some are beginning to wonder whether or not House Lothievia is working to make a claim for the throne.

While Andor is not known for the Game of Thrones, already the other Great Houses are taking stock of themselves, and counting their lines; not to be outbid by House Lotheivia should they make a claim. For, Elisia while may have named Aeline as the next Queen, she still must be accepted as Queen by the Houses of Andor to lawfully rule as such.

The people wait, and watch carefully, to see what will come of the Lion Throne of Andor, for already their nation has been left without someone to truly rule them for too long.

House Buchannan Speaks Out

9 Choren, 1022

Lord Quinlan Buchannan stands among a crowd of people. There are some fellow Queen's Guards presents, fellow Nobles, Commoners and all others that he's gathered to listen. He begins to speak:

"Greetings, Lords Ladies, fellow Queens Guardsmen and Fellow Citizens and guests of the nation of Andor and City of Caemlyn. While some of you may know that House Buchannan and the throne of Andor have maintained relationship for sometime in various areas and ways, many here today may not know that Queen Elisia and my Mother, the High Seat of House Buchannan Lady Khyra Buchannan, were the best of friends. In fact, unfortunately their attempts failed but I believe on at least one occassion if not more than one, they may have attempted to arrange a marriage for me. However, sadly nothing has came to fruition of that. Although that is not why I am speaking today. My family and myself have always supported Queen Elisia's Decisions and thus support her decision before she died to have the Daughter-heir assume her rightful role as our leader. Therefore, let it be known, that House Buchannan supports the Daughter-Heir in her duties to ascend to the Rightful role that was designated for her by her late mother, that of Queen of the Nation of Andor. Long may she live, and long may she rule."

With that he quietens down his voice. There's a bit of respectful applause and he smiles and quietens them "Any who wish to voice their support, gathered here today, may go to any tavern or inn in the city and country and receive one free drink on House Buchannan as well." He then finally quietens and looks to some of the people nearby and talks to them in a quieter voice as well.

Chowen Silent

3 Shaldine, 1022

Since the funeral procession honoring the passing of Queen Elisia, House Choswen has kept largely to itself, and holds its hand of political cards close to the breast for the time being. There have been no official statements from Lady Irinya, House Choswen's High Seat, and rumor indicates that none will be forthcoming anytime in the near future. The silence from House Choswen could mean anything, especially given the High Seat's blatant display of full support for Aeline after the funeral.

Perhaps the silence is meant to indicate that there is nothing else further to say. It could also mean that the Great House is taking a 'wait-and-see' approach to see what develops. Others speculate that there are other things going on behind the scenes that have yet to be brought to light. There has been some indication that the Lady Belya has been in contact with the Daughter-Heir, but Lady Irinya herself has been decidedly absent from any such meetings, and rumors suggest that perhaps the High Seat is currently unwell and has taken to her bed in grief over the passing of her close friend the Queen. There are those who scoff at such rumors, however, insisting it is one of her Daes Dae'mar ploys learned from her Cairhienin kin.

Daughter-Heir Moves

19 Shaldine, 1022

After allowing for more than enough emotional and political time for the Andoran population to recover after the fiery funeral for her Mother, to grieve the loss to the nation, Aeline can finally be seen to take more conclusive political action in putting forth her claim to the Lion Throne.

Aeline Olivia Murellan, at this time High Seat of House Murellan, sent out Royal Heralds across the realm to read that which seems written by one with high poetic drama in the prose, stating heart-felt words as she proclaims her rightful place as heir to her Mother's throne. On many the Common's billet, a copy of the words have been posted for those that can read what was writ. Was it only coincidence that a number of the recitals of the prepared speech took place just outside the residences of House Risden, House Lareca and House Lothievia? Those Houses who had been unquestionably and notably, absent at the funeral pyre for Queen Elisia?

Others in the populace can be overheard declaring their support of the young woman, a well-thought of person about Caemlyn until she had been sent to the White Tower as was tradition, saying that those Royal Heralds could have been heard equally outside the Great Houses of those who have long supported the Daughter-Heir as well as those who are of uncertain leanings. And oft times she was allowed to return to Caemlyn, so Aeline was never really out of touch with the ongoing events in the capital city.

There has been a steady stream of any number of personages to take audience with the eminent Daughter-Heir at the Caemlyn Palace, but the verbal exchanges have only so far been witnessed by the reserved and tight-lipped Royal guards. Perhaps Aeline has been speaking to the constant stream of visitors to determine where and who the questionable factors will be in the succession crisis she senses is on the horizon. Thus far, the entirety of the traffic has been to the Palace, none by the Daughter-Heir making trips to descend upon any of the High Seats who make up the Council of Houses that ultimately determines who will be their next Queen. Definitely, some suspicious or shadowy implications can be observed from the aftermath of the Queen's untimely demise and the unqualified lack of support from other controversial quarters.

(NOTE: Now is a very good time to claim a noble within Andor to take part in the Great Game and the RP activity that will be happening in Caemlyn!)

Andoran Division

19 Shaldine, 1022

It has been months after the Prince Consort called for his daughter to attend to his mother's deathbed, before she passed away. It was months more before he recalled her home, and waited to schedule the funeral, before he eventually just scheduled it without her, hoping she would return home. And, since that time, it has been months since Aeline has said what she wanted to do with regards to Andor.

The Great Houses of Andor have been watching the slow progression of the Daughter-Heir's responsiveness to the calls and pleas from her own family, and later that of Andor to take her rightful position, and it has left them wondering. So, too, has it left the common people of the city wondering. Their collective thoughts are almost shared, almost - though not entirely, for it would be too unseemly for them to be too closely shared. But, the long and the short of it is, they wonder... Why?

Why should they settle for Lady Aeline, the daughter of Queen Elisia, as their Queen? She who has been so slow to respond to her family in their time of need. She who has been so slow to respond to the nation in their time of mourning? Why should they give over their trust to this young, untried woman who did not come to them at their time of greatest need, but instead waited? Even as her Heralds filter around the streets, there is a great stirring among the Houses; and not just Houses Lareca, Lothievia and Risden.

Already, House Demmar has been counting its lines and roots back to Ishara, and are gleeful to see that they at least possess the blood of Ishara. Then there is House Thaeweth, a long supporter of the Lion Throne, and perhaps Queen Elisia, though their support has always been for the Throne itself and what it represents - who also holds ties to Queen Ishara. Perhaps stronger, even, than that of House Murellan. Yet, unlike House Demmar, they say nothing of who they will represent.

While Houses Choswen and Bucannan have announced to back Aeline for Queen, the only other Great House at this particular time to do so is House Roesone, another long time supporter. The other houses remain silent on the matter, for now.

It is difficult to say which way this will go. Aeline may rise to the throne she was destined to hold, or another house may rise to that honor.

Choswen Choices

19 Shaldine, 1022

There can be no doubt that, from the day of Elisia's funeral, House Choswen's loyalties have been clear. Irinya Choswen's open display of respect for Aeline, and Elisia's wishes that her daughter inherit the Lion Throne, have likely not been lost upon those who are attentive to the subtleties of Daes Dae'mar. While the High Seat has not spoken her intentions in so many words, it has long been known that she was a close advisor to Elisia, and a close friend as well. Her support for House Murellan, the House of her husband Grant, and the current ruling House of Andor remains staunch by all accounts.

While other Houses are researching their family lineage in search of ties to the blood of Ishara, House Choswen appears to be preparing to defend Aeline's right to the Lion Throne, and it is no longer a secret. There are a few as-yet-unfounded rumors that the House is already starting to muster its militia in preparation for the worst. The great question which should be on everyone's minds, perhaps, is whether or not House Choswen will remain steadfast in its support of Aeline's right to the Throne, or take this opportunity to involve its Cairhienin cousins in an effort to reunite House Pelarwen and House Choswen into the great House Wenarvin it once was, when it spanned lands that are now a part of both Andor and Cairhien. Perhaps it is all one of those sneaky Daes Dae'mar ruses, this apparent support of Aeline, while in reality, perhaps Irinya Choswen is preparing for a grand coup with the aid of her Pelarwen cousins to place one of her own children on the Lion Throne.

As yet, there is no evidence of this, and such attempts have failed in the past due to agreements between the monarchs of those two nations. Still, it may be a concern among those who have opposed House Choswen in matters in the past, and those Cairhienin ties, some say, should not be ignored in the grand scheme of things. While House Demmar has a similar tie to Cairhien, it does not have the benefit of having ties with Cairhien's current ruling House. An advantage for House Choswen, should it choose to test the strength of those family bonds. A War of Succession, should it happen, could easily become a war between nations should Zakhar Pelarwen choose to take an interest in affairs, and should Irinya Choswen seek the aid of her Pelarwen cousins.

White For The Daughter-Heir

15 Nesan, 1022

Coats, cockades, and sashes of white have begun appearing throughout Caemlyn, with the wearers proclaiming broadly that their bearing of the color of mourning--and one of Andor's colors--is a statement of support for the Daughter-Heir Aeline, referencing the wishes of the late, lamented Queen Elisia as to who should succeed her.

Meetings in the Night

25 Nesan, 1022

As turmoil spreads through out Andor.Rumors rise and die away.Some say Belya Choswen and Vincent Murellan met at private dinner in Royal palace. Lady heir of choswen and First prince of Andor and dawger husband of disease queen.

What should it mean,some say marriage was mentioned with the names of daughter heir and prince occuring through the lines. And also the unusual couple enjoyed deeply their company and each other. With First prince escorting lady Belya to palace doors as personal gesture of friendship and impression. As resolution seems soon to appear,factions starts to make their moves it seems. And Vincent Murellan seems wedded to see his child on Andor throne.

An Autumn Stroll

25 Nesan, 1022

Even with men and women taking on the colors of red and white in support of their various factions for or against Aeline, it doesn't seem to have stopped Lady Choswen and her one-eyed husband, Grant Choswen, from enjoying a walk together in the autumn air. It is said that they walked arm-in-arm, to settle at some tables set up outside the Rose and Lion Inn, where they chatted for a time, before being approached by a common man with a wagon.

At first, it looked like the Choswen guard escort were about to draw swords on the unsuspecting fellow, a testament to the rising tensions in the city, but then it became an amiable exchange of handshakes and cordial words. A Choswen guard was seen to escort the man with the wagon to his destination 'for his protection in the city', while the noble couple departed to resume their evening stroll, smiling at one another like two cats who each felt they had received a bowl of cream.

Strange Meetings?

27 Nesan, 1022

Late last evening, some would swear on the Light they saw a person looking very much like the Daughter-Heir in the Common Room of the Rose and Lion Inn, before she left her tea and fresh bread to speak with the innkeeper to whom she handed a note. She was not seen again, but two of the Royal Guards shadowed her every step of the way, all evening long until she was seen back at the Palace a few hours later. It seems she spoke to several people in the Common Room before she went off on other matters. It was unusual to see her at the Inn, but people seemed friendly enough, until she spoke with that man with the unusual golden eyes at a table as if she knew him beforehand. Before that she had been in conversation with Ethen Thaeweth, who was later seen playing dice and keeping an eye also on the young woman for the longest time, despite the fun with his men.

Pre-Resolution Day Emits

Listed in the link below are the story mood emits before we begin the official Resolution Day.

Before the Storm (Emits Prior to First Resolution Day)

Patterns in the Wheel

3 Danu, 1022

As news of different factions claiming aligiance,neutrality or the lion'throne spread over Caemlyn and andor. In the shadows and among the commotion.Certain people did certain things. First Vincent Murelan was seen practicing in palace with the young Ethen of Twaeweth,acknowledging his skills at the end,infront of the eyes of Quinlan Buchannan, before leaving with the same man giving him orders said to be contradictory at least.

To round a bisy day the first prince of sword was later seen in a private conversation under the stars with an Ogier in result of which the towering being is said to be now permanent guest of the prince itself and the royal family in the Royal castle.+bbproof

Chaos At Court

3 Danu, 1022

It all seemed to start out innocently enough. Messengers were seen to pass between House Choswen and the Royal Palace within the space of an hour. A flurry of activity shortly ensued, in which a gathering of the Daughter-Heir's supporters were seen to assemble in the Grand Hall of the Royal Palace. What started out as an audience with House Choswen and a pair of mercenaries, one rumored to be a Blademaster, the other a -woman-, soon turned into a full-blown Court session.

Which Houses were represented? It is difficult to say. Some insist that it was originally intended to be an attempt for Aeline's supporters to come to some sort of accord. House Choswen was present, yes, and were soon joined by Ethen Thaeweth, and later, Quinlan Buchannan was seen to enter the Grand Hall as well. Last but certainly not least, Vincent, Andor's own Prince General and former Consort to Queen Elisia, was seen to stride into the Grand Hall in full regalia, accompanied by a regiment of Queen's Guards.

Rumors really began to fly then. What could possibly be going on behind those great doors? Perhaps it was merely an innocent meeting of the minds. Then again, perhaps Lady Choswen was called to account for the movements of troops upon her lands, and Prince Vincent was there to see that justice might be done for treason. But no! It was worse than that. Some say that the Prince General had gone stark raving mad, and managed to insult everyone present, including his own daughter.

Whatever the case may be, the meeting, by all accounts, certainly did not end well. Indeed, it ended with Lady Choswen escorting her family, husband Grant and daughter Belya, from the Grand Hall with her face as dark as a thunderhead, and as cold as winter. What now will Andor's fate be, if this is true? Has House Choswen completely withdrawn its support for the Daughter-Heir? Have the events of one evening managed to unravel years of support and friendship between House Choswen and House Murellan? Only time will tell. Meanwile, it leaves open the possibility that those others vying for the Lion Throne could seek to court the support of what has been, until now, most certainly one of House Murellan's strongest allies.

More Court Happenings

5 Danu, 1022

It is said that there may have been attempt by Lord Quinlan Buchannon to withdraw support untill he heard from his mother High Seat of House Buchannan, Duchess Khyra Buchannan. However some rumors say he said he would support them. Others may even say he said he'd gladly do the rear kicking of his younger twin sister himself. Others perhaps a bit more untrustworthy may say many more wild things but whatever happened after the specatacle with the Choswens, there were not the only house to be in question as the Buchannans were as well. Some may say this was all a ploy by the Buchannans to not be outdone by the Choswens in /any/ aspect.

Mercenary Mayhem

5 Danu, 1022

Nobles have not been the only ones speaking with the Daughter-Heir in the Palace. Mercenaries have been seen coming and going as well, no doubt descending upon Andor like vultures upon a weakened animal. Reliable rumors even tell of a showdown between two such mercenaries, Termiane Koronel and Aloysia Teranor, and the Captain-General of the Queen's Guard himself, First Prince of the Sword Vincent Brighton. Whispers spread that the Captain-General insulted the two mercenaries, claiming that House Murellan did not need mercenaries to hold Andor. This in the face of two experienced sell-swords who claimed to be able to gather a thousand blades to the cause of whichever House they contracted with. Has the widowed Prince Consort's words lost House Murellan the services of so many swords? Will they fight the brewing war--if it boils over--without any mercenary blades? Or did the mercenaries get above themselves, requesting titles of nobility in exchange for their services, and were put in their place by the First Prince?

Rumors Yet Again

7 Danu, 1022

An eventful night happen for sure in white city ofAndor. Not to be sank from all that happen First prince of Sword made his next move.Jailed in his own quaters or not,rumors are still unclear.What is clear is,that Ethen Twaeweth visited the prince himself later in the night.

A long conversation then occur with matter still unknown,as both man were alone.But latter young heir of Twaeweth,and few fateful men too, were spotted arround palace carrying letters with the personal seal of Vincent Murellan. What is this?What this mean for his daughter heir?What both man said to each other? These are certainly things for which quiet a lot of hands will paid shining gold to know.

P.S. All that receive invites are gladly invited to participate in the event prior to invitations at 1 am.08.04.2011 eastern european time.If my calculations are correct it is about the same time we rp-ed last night.>

A Flurry of Messages

7 Danu, 1022

Some of the more observant might notice that there has been a flurry of messages passed between House Choswen and the Royal Palace. First, gossips reported that a messenger was sent from the Palace with letters in hand addressed to several personages of House Choswen. Then, two messages were sent back to the Royal Palace via a courier in Choswen livery. Another messenger was sent to House Choswen, and then a final messenger from House Choswen returned to the Palace with another letter in hand around the dinner hour.

Who those letters have been addressed to is unclear. After the flurry of messages ended, there was seen to be no more contact between House Choswen and the Royal Palace, and the High Seat, once a regular visitor to the Palace, is said to have not left her estate since the day she stormed out of the Grand Hall with family in tow.

First Prince Replaced

7 Danu, 1022

Today, the Daughter-Heir and now High Seat of House Murellan has officially remove the title of First Prince from her father, Vincent Brighton and given it to her oldest brother, the now reigning First Prince, Galavan Murellan. Thusly removing Vincent Brighton from any further control of the Queen's Guards he previously held because of his untowards actions the other night when he descended, unwelcomedly, into a private meeting Lady Aeline was holding with a pair of mercenaries she intended on hiring. At the same time, Vincent Murellan was highly guilty of thoroughly insulting her best friend, Lady Irinya Choswen, her husband Grant Choswen and their adotpive daughter Belya Choswen. The diatribes did not end there, he lamblasted his son Galavan and his first daughter, Lady Aeline Olivia Murellan. Such action will not be tolerated in the Palace or in Caemlyn.

Thaeweth Declares

9 Danu, 1022

Lord Ethen Thaeweth has today made his decision known on where he shall place House Thaeweth in the contest for the throne. Standing in for his mother Ethen made the announcement to support the Daughter-Heir Aeline Olivia Murellan in the coming days. He commented both on the desire to honour the last wish of the Queen as well as his desire to stability maintained. Yet he ultimately put his decision down to faith in the Daughter-Heir herself.

Departing Duchess

Fiveday, 15 Danu, 1022

By the time the scuffles in the street began to start, and even before the failed attempt to arrest Airalyn Lothievia, the carriage of the Duchess of House Choswen was, indeed, already seen to leave through the Aringill Gate that morning, accompanied by a respectable number of Choswen armsmen on horseback. Rumor would suggest that the Duchess has severed her ties with House Murellan completely, but only time will tell for certain.

Meanwhile, the official word from House Choswen is that the Duchess is merely personally seeing to the needs of the people on her lands, to bring them supplies for the long winter ahead, and to offer them some reassurance in the face of an impending war. Such action might suggest that she does, in fact, put the needs of her people above politics, in spite of what some would say about her family's Cairhienin love for Daes Dae'mar.

Despite the unfortunate rumor of a Choswen spy presumably caught in the Buchannan's war room, the Choswens appear to be making no aggressive moves in any direction. Indeed, the actions of the Duchess, now not showing support or opposition to any one faction, seem to suggest she considers none of the current claimants worthy of the Lion Throne. Then again, perhaps she is following the example of House Roesone at this point, and simply staying out of it, attending to her own affairs and the people who depend on her.

ResDay: Taking Action & You

Sevenday, 17 Danu, 1022

ResDay Clarifications

As this has come up in the past, and continues to come up, I think I need to clarify some things. During our Resolution Day period in Andor, any big action that you decide to take requires a Resolution Day Request. The following are considered Big Actions, but note that this is not an all inclusive list:

1. Arresting another character, either a PC or an NPC.
2. Attempting to kill another character, either a PC or an NPC.
3. Attempting to kidnap another character, either a PC or an NPC.
4. Traveling from city to city, or city to holding, or holding to holding - IE, anywhere offgrid, or to Cairhien or Tar Valon. If you are in Caemlyn, realize that it takes a ResDay action to get to some other place. Most of the main action will be taking place in Caemlyn - so unless you're going to Tar Valon or Cairhien, there's little to do in these other places.
5. Attempting to do anything with the military - either marshalling troops or making use of the ones you already have.
6. Attempting to gather mercenaries to your cause.
7. Anything that affects the plot in a big way.

The thing to realize is that this is turn-based RP. While it may seem these things limit RP, it's only as limiting as you make it. Consider that for Resolution Days, time is fluid, and meaningless - everything is happening simultaneously. There is no real timeline of events. You are being asked to handwaive any time requirements that might otherwise be set on players.

So, if MaryJane asked you on Monday to kill JoeBob - you're still going to be able to attempt to do this - but not until we do the conflict resolution portion. RP around this situation. If it happened at the beginning of the week - consider that maybe they just can't be found at that particular time. Keep this in mind when you make your plans.

Do not limit yourself to promises of RIGHT NOW. Or, if you do, realize that those promises are not going to be met until ResDay - and additionally, the party requiring you to make these promises cannot take action against you or look at you negatively for any delays - unless you /both/ agree that there could be an IC delay for some reason or another - IE: maybe you really like JoeBob and would really want to delay killing him because it's a moral dillemna for you. More importantly, make your decisions about what your character should do count for something.

What you SHOULD do is the following:

1. Make sure that when you RP, you don't set any time limits on yourself.
2. RP about the events going on presently.
3. Haggle. Politic. Schmooze with one another.
4. Make plans to sabotage another group.
5. Make plans murder someone.
6. Skulk about to find information from PCs.
7. Make threats against your enemies.
8. Try to gain new allies.
9. Make speeches (this no longer requires a Resolution Day request and may be done offgrid, but should be written in the text of the actual speech: So and so addresses the crowd, "People of Andor, etc..."
10. Send IC messages to one another (through @mail, until there is a messenger system coded.) You may even do this across the grid, if people are offgrid.
Etc, etc, etc.

The list above is only an example of the things you can do. There are any number of things that you can be doing. Also, realize, that when PCs are taking actions against other PCs, that this situation will be role-played out between the players involved, with a GM present to help with conflict resolution - during Resolution Day. These scenes will be non-consent scenes, with rolls being used to determine the success or failure of the situation.

ResDay: Double Actions Granted

Sevenday, 17 Danu, 1022

After some thought and consideration, I have decided to allow players 2 actions this Resolution Day. This is an /experiment/ only. I worked for 10 hours on Sunday to bring you the emits that you so enjoyed. So, I will take this weekend to evaluate how much additional time allowing the additional action will take.

Please realize, I have /very/ limited time to do anything at all on the game, or anywhere else. So, when I take the time to do the plots and things, I'm taking time away from my family, my friends, and the people I love and care about most. If I find that 2 actions is too much work, I will be reducing the amount back to 1 action per player. NOTE: This also means that the NPCS get 2 actions as well.

Each action MUST be submitted as a separate @request, to keep the GM sane.

Choswen and Murellan Meet

Nineday, 19 Danu, 1022

After having left the city of Caemlyn in considerable confusion after that faithful evening that became the symbol of a rift between House Choswen and House Murellan, it was to be expected that eventually, one side or the other would make a move. As it happens, it would be that the Daughter-Heir herself made a visit to the Choswen Estate, where she was welcomed with open arms by Lady Belya Choswen in the absence of the High Seat, after which the two women disappeared behind closed doors, well out of earshot from any and all who took interest in this meeting.

Several hours later, the Daughter-Heir could be seen leaving the Choswen Estate, being seen out till the gate by Lady Belya Choswen. During the final exchange of words, which was brief and polite, the two women could be seen shaking hands in an amicable fashion.

Neither have spoken of the outcome of the meeting, or more specifically whether or not House Choswen is once more placing its firm support behind Aeline Murellan. Regardless of whether that is the case or not, it would seem that the two women that carry the future of their respective Houses have made a first step towards reconciliation that will hopefully lead towards a resurrection of the amicable relations held by their mothers before Queen Elisia's untimely passing.

House Buchannan Remains!

Threeday, 23 Danu, 1022

Quinlan steps up to address the crowd

"Fellow Citizens and guests of Andor, you may have heard rumors of a possible pulling of support for the Daughter-Heir at the most recent Court but, that is only partially true. We still support the Daughter-Heir and will continue to. I had mentioned I wished to wait to at least get advice from either my mother, or my older Sister Aeliss, but in the end stated again to the Daughter-Heir we will still support her. It is a tough decision for us in some ways as one of our own by birth is opposing the Daughter-Heir. However having recently dined with my sister, Lady Airalyn with others present. Having heard what she has said. Unless my mother overrules me, House Buchannan remains fully supportive of the Daughter-Heir's Claim to the throne, and we will do whatever it takes to see her on the throne. We have always been loyal to the queen no matter who it is or was, and as stated previously House Murellan and House Buchannan have a great friendship. Which is evidenced by having almost similarly named children between my mother and Queen Elisia. Therefore to restate once again. We wish to Honor Queen Elisia's Last wishes and have the Daughter-Heir become the next Occupant of the Lion throne."

With that he steps back and begins conversing with people in the crowd.

The Speech of a High Seat

Threeday, 23 Danu, 1022

It is a well-known fact by now that Lady Irinya Choswen left the city of Caemlyn for her own lands. But why did she do it? What was her agenda? It eventually becomes clear, as word trickles back to the City of the Lady's activities while she has been away in the country. It is said that she travelled from village to village, seeing to the needs of her people, alleviating their fears, and offering them hope and comfort, and a sense of resolve for the potential of future conflict. It is said that her sincerity is unquestioned, and her determination knows no equal as she delivers the following speech in each village green in which she stops to address her people:

To the citizens of Andor,

Her Majesty, Elisia Murellan, By the Grace of the Light, Queen of Andor, Protector of the Realm, Defender of the People, High Seat of House Murellan has passed away. This is a time of grief. She was a fair and just Queen, who has done well for our people. Her tragic end with the birth of her youngest and last child has left a wound that will not heal. While it is true that Lady Aeline, the Daughter-Heir, has been somewhat slow to respond to this unexpected tragedy due to being away studying at the White Tower as is tradition, we must consider the facts. She is here now, and has come home with heavy grief in her heart, only to face opposition from those who would take advantage of this opportunity to further their own ends.

While I certainly do not wish to see our nation fail in the face of war, we must be prepared for the worst. Therefore, I implore you to look to your families, and be prepared to protect your homes and your loved ones. There is no telling which way the wind will blow for certain, but we do know what is right, when we look at the facts, and the law, and take the best interests of this country to heart. War is not in the best interests of anyone. It is costly, both in life and expenses. But war is what we may very well be facing if Airalyn Lothievia and Mairia Demmar do not immediately renounce their claims. Blood has already been spilled as a result of their rash behavior, and unless this matter can be resolved in a diplomatic fashion, we must be prepared.

House Choswen has chosen to stand behind the Daughter-Heir, the rightful Heir to the Lion Throne, in accordance with Andoran law and tradition. Our nation is not founded upon the shallow principles of a popularity contest, nor has our nation ever been about maneuvering for profit or personal gain. It is my belief that the people of Andor possess a strong will and a deep sense of integrity. And that integrity will prevail.

Take heart, therefore, and should you be asked to bear arms, know that you are doing so for the right reasons. Be very certain of it in your hearts - this conflict would not be happening, were it not for the actions of those who would put forth erroneous claims to the Lion Throne and plunge our nation into war.

Once she finishes speaking in each village, Irinya Choswen makes certain supplies brought from the city are distributed, before moving on to the next location, never staying one place for long.

Mourning the Dead

Nineday, 1 Taisham, 1023

When the High Seat of House Choswen was not immediately able to enter her own estate due to the fighting going on in the streets outside, the infuriated Duchess, it would seem, decided to take refuge in the courtyard of the Royal Palace, where it is said she sent a messenger in to the Daughter-Heir, and spoke with an Aes Sedai while waiting to see her.

Once the fighting died down, Irinya Choswen rode back to her estate to assess the losses. She was seen to walk amongst the dead with an armed escort, taking down the names of each man who fell to the brutal attack from House Buchannan. Now, word spreads that she has started to send her personal condolences to the families of every man who died, promising them that their slain soldiers would receive honors and that their families would be taken care of.

To all appearances, the High Seat of House Choswen does not appear to be preparing for any retaliatory actions against House Buchannan. Indeed, Lady Choswen seems quite subdued, thoughtful, and most of all, righteously angry over the whole affair during her assessment of the casualties. When the body counting has finished, the petite High Seat stands in the stirrups of her horse's saddle and addresses the onlookers with an expression of profound grief:

People of Andor,

Blood has been spilled today in the streets of Caemlyn, unnecessarily. This is a bitter reminder of how quickly things can get out of hand. Fifty six men have died today, and today, as far as I am concerned, they were not simply men of House Choswen, or men of House Buchannan. They were men of Andor, killed by one another. Men who were sworn to serve on the same side of a cause for a change, rather than continue a feud that has raged on for centuries. Let it be known that House Choswen will make no retaliation against House Buchannan for this demonstration of poor leadership. In fact, I extend my condolences to House Buchannan, which has suffered heavy losses as well. I would call an end to these hostilities between us, before it is too late.

Once she has spoken these words, the High Seat wheels her horse around, and followed by her armsmen, rides through the gates of her estate, which are quickly closed behind her.

House Buchannan Mourns

Nineday, 1 Taisham, 1023

Quinlan stands outside the gates to the Buchannan Estate within Caemlyn and looks somber and begins to speak

"Fellow Citizens and guests of Andor, While it is true, I myself ordered for Choswen guards to be avoided, and if any occurences happened at all, only verbal insults were to be had, nothing more. However as to any other actions I did not order those. As far as the Injured and Deceased on both sides of this feud, I wish to express a great deal of sympathy to the families of deceased, however a great deal of disdain to those within House Buchannan's Employ that sought out House Choswen's Guards originally. They will for now be suspended without pay, even the ones injured once they recovr fully will be suspended as well. If I find evidence of more that wished to join the group that started this all they will be suspended as well. While we are in the middle of a Succession war, though we should not be, as we should be singing praises of our new Queen by now, that being the Daughter-Heir. I never intended for any blood to be shed regardless if there had been no deaths at all, one death is one too many. and now we have fifty-six. I know those that served House Buchannan till the moment they decicded to escalate the feud between the houses more than it should ever be without orders from anyone to do so, served us well. I'm sure the ones lost by House Choswen served them well and they all served the Country well in whatever areas they served normally. If I personally hear of other run-ins between House Buchannan and House Choswen guards with House Buchannan being the aggressor, those guards who do so will find themselves on suspension and possibly without employ to House Buchannan. As these that remain alive still may eventually find themselves without a job in the employ of House Buchannan as well. We wish to see no more bloodshed at all in this feud. While the feud may remain I ask for any hostilities that may lead to a repeat of this or worse to stop at once. House Buchannan again extends it's condolences and sympathies to all those injured and the families of the fifty-six deceased. If any of those families should have need of something feel free to contact me. If you wish to do harm to me, due to the loss of your loved one, you'll be turned away. Let us continue without further incidence of Violence and see to it that the Succession War is ended sooner rather than later."

With that he says nothing more and turns to head back inside.

New Shop Opens

Nineday, 1 Taisham, 1023

In the midst of all the turmoil overtaking Caemlyn and greater Andor itself, a vacant shop in the Heartsblush Square area is no longer such.

Citizens have seen some activity around the area lately, the man with the strange eyes that rolled in with the cart not too long ago seen, the same one said to have met with the Lord and Lady Choswen along with the Daughter-Heir herself later on in the Rose and Lion. Just as interesting, Lady Belya Choswen had been spotted going into the shop before a sign had even been put up.

Now one exists and it reads, "Miller Leatherworking." It seems a typical place, a fairly standard array of items for sale ranging from small things like belts and coinpurses to items such as saddles and some forms of armor.

Interestingly, it appears people on both sides of the Succession War have been spotted inside at different times, those wearing white bands and others wearing red. This would seem odd, though rumors spread that this Conor Miller person is making a point of not discriminating against one side or the other as a means of encouraging civility and decency toward all in spite of the bloodshed in parts of the city.

Some speak of it setting a good example of how all Andorans ought to unify for the greater good while others scoff at the idea, suggesting that any smart businessman will say whatever it takes to drum up sales. Others stay away entirely, wary of those golden eyes.

Another Choswen Speech

Nineday, 1 Taisham, 1023

Shortly after word reaches the High Seat of House Choswen regarding the speech of Lord Quinlan Buchannan, Lady Choswen herself rides outside the gates of her estate and into Heartsblush Square, accompanied by her retinue of armsmen to deliver the following words:

People of Andor:

I must say that I am appalled that my heartfelt condolences to those who have lost men on both sides of the conflict between my House and House Buchannan were met with encouragement for our feud to continue. Let it be known that House Choswen has no intention of continuing this feud, in the exchange of insults, violence or otherwise. We are both supposed to be fighting on the same side, for Lady Aeline's right to the Lion Throne in accordance with the law, and her mother's last wishes. This recent behavior is unbecoming, and does more harm than good, and now it has even cost us in human life.

If House Buchannan directs further insults to me, my family, or my people or in any way engages us in violent attack, only then will we respond swiftly, and decisively. It is not my wish to continue the feud, nor our hostilities, nor is it my wish to further upset matters within Andor. However, House Choswen will not stand for this any longer when we are in the midst of a crisis.

It serves no good end for us to work at cross-purposes. Any continuation of this feud will be entirely one-sided from this point on, and it will not come from House Choswen. This is my one offer of peace between House Choswen and House Buchannan. If this offer of peace is not taken unconditionally, and Lord Quinlan Buchannan's words of encouragement of the feud are not immediately rescinded, or if further acts of violence are visited upon my House, then House Choswen will simply withdraw its support. If we cannot work together peacefully in support of our Daughter-Heir for the sake of Andor's stability, then we are fighting a losing battle, and I will not waste the lives of my people on such a foolish notion as an outdated feud which should have ended years ago with the marriage of my brother Lucian to the Lady Aeliss Buchannan.

If members of my Household have contributed to these difficulties in any way, I offer my humblest and heartfelt apologies, and wish to reassure the people that House Choswen desires only what is best for Andor.

Once she is finished speaking, Irinya and her escort make the trip back to her estate.

Feud to End

Nineday, 1 Taisham, 1023

Quinlan makes his own way to Heartsblush Square after Lady Choswen has left but makes a speech holding a Choswen liveried letter in hand

"Fellow Citizens having heard of the Speech Lady Choswen has made and having been sent a letter by her with much the same Content contained within. I call for an end to the Feud between House Buchannan and House Choswen. Though she is in correct that it did not stop at the marriage of my sister Lady Aeliss to her brother Lord Lucian. However we do both support the Daughter-Heir and wish to see as Andor's next Queen. However regardless of whatever happens we will /never/ withdraw support from the Daughter-Heir. So from this point on, /if/ any sort of attacks are done against House Choswen in the name of House Buchannan they are not and will not be permitted and will be dealt with otherwise. That is to say all attacks against House Choswen /will/ stop and if not you will be dealt with if within the employee of House Buchannan. May we unite as one in support of the Daughter-Heir to see her on the Lion Throne as Andor's Rightful Queen."

With that he steps back and heads towards the Buchannan Estate.

The Femme Fatale

Oneday, 3 Taisham, 1023

Nothing can stop the flow of hearsay and rumor as Aloysia Teranor of the Cal'har Company brings forth foreign men from all nations under the red hand of the mercenary company. While some men have not taken lightly to such a strong woman second in command of one of the quickest growing companies seen in some time, they are being taught the Altaran way to see the strength in a woman. Already she has proven herself in the same arena as men, and effort has proven to yield positive results. However, with all things good come those that are less pleasant.

A conversation was overheard in the upper floor of the Rose and Lion as the sister of one of the recently hired men from Arafel has requested to sign up with the Company. Certainly it has been heard that female Merchant Guards have been hired on, but this girl has yet to grow into one of those. Divided between the pride Aloysia has in her own strength as a woman warrior and the concern she has with introducing an untrained girl into the ranks of mercenaries, the conversation seemed to have ended with Aloysia hiring the girl to help look after the gear and horses of some of the Cal'har Company, with the hope of potential lessons should the Arafellin girl prove she can hold her own.

Meetings in Caemlyn

Oneday, 3 Taisham, 1023

It seems since coming back to Caemlyn in the company of Lady Irinya Choswen,the former first prince of sword,Vincent Murellan is quiet a bisy man. Rumors say Prince Consort met with tall domani woman,the same on seen to argue with queens guards on the street.Names are thrown left and right Sollaine Daemon or Aloysia Teranor or both of them.

One thing is certain though Rose and Lion inn was bisy place that same afternoon as Ethen Twaeweth joined the private conversation for a while.Words and promises were exchanged and some questionable glances. It is said at one point group disperse quickly and Vincent Murellan left the inn with his man in fury and anger.

Meetings in the Palace

Oneday, 3 Taisham, 1023

In the wake of the tragedy between members of House Buchannan and House Choswen, the mercenaries Termiane Koronel and Aloysia Teranor have been seen often within the Palace, particularly in a small sitting room in a side wing which has been dedicated to their purposes as a make-shift War Room. Maps of Caemlyn and Andor alike have been fetched for them. Various young officers of the Queen's Guards have been seen coming and going, as well as both Lord Grant Choswen and Lord Quinlan Buchannan.

Rumors say that this small room has become the nerve center of the military effort to see Aeline upon the throne of Andor. Some whispers say that she will put the mercenary Captain of Cal'har Company in command of the Queen's Guard until Prince Galavan's return, but the Queen's Guard have been quite clear in saying that the sell-sword is only helping to coordinate the effort--he is in command of nothing but Cal'har Company.

Yet Another Choswen Speech

Oneday, 3 Taisham, 1023

As if the Choswen Estate has not seen enough activity in recent days, a fair number of its household staff have found themselves without a job overnight. Rumours would not be rumours if they had not readily sprouted up, but eventually Lady Belya Choswen herself addresses the various people who may have gathered around the manor - her first public appearance since the attack that started all those horrible events.

"People of Caemlyn, people of Andor,

I regret the recent losses we have all suffered. To the families, I can only offer my heartfelt condoleances and say that these were good men that held only their loyalty to Andor in their hearts. It only makes it more painful they were slain by the swords of what would at any other time have been a good neighbour or an appreciated friend. The Choswen families in particular I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart: I will not forget the sacrifice of their men and sons ever, nor will I forget their names. THey are the ones that trusted me, and I will do all I can not to betray that trust.

Finally, regarding the rumour mongering that has taken root within the city as of late: I consider all of these matters are a direct attack on House Choswen and those that support the Daughter-Heir. I trust the members of the public to see the truth behind all these rumours, and through those means determine that this is indeed a ploy to sow chaos and distrust.

Those whom we have been able to pin as the sources of these leaks have been removed from our employment. It is my belief that, in conjunction with the attack on myself, it was the intention to destabilize House Choswen while the High Seat was gone to see to our lands."

With those words the speech comes to a conclusion, and the Lady can be seen lighting several dozen candles - fifty six of them to be precise. Her silence ends up saying just as much as her words have before she solemnly withdraws within the Choswen Estate once more.

Dearly Departed Mercenary

Oneday, 23 Taisham, 1023

The barmaids of Caemlyn must be dispairing. As skirmishes spark here and there within Caemlyn, Termiane Koronel has left the city. And not alone, either. Fully 1,000 mercenaries, the entirety of Cal'har Company, marched out of the Whitebridge Gate in his wake. Just where the thousand mercenaries have gone is a matter of much discussion in the city, with some buzzing that they have gone to take their pay from the Andoran countryside in plunder. Others whisper of a secret plan to smuggle the Daughter-Heir out of the city in the guise of a mercenary. Still others proclaim that this is the start of a grand offensive by the Domani mercenary, meant to plant himself into the role of Captain-General of the Queen's Guard, and perhaps Prince Consort. -Those- whispers, they are not taken so well.

Whatever the cause, it is clear that Termiane Koronel and Cal'har Company have departed the city--and after some small time, it also becomes clear that his second-in-command, Aloysia Teranor, has not left with them.

A Warrior First

Nineday, 3 Jumara, 1023

A woman can only take so much. With every hand that tried to grope, with every hungering look that was given, Aloysia Teranor has responded with pure Altaran ferocity. Duels have been done, respect has been earned, and she sent those she hired off with Termiane Koronel with a newly defined understanding of what a woman mercenary is. Now, as the Queen's Guards defy the orders of the Daughter-Heir and refuse to follow the Knife-fighter, Aloysia is met with a new challenge. It is one thing to take to the Altaran way against mercenaries, but it is another to be aggressive toward those of the Guard. In response to such defiance, Aloysia has begun to join the Guard in practices, sparring and other daily activities so that, while Aeline may order them to follow her, the Guard see merit in her experience. She is a warrior first.

Vincent Murellan Speech

Sevenday, 11 Jumara, 1023

These are turmoil days arround Andor and its capital Caemlyn. Rumors and whispers fly arround.It was said Vincent Murellan lost his postion as First prince of Andor and took longer abcent from white city. But soon enough he returned in most unusual company of Irinya Choswen.Former first prince has been bisy since and it is no surprise when heralds of house Murellan announced that he will speak in the early hours of the day at the royal palace,a certain crowd gathered.

Not embarassed at all and selfconfident Vincent Murellan stepped up in full regalia of queen's guard and with white belt with his sword laying restless on his hip.Voice strong and confident rose above the square with lord brighton's message.

Greetings people of Caemlyn and Andor,

I here stand infront of you as widower of our former beloved queen and as father of our daughter heir Aeline. I know the times are hard and my heart is bleeding with all of you as I see our beloved country torn in game of thrones. Therefore I will ask you as Andorean,do we need this?

With our enemies waiting on our borders,do we need to weaken ourselves from within.We all suffer and I suffer with all of you too.

I feel shame as representative of your nobility right now. I see friends plotting against each other gathering soldiers and Andoran rising sword agains Andoran. Therefore i am here to make a claim.

It is in our hands to stop the war before it really starts.We the people of Andor can make our will known. I ask you and all people of andor to stand down and leave their weapons and return in their homes. It is winter the hardest part of year and we all have families and relatives to take care for. To spill our kinsmen blood over the snow will be worst choice. With Caihren and white cloaks pressuring us at the borders.

I will not claim my daughter is the best queen to be,but I know with my full heart that she will give her best for Andor.I don't say that Loethevians are not wishing the best of Andor too. But what I say is our beloved queen had a daughter and in the law of Andor she is the lawful heir of lion's throne. It has been since Ishara sat for first time on Andoran thrones,after the fall of Artur Hawkwing's rule.

I know people say my daughter is part of prophecy that she had been away in white tower,but isn't our tradition every daughter heir to visit Tar Valon for training.Yes my daughter is channeler but what will make her good queen is her love for Andor. Is the friendship of white tower bad thing?Or we should befriend the white cloaks willing to marsh over our streets.

I, Vincent Murellan say,let us all soldiers and common people speak our will,the good of Andor is above all our own wishes.So I ask former friends and new,comrades in countless battles and newly recruited soldiers,let us all stand down and leave the lords and ladies to solve the current situation.Or at least let stay together and united in the name of Andor instead of trying to cut our throats.We are not pawns in game of blood ant thrones.

Finishing his speech and giving example Vincent Murellan kneel on one knee placing his sword on the ground and pronouncing the oath in the name of light,as ancient as the wheel of time. "Under the light and in my hope of salvation I vow that i will not rise sword against or spill any andoran blood now and in days ahead."

Followed by her companions their voices echoed over the silenced square.After this former first prince stand up and leave with his comrades.As heralds with previously prepared copies of the speech spread arround Caemlyn and riders break up arround the lands of Andor.

House Choswen Speech

Sevenday, 3 Saban, 1023

After the arrest of Grant Choswen, Lady Irinya makes the following speech:

Citizens of Andor,

It grieves me to make this statement. After investigating the attempted kidnapping of my daughter Belya, it was found that mine own husband, Grant Choswen, forged the letter implicating House Buchannan in the attempt. I have called for his arrest, and he shall answer for this crime, which resulted in bloodshed between House Choswen and House Buchannan. As to his motivations, I presently have no answers. However, I wish to make it clear that I had no knowledge, nor any understanding of this event until I recognized his hand behind the forged letter. I am stricken with grief and anger over this sorry attempt to increase the strife between my House, and that of House Buchannan, and I shall see that justice is done.

Without waiting for any questions, Irinya makes her way back to her estate to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of such jarring news.

Chase Gaidin's Trial & Fate

Sevenday, 13 Saban, 1023

Now finally that the Aes Sedai have arrived, spoken to the man being held in the Palace dungeons and just recently been seen leaving an audience with the Daughter-Heir, news has been posted and announced as to the much awaited trial.

The Queen's Guards have left parchment announcement that the trial is to be held (OOCly) this Wednesday, 25 May 2011,at 8 pm ET.

All who wish to either speak up for or against the man are invited to gather in the Grand Hall at the Palace of Caemlyn to be heard or see what happens, justice to be done.

Swift Hooves, Heavy Mailbags

Nineday, 15 Saban, 1023

Rumor flies quickly, but rarely faster than a swift horse. Even as the first whispers of battles in Western Andor begin to reach Caemlyn, a swift rider in House Murellan livery gallops into the city and to the Palace with missives for the Daughter-Heir and others. Most agree that the letters came from the mercenary Termiane Koronel, who is "coordinating" the forces of the various Houses in the West. They do not, however, agree on just what is delivered, or two whom. Most agree that the Daughter-Heir received at least one letter, and the new Captain-General, Galavan Murellan, and that other letters made their way to Lords of House Buchannan and Thaeweth. Some say that other letters went to several junior officers in the Queen's Guard, or to Aloysia Teranor (and wouldn't many young ladies in Caemlyn like to know what is in -that- reputed letter), or to House Choswen, or even to House Lothievia. Whatever the truth, more than mere rumors are now in Caemlyn. Now there are official reports.

Prince in the Common Room!

Threeday, 19 Saban, 1023

The night before the much-discussed trial for the life of Chase (Daemon) Gaidin of the White Tower brings to Caemlyn a biting cold, wintry bluster. With all the gossip of the trial, the first attack in War of Succession, and the use of mercenaries by the Daughter-Heir, common rooms are filled and drink flows freely.

So busy is it at the Rose and Lion Inn, even the usually excellent entertainment is all but ignored as tongues wag.

"Did you see that," one man exclaims excitedly as the front door swings closed. "That was the First Prince of the Sword! Here!"

His buddy snorts. "Yeah, but who was that... person with him? I couldn't tell if it was a very pretty boy or a girl in pants with a sword. Tall, too. Strange guard, that's for certain"

A third, from the next table, butts in. "As tall as that Domani woman talking to them both. When she curtsied in that... can't really call it a dress. More like a slip o' cloth." He whistles appreciatively. "Made my night."

The first shakes his head and points a finger. "Don't even think about it. That's Chase Gaidin's wife." He grins slyly. "But maybe in a few days, you can comfort the grieving widow."

After the trio's laughter dies down, the second looks a bit more somber. "Did you hear what she was saying to the Prince, though, when he asked why the Warder was here? She said something about Darkfriends. Here, in Caemlyn! And it all has to do with the White Tower somehow -- she said something about the Amyrlin Seat. Maybe it was a secret mission?"

More than a few nearby nod in affirmation that they heard the same, shifting their shoulders uncomfortably. The group gets larger still, with others shifting their chairs to better join the conversation.

"Why would the Daughter-Heir wanna stop 'im huntin' Darkfriends?" One man from a nearby table asks, spitting for emphasis. "I mean, if it's true. Even though the Queen, may she rest in the Light, made the decree, there's gotta be exceptions for somethin' like that, right?"

A serving girl bringing another round of drinks chimes in. "And he's from the White Tower. If he's executed..." She shivers and turns down her mouth prettily. "I don't want to imagine a war with the Aes Sedai. Maybe that's why the Daughter-Heir's hiring channelers."

This gets the attention of everyone nearby. "Joline, girl, what are you talking about?"

"Just something I heard Mistress Daemon saying." With a giggle, she adds, "Tell me your ears picked up what she said about the Princess too, though. About how she's got feelings for Chase Gaidin, even kissed him back in the White Tower, but he rejected her. Not that I put any stock in such things... what with the woman's husband about to be killed. It could all be lies."

Suddenly, the first man voices a worry. "If any of it's true, what if the Darkfriends in the city are... are channelers too?"

This sobers the group, who moves on to talk of the War of Succession. Less terrifying than the last thought spoken aloud. Word spreads, changes, is mangled, and reconvenes throughout common rooms and homes in the city.

Talk of the Town

Threeday, 19 Saban, 1023

Drink flows freely in common rooms, and so does talk. Not ten feet away from the previous discussion, another one of a very different sort takes place.

"The First Prince? Here? Maybe he'll have time to be done with this trial nonsense. The Daughter-Heir's been too busy with this war and all, maybe he can get things done." The man hoists up his mug before taking a slug of ale.

"Shoulda been done long ago." One of his drinking companions opines, "Man claims to be the King of Manetheren, he deserves to be laughed outta the country. That happens and he comes back anyhow, he deserves a long walk and a short drop, Warder or no."

That suggestions gathers growls of assent, but one puts in, "But what about his claim to be hunting Darkfriends? Surely that's worthy--"

The man is cut off in mid-thought by the first man once more, "Get your head on straight, Jorem. You listen to the Whitecloaks when they prattle on about hunting Darkfriends and want to put the Dragon's Fang on everyone's doors?" Jorem looks ready to protest, and then shakes his head slowly, leading the first man to nod triumphantly, "Didn't think so. This is Andor, after all, not Amadicia. I'm all for puttin' a stop to Darkfriends, but it ain't some sort of card that lets you get outta jail when you should be there for other crimes."

Once more the apparent ring-leader of the table gets agreement from the other four men at the table.

That's when the woman sitting with them speaks up, "There's more to it than that, Anders."

The first man blinks, "Oh? And what's that, Betse?"

Jorem starts to shush his wife down, but she continues, "That wife of his, the one staying right here in the Rose and Lion? She had the nerve to tell the Queen's Guard they didn't have the right to arrest a common criminal like her husband. Right here in Andor!"

That draws sounds of surprise and anger from not only their table, but those listening at nearby tables, and Betse continues, "I heard it with my own ears. It's true."

Another man from a nearby table leans over and puts in, "I heard from one of the Guards that she even used the One Power on the Guards."

Shocked and angry gasps rise up, and the hubbub grows and gathers. People of Andor don't take kindly to outsiders interfering with the Queen's Guard, or with people claiming parts of Andor for themselves, no sir.

OOC note on war casualties

Threeday, 19 Saban, 1023

A few questions came up about this today and I thought I should clarify a couple things. If I'm off on this at all, I trust Nynaeve will correct me.

When I wrote the GM Emits for the fighting on Lareca lands, there were a lot of numbers put up about casualties (regular injuries, heavy injuries and deaths) that showed Murellan and Buchannan houses taking more damage than the mercs Termiane led.

The only real reason those numbers are specified that much is to keep track of troop numbers for each unit in play. If Buchannan has 2,000 troops committed to the fight and 100 of them die, it's necessary to know that for future ResDay requests and any other emitting purposes.

What does it mean for the average player or character? Chances are unless someone slips with a VERY detailed accounting IC, the most you may know is much more general. Example: Lareca had over 1,000 casualties (injuries and worse) while the Murellan Alliance had less than 1,000. Most likely, the average person is not going to know that this many were mercs, that many were Murellan, etc. As for the numbers themselves, they were arrived at randomly.

Hopefully that answers a few questions some people might have.

Mai, Sweet Mai

Fiveday, 21 Saban, 1023

As reports come in on the status of the Cal'har Company in the Lareca lands, one tidbit of news strikes at the hearts of the Red Hands still in the city of Caelym. The brother of the Arafellin girl who had become Aloysia's runner was on the list of those in the mercenary corps who died. Mai Nachiam has now been completely orphaned, leaving her as the only surviving member of a family first consumed by the Blight and now by War. Perhaps Mistress Teranor acts out of pity, but there are rumors that the knife-fighter has taken over paying for the young girl's room and meals at the Rose and Lion. She is not the only child to be affected by the tides, but one must hope she will be in good hands until a new home for her can be found.

Choswen Speaks

Sevenday, 23 Saban, 1023

In the aftermath of the attack on the lands of House Lareca, at first House Choswen is silent, and perhaps ominously so. But after the announcement of Airalyn Lothievia condemning the attack, Irinya Choswen emerges from her estates with an escort of her House armsmen to make the following statement:

Citizens of Andor,

The news of the attack on the lands of House Lareca leaves me greatly disturbed, and while I make no declaration of support for Airalyn Lothievia, House Choswen does also stand with House Lothievia at this time to condemn this action. It should be noted that House Choswen has not yet willingly taken part in any violence. We were attacked by the forces of House Buchannan in response to a forged letter implicating House Buchannan in the kidnapping of my daughter, and we were forced to defend. I raise my forces on my lands to defend them, not to do violence without cause. House Choswen claims no part in the attack on the lands of House Lareca, and will continue to remain removed from that conflict.

Since the beginning of this dispute, House Choswen has stood behind the Daughter-Heir, believing her to be the true and rightful Queen of Andor. While her mother Queen Elisia and I were good friends, and while I have wished to uphold her dying wish that her daughter inherit the Lion Throne, I fear that sometimes what we wish to be, and what actually is, are two entirely different things. We have suffered insult after insult on many fronts, and still, we have stood firm. But no longer.

As of this moment, House Choswen officially withdraws its support for Lady Aeline's ascension to the Lion Throne. I have waited several weeks to speak with her in private to make this known. As she has not deigned to meet with me, I have no choice but to make my demands public.

House Choswen demands that Lady Aeline Murellan renounce her claim to the Lion Throne forthwith. I believe her to be unfit to rule this nation effectively. Additionally, I, Irinya Choswen, High Seat of House Choswen, do hereby put forth my own claim to the Lion Throne. As a descendant of Queen Ellisien Choswen, my ties to Ishara's line are as clear as any. I am appalled by what is happening to this nation, and I wish to do as I may to set things to rights.

Once she has finished speaking, Irinya returns to her estate with an expression of resolute determination, blue eyes smoldering.

The Mad Queen on the Lion's Seat

Sevenday, 23 Saban, 1023

It does not take long. News of Chase Daemon's Trial has begun to spread out like a fire, with the palace acting as the deadly epicenter. As it arrives to the Rose & Lion Inn, it finds its way into conversation almost too easily. Granted, the Succession War is still much of the talk, but this Trial has played a significant part to the War. It first winds its way into a conversation between two men, one of whom is in the winter of his years while the other is seeing the last days of summer.

"I didn't really care about what was going to happen to that man, that Chase Daemon," says the winter man, "I figured the Daughter-Heir would just banish him out again, would be bad for her to take his head... but I didn't expect this..."

"What? You didn't expect her to give in to her whims of fancy? You heard about how she had all kinds of affection for Daemon in the Tower," says the other, "I heard all about how she wanted to just lock him away to seduce him from that Domani woman of a wife he has."

This causes the first to scoff. "As if she could compare to the fires of a Domani. She isn't nothing but a wet hen." He coughs before he takes another swig of his ale, ignoring the surprised look on his younger friend. He continues onward without hesitance. "But, no... I don't think this has to do with love. I think this has to do with that man and his insanity. All that talk about the Dark One and hunting out Darkfriends here. And that rubbish about being the King of Manetheran Reborn... she's so young and naive, she probably got all convinced he was some Pattern-woven savior."

"You've had too much to drink," says the other man, "You're speakin' too freely."

That is enough to cause the first to gain a bit of fierceness in his voice. "Don't be thick. Have you heard about what she said? About how it doesn't matter what her mother judged when she was alive, about how she can just revoke his banishment and let him come waltzing around here again. And she did it all while sitting her ass in the Lion Seat before she has even been crowned Queen." The winter man grumbles around his pipe now. "You know what that kind of thought can spur? Release all the prisoners from the dungeons Queen Elisia put in, overturn ever political commandment she made." Then his voice reaches uproarious levels. "It was even Queen Elisia's wish that the girl take the throne next! If we don't gotta follow what Queen Elisia said, then we don't have to view that hen as our next queen!"

Some of the common room flies up at that, divided between the support of Aeline and the support of Queen Elisia. Some even weigh in for support for Lothievia and even support for House Choswen. Eventually everything comes back down to a simmer, though this sample of the Andoran citizens show that things are not going to return to peaceful normalcy anytime soon.

"Besides," says the winter man now that the common room has calmed once more, "With Choswen pulling their support, with Lady Choswen speaking her own claims... and you must have seen that the Cal'har Company woman cleaning out her inn room and packing up that moon-eyed warhorse of hers... support for the Daughter-Heir is dissolving. And frankly, good riddance. I don't want to see a Mad Queen on the Lion's Seat."

Buchannan Response

Sevenday, 23 Saban, 1023

Lord Under-Lieutenant Quinlan Buchannan stands in the middle of Heartsblush Square and begins to speak to the people gathered around him.

"Fellow Citizens and Guests of Andor, and Caemlyn many of you may have heard Lady Irinya Choswen's Speech by now, casting her own lot for contention of the Lion Throne. The Buchannan family still supports the Daughter-heir. Yes, sadly the losses we ourselves faced in losing 200 men this last time and the losses by all involved are saddening. However, unfortunately as I myself was witness too here in the City when Lord Velan turned me and the group of Buchannan house guards patrolling the area away in defeat rather handedly a few weeks back. Also, as we all know of the attack planned and carried out by Lady Irinya's former husband. We faced defeat there as well, as did House Choswen as well. Yes while bloodshed should not be needed it sadly is often the only option. I feel that unless my own Sister Lady Airalyn Lothievia comes to her senses and withdraws her name from the contest, there will be more bloodshed as well. However even so. House Buchannan will never retract support from House Murellan and we wish to ask House Demmar to make a more formal announcment of their support as well as House Roseone, that truly is the only way this can end without further bloodshed. is if one claimant garners more support. Also I ask those houses with ties to Cairhien, to not seek advise from Cairhien or support in anyway in this matter. This matter should be settled within Andor only. If your relatives in Cairhien wish to move to Andor and become Citizens then they can offer advise and support, but only then. Any who do seek advise are not worthy of remaining Andorans. Yes we need to work other cities and nations, but this is a matter at the moment solely concerning Andor only, after the Daughter-heir wins the throne she can work on gaining support from other countries then, as the other claimants are truly usurpers.

However, I say that should any House Buchannan Employee or Guard be seen or heard of attempting to do anything at all to any within House Choswen, they will be punished severely. Just because in the war we may now be on two different sides, does not mean we need to further escalate the violence. Besides, as you know, with Lord Lucian's marriage and heritage, he would be the most upset of all as well. We do ultimately wish for piece, but the names to be put in as claimants. does have to stop somewhere. We should all Honor Queen Elisia's wishes on this matter, and return back to a peaceful country.

For the families of the 200 fallen guards of House Buchannan please send notice of yourselves to me directly. I will see to it that any needs are met by house buchannan to your family till you can gain other means as well."

With that he quietens and goes to speak to some nearby.

A New Heir

Sevenday, 23 Saban, 1023

Shortly after announcing her own claim to the Lion Throne, rumors of other changes Lady Irinya is making within House Choswen soon come to light. The High Seat has announced that her trueborn daughter Meghana Helaine Choswen will henceforth be her legal Heir, beginning a tradition that has not existed within House Choswen until now: a firm line of succession through the maternal side with the strength of Ishara's blood running strong within it through ties with former Queen Ellisien Choswen and House Murellan. The obvious reasons are glaringly apparent - it is clearly a move intended to further add weight to House Choswen's claim.

Departing Aes Sedai

Nineday, 25 Saban, 1023

After the trial of Chase Daemon, the Sitter for the White Ajah who was sent to represent the White Tower on his behalf was seen to leave the Grand Hall and the Royal Palace with an expression that can only be described as cold and grim. Without a word to anyone, she was seen to return to her room at the Rose and Lion Inn, pack her belongings and pay her bill in obvious preparations to depart. Rumors also spread that the Daughter-Heir was hostile to the White Sitter throughout the trial, though the details of what passed between them are sketchy and varied in accounting. What is certain is that it did not end well after the White Sitter politely explained that once Chase Daemon is handed over to the White Tower's custody, it is not her place to say what is to be done with him. The court session ended with the White Sitter referring to the Daughter-Heir as a child in a shocking loss of temper, for one of her Ajah, and the Daughter-Heir demanding to be addressed with respect due her station. What effect this may have on Andor's future relations with the White Tower remains to be seen.

Departure En Masse

Oneday, 27 Saban, 1023

The whispers and rumors that Aloysia Teranor has left Caemlyn have finally been confirmed. The surprising note is who has left with her-- First Prince of the Sword himself and his sellsword bodyguard. They left on horse with Aloysia and her ward in the late evening, and now the word is they have caught up with Captain Koronel and the some five-thousand soldiers in the Andor countryside.

Meetings in the Night

Sevenday, 5 Aine, 1023

While matters certainly do seem to be uncertain at the moment, rumors arise that Lord Ethen Thaeweth was seen to visit the Choswen Estate, alone. He surrendered his weapons at the gate and entered the estate, and was there only a short time, before he was seen to leave again. What the purpose of the visit might have been is unknown, but House Choswen isn't talking about it. Even the servants shrug their shoulders, and don't seem to have a clue as to what the purpose of the visit might have been, nor do they seem to know of the outcome, if any. All that is certain is that House Thaeweth still supports the Daughter-Heir, and Lord Ethen was allowed to leave the Choswen Estate unharmed after his visit, even in light of Lady Irinya's recent withdrawal of support for Lady Aeline.

A Mercenary Choice

Oneday, 9 Aine, 1023

Out in the wetness of the Andoran countryside, Termiane Koronel meets with the mercenaries he commands, 50 or 100 at a time.

"My friends--or at least the people I've been paid alongside." He smirks a little, giving little chuckles room to grow and spread before speaking up again. "I wanted to bring you together in order to explain to you why Mistress Teranor and I are exercising our escape clauses and leaving our contracts with Lady Aeline Murellan." There is another pause, the mercenary waiting for the buzz to die down.

"We signed on with Lady Murellan under the assumption that she was her mother's daughter, and a trained and reasoned product of White Tower training, poised to--with a bit of military help if needed--take over the Lion Throne left to her by her mother." As the Domani speaks, his tone sobers, shifting from the bouncing lilt of his introduction to a somber, stately sort or dirge.

"But she is not that person. She has allowed herself to be pulled this way and that by advisors good and bad. She has put a man she desired at the White Tower ahead of both Andor -and- the White Tower. She has insulted her mother's memory, insulted the White Tower, insulted her fellow nobles, and irrevocably lost her greatest supporter in House Choswen." There's a pause, and the sell-sword's voice picks up again, his mouth quirking into a smirk, "Light... she even tried to put -me- in command of all of her military forces. Do you know how much it -hurt- to turn that down?" Waiting for the laughter to die down, Termiane sobers again.

"But I wouldn't insult skilled professionals such as Captain Arden like that." He takes a breath, "I'm not asking you to join me in voiding your contract with Lady Murellan--I know that you have to eat and that you have to get paid to do so. I'm just telling you why Aloysia and I are leaving her service. If any of you -do- wish to come with us, I cannot promise you payment right away, as Aloysia and I are contractually obligated to remain out of the fray for some time, but I wouldn't leave men and women that I've fought alongside--bled alongside--out in the cold." His left hand claps the crossguard of his sword as he continues.

"Any who do choose to use their escape clauses and leave Lady Murellan's services to stay with Cal'har Company, I promise to provide the training that I can, so that you can at least improve your skills and ability to command higher prices on later jobs. I doubt that any in soldiers in Andor will remain jobless for long." Again, there's a hint of a smile to his burned features there, although it's more dry than begging for laughter. "If you have any questions, once I finish this little speaking tour, Aloysia and I will be staying in the area for at least a few days, and we will be happy to talk to you in more detail about our reasons for leaving Lady Murellan's services."

While the words are spoken directly to the mercenaries under Termiane's command, the general thrust of the speech reaches quickly to the Murellan and Buchannan men who have served alongside Cal'har Company in recent battles. Just what the mercenaries--and especially the House Troops--will think of the Domani's words is still to be seen.

Andrin Speaks

Fiveday, 23 Aine, 1023

In perhaps an unexpected move, Lord Andrin Lothievia stands in front of the Lothievia Estate, adressing the masses. His chin held high as he speaks, voice clear.

Citizens of Andor,

Don't we want peace? Isn't this war for succession the last all of us desire? Then why would we allow a warmongering woman to claim the throne? For a warmongerer like her will create more war down the line.

Lady Aeline Murellan has gone too far. My mother has not put forth a single violent move, nor has any of our house. She made a claim. A bold claim, but not a claim free of reason and wisdom. For Lady Aeline has shown to be incapable of leadership, to be a warmongerer. She has shown to be hungry for power, to disgustingly toss aside lives in the interest of her quest for power.

It is true, Lady Irinya Choswen has made her own claim as well. But she did so late, after she had already joined the warmongeress. She might have been fooled, but do we want a Queen who is so easily fooled? A Queen needs to be steadfast. A Queen needs to know people, needs to be able to read them. I have no doubt in the good intentions of Lady Irinya Choswen, but I do have doubt in her leadership.

So I ask you, people of Andor, no matter your origins, no matter who you are, I ask you to support my my mother, to support Lady Airalyn Lothievia, in her claim. In her claim for the throne.

Please, support her. Support her in the name of peace and stability. That's all I ask.

A War of Words

Fiveday, 23 Aine, 1023

Unlike Lady Aeline, Lady Irinya seems to pay very close attention to what her opponents for the Lion Throne are up to, and shortly after the speech of Andrin Lothievia, the High Seat of House Choswen emerges from her own estate with an escort of armsmen. She sits with regal poise in the saddle of her white palfrey, fearlessly letting the people see her, and addresses those who gather to hear her calmly spoken words:

Citizens of Andor,

Of course, Lord Andrin Lothievia is correct. Don't we all want peace? Of course we do. This is why House Choswen has chosen to withdraw support for Lady Aeline's claim. When she could have resolved matters diplomatically, she chose the path of war. We cannot condone such acts of violence, when diplomacy has not been given a chance.

However, I do protest that my claim has come late. In fact, the claim of Lady Airalyn Lothievia came far too early, I am sorry to have to say. I mean no insult by my words, but I merely state a simple truth. The lack of House Lothievia's presence at the funeral of our former Queen was certainly noted, and this lack of respect for Her Majesty's memory must surely be remembered, as it is also a lack of respect for Andor's laws and traditions. Elisia's funeral pyre was lit, and while Andor mourned, House Lothievia was already plotting to depose the Daughter-Heir.

In truth, my delay was due to reluctance, and I shall not deny it. I did not wish to take this burden upon myself, due to a conflict with my own conscience, weighing between adhering to the law and doing what I know in my heart is the right course of action, but I have been left with little choice. Now that I have done so, I am committed to this path, for Andor's sake.

I have given Lady Aeline every opportunity to prove herself worthy of the Rose Crown, and she has failed at every turn. While a Queen must be steadfast, it is true, she must also show restraint and patience rather than allowing her emotions to get the best of her. But there is a difference between restraint, and outright neglect. I leave it to the people of Andor to judge whether my actions were due to the former, or the latter.

Queen Elisia relied upon my advice for many years throughout her reign, and she was considered a wise and just Queen. Lady Aeline chose to reject that advice, and that rejection has consequences. The consequence is the loss of my support, and while it is not my wish to prolong this conflict, I cannot support Lady Airalyn's claim, when I feel my own is stronger.

My leadership abilities are proven, whereas those of Lady Airalyn and Lady Aeline are not. I have been the High Seat of my House for many years, despite the nay-saying of those who believe that a woman cannot lead House Choswen with strength and wisdom. I have called an end to the conflict between my own House, and that of House Buchannan, despite adversity caused on both sides. I mean to continue to honor that truce.

But truly, this war of words is likely to be just as devastating as a war fought with swords and the lives of our brave soldiers, if we allow it. I have sent word to Lady Airalyn to request a meeting with her, in an effort to reach a diplomatic solution to this situation. I am repaid with the criticism of her son, though perhaps he was unaware of my efforts, in which case I am most willing to forgive him. If Airalyn Lothievia truly wishes to resolve this matter diplomatically as she claims, then let her meet with me, and let us make the attempt. I offer the same opportunity to Lady Aeline, should she choose to accept it. Actions speak louder than words, in the end.

Once she is finished speaking, Lady Irinya spends some time under the watchful eyes of her guardsmen to answer questions, and to speak with the people. Then she rides back into her estate, head held high, her long red hair flowing behind her.

Andrin Responds

Sevenday, 25 Aine, 1023

Soon after Lady Irinya's speech, Lord Andrin appears in front of the Lothievia Estate again. His blue eyes glean proudly over the masses that have made their way towards the estate to listen to the speech that is coming up.

Citizens of Andor,

It is true, we didn't show up at the funeral. It hurt. It hurt an awful lot. But we couldn't honestly show up to an event that supported Lady Aeline Murellan as the future Queen, anticipating what now everyone knows. My mother is a great judge of character, we saw coming what has passed in the past weeks, and we prepared for it.

True, it might seem early to those who have less of a judge of character, to those naive enough to believe Lady Aeline would be a suitable Queen. But it is never early when the stability of our own country, which we love and hold dear, is in peril.

Lady Irinya calls it a War of Words. It's not. It's a conflict sure, but Wars... only those who intend to kill people fight Wars. House Lothievia intends to keep casualties as low as possible, yet Lady Irinya has shown her colors with that name for this conflict.

As she says, actions speak louder than words. Then let it be known that house Lothievia is capable of action. That my mother is capable of action. And that we already have acted. We have acted in the best interest of our nation by having the best person to lead our nation put forth a claim, immediately when it showed necessary. There is no louder deed that we could have done.

Meanwhile, Lady Aeline has waged war, and Lady Irinya supported her, then betrayed the woman she chose to support in exchange for her own attempt at the throne. And now? Now she asks for a meeting with both my mother and with the woman she betrayed. She calls this a war, which house Lothievia is intent on not letting it become.

Why would a traitorous warmongeress invite her enemies over, if not for some wicked purpose?

Once he is finished speaking, Lord Andrin fields some questions that are asked, until there are no more, at which point he returns to enter the estate.

Yet Another Speech

Sevenday, 25 Aine, 1023

This time, it is not the High Seat of House Choswen that steps out of the manor to address the public. Instead, it is the Heir - no, former Heir, as some make sure of bringing up their friends who had not heard that tidbit news yet - Lady Belya Choswen who turns to address the people.

"Citizens of Andor,

Lord Andrin Lothievia does paint quite a disheartening picture, does he not? As much as those sharp words of his deserve a proper reply, I feel it not worth the time of my Mother, nor her Heir, to respond to those laughable allegations.

House Lothievia never took their current stance to oppose Lady Aeline. Nor is it the idealism of a woman who wishes to see the best for Andor - although it may play a role, it is hardly Lady Airalyn Lothievia's reason for opposing the Daughter-Heir. Then what are her motives, you ask?

Her motives are a matter House Choswen has kept out of this succession thus far because we respect Lady Airalyn Lothievia, be it that we disagree with these motives and the actions that sprout from them. This succession is not a matter that will be resolved with assassinations of character nor people, nor has it ever been. If it ever came to a peace through those means, it would be brittle and short-lasting.

Lord Andrin brought up the matter of betrayal several times - so let us talk about betrayal. Not to visit the funeral of a Queen you had sworn your loyalty to? That is a betrayal of the most disrespectful kind. Not giving the appointed Daughter-Heir the smallest of a chance to prove herself but instead moving against her immediately? That is a betrayal of a tradition that is meant to make successions a formality rather than the War it has become.

I need not spell out what it means to be Queen, or the monetary and political prowess that position brings along. No man nor woman can claim to be unaffected by the weight of those facts, but there is one matter that every single one of us has been witness to: we know those who were quick to make a claim and oppose tradition, leading to the conflict we are now in. However we also know why Lady Irinya Choswen has made her own claim: she cannot stand for the turning of arms against her own countrymen, and the fact we have only defended ourselves throughout this conflict stands as a testament to that. Her loyalty is to Andor: all of Andor.

The final matter I want to bring up is the invitation. An invitation that mirrors Lady Airalyn's invitation several months ago that I myself attended where garantuees were given that one could walk out unharmed at any time. Which I did. Lady Airalyn is truly a wicked woman, is she not? But, on a more serious and slightly repetitive note: House Choswen does not believe in settling this succession by means of assassination. This country, our beautiful Andor, needs stability.

I do have one request to make of Lord Andrin. Curb your tongue and apologize for your ill-considered words. You do Andor nor your mother any favors by speaking them. A peaceful resolution is a delicate process not helped by loose tongues."

Afterwards, under the careful eye of several Choswen guards, Lady Belya Choswen takes her time to answer any questions asked of her. Eventually, before going back inside, she takes a few minutes to light the remainders of the candles that stand at the entrance of the Choswen Estate and leave a prayer for the fallen Buchannan and Choswen soldiers.

Pots and Kettles

Sevenday, 25 Aine, 1023

In truth, as it turns out, it seems Lady Irinya Choswen does indeed feel the need to address the words of Lord Andrin Lothievia. She makes another outing, and speaks to the people who gather to hear her words:

People of Andor,

I do feel that I must respond to Lord Andrin Lothievia's accusations toward me. I am disappointed to see that my forgiveness for Lord Andrin Lothievia's previous ignorant commentary is met with slander and words meant to tarnish my reptuation. Let us not mince words. I shall lay out the facts for the people of Andor.

When my own husband chose to betray me and my House, and to commit treason by undermining Andor's stability, I made the most difficult choice of my life. I went to Lady Aeline Murellan immediately with what I had discovered, and coordinated an effort to have my own husband arrested and thrown in the dungeon. No doubt, by the time this war has seen its end, my husband will face the headsman. This, people of Andor, is the price for treason.

I will be perfectly honest. Yes, putting forth my claim while the Daughter-Heir resides in the Palace could potentially be seen as the actions of a traitor. But I am no less guilty of this crime than is Airalyn Lothievia. For Lord Andrin Lothievia to call me a traitor and a betrayer is a prime example of the pot calling the kettle black. We are both traitors, and we have both thrown our lots in for better or worse. There is a saying that goes, "Be careful in pointing your finger at someone, for you will have three pointing back at you." This is certainly true in this case, is it not? As you can see, I am fully aware of the potential consequences of the decision I have made. I wonder, is Lady Airalyn equally aware of the risks? Is she willing to take responsibility for her actions? Is she willing to accept that if she fails, she may very well find herself kneeling next to my husband with her head beneath the axe? I certainly am aware, and this should only go to show the people of Andor just how strongly I feel that Lady Aeline will not make a good Queen for this nation.

The difference between my treason and Lady Airalyn's treason is that I gave Lady Aeline a chance to prove herself worthy of the Rose Crown, and my desire to see her succeed was sincere. I know, perhaps better than anyone at this point, the facts of the situation, as I have watched Lady Aeline closely these past months. From the position of a friend of the family, I have watched while my House has suffered insult after insult. I have watched while Lady Aeline refuses to negotiate or offer diplomatic solutions. Instead, she chose the path of war, and this, as I have said, we cannot condone. What makes this act of war so especially disconcerting is that Lady Aeline chose to do this thing without consulting me, without seeking my advice, I suspect because she knows I would have objected strenuously to this. And Lady Aeline does not care to listen to the advice of those who do not agree with her. This, good people, is why I have chosen to remove my support from Lady Aeline. What is Lady Airalyn's excuse?

I have approached this with the intention of being a peacemaker, to stay Lady Airalyn's hand, before the war becomes bloodier, through negotiation and diplomacy, just as she has claimed she has wanted all along. Why, then, does Lord Andrin Lothievia continue to be contentious, when I am only trying to serve this nation as a peacemaker? Just as my patience with the blunders of Lady Aeline is limited, so too is my patience with the insults that are now being thrown my way by the son of Lady Airalyn Lothievia. After this, I shall not deign to respond further to such childish behavior. For he is, after all, a child of five and ten, and I am a woman of experience. I have forgotten more in my lifetime than Lord Andrin Lothievia has experienced in his scant few years. So once again, I shall forgive his ignorant remarks, and pray that the Light will grace the young man with a measure of wisdom the next time he chooses to open his mouth.

With a brief smile at the end of her last comments, Irinya heads back into her estate, her escort of armsmen keeping a careful watch to see to her safety.

Buchannan Response

Sevenday, 25 Aine, 1023

Lord Quinlan Buchannan stands again in Heartsblush square and begins speaking.

"Fellow Citizens. the most important message I have to say is to my Nephew Lord Andrin Lothievia, Go back to your riding or weapons Practice Lord Nephew. Also tell your mother to surrender her claim to Lady Aeline as the rightful Queen.

Also while on the subject of Lady Aeline, while she may not keep all her mother's wishes true and may have caused more than we would like to have fallen on the fields of battle. I believe the real reason for this is not her actions or inactions or disregarding her mother's wishes. It's because she is likely keeping her mother's wishes without knowledge to the rest of us. While we all may think and claim to know what her mother's wishes were in such situations we truly do not. I for one believe there's now only one person that knows them and that's Lady Aeline. Not even her father or brother would or maybe should know them as long as it does not affect them in any way.

I will say however, that while there may be other claimants to the throne we all know Queen Elisia's wishes regarding it. All of us who counted ourselves as a friend or employee or servant in some way or the other of hers, should let her last wishes be fulfilled. Regardless if you feel Lady Aeline stayed too long past Queen Elisia's Death at the Tower, or if you feel Lady Aeline has went totally against what her mother wished in certain situations and others as well, or other reasons we might be able to find. We should all Unite under the banner of House Murellan for the forseeable future and crown Lady Aeline as the rightful Queen of Andor and have this war officially ended.

I only say to the Mercenaries out there as well, while you may look here and Yon for the best deal among houses at present, you should seek to withdraw from Andor and let us handle this ourselves. While we have fought along side Cal'har Company House Buchannan has as of yet to hire any mercenaries nor will we, in what really has been from the start a meaningless War, as we all know the next to be crowned Queen and sit on the Lion Throne will be Lady Aeline.

With that he quietens and goes about speaking to people present in the square in a more normal tone.

Lothievia Response

Threeday, 3 Adar, 1023

After all the speeches that have arisen, Lady Airalyn comes out to address the people of the city:

People of Caemlyn, and Andor, hear me. I am Lady Airalyn Lothievia. Some of you know me, yet some of you are new to the city. There have been many accusations floating about, regarding my motiviations and reasons for putting forth a claim. So, I will address them.

Truthfully, it seems, that none of the nobles thus far have been listening to your plight, your calls for true leadership, your needs, your wants, your desires; none save I. You had hoped to see your Daughter-Heir return home when our glorious Queen was ill, and dying. She did not come. You had hoped to see her in morning with her family, while we saw our beloved Queen lie in state. She did not come. She only came, when our beloved Queen, her mother, was about to be burned and turned to ash. After the Queen's funeral, we had hoped that she would take up the mantle of leadership; she would not do it.

During all of this, it was not just her family that was looking to her, to give them home, and give them reprieve, it was all of Andor looking to her as well. Instead, while Andor needed a leader, someone to be that person to look to for guidance, she hemmed and hawed about what taking up the Rose Crown would do for her career to become an Aes Sedai. She put her own needs first. She put the White Tower first. And while in the end the Daughter-Heir did make her claim for the throne, she did so only reluctantly - not with any true sense that she really wanted the position. Is this the kind of person you truly want seeing on the throne? One who cares not for the people or the nation within?

A true Queen can never put anything before her nation, or the needs of her people. A true Queen, she must always look after her people, no matter what cost, or sacrifice she must make to do it. So, to you, Lady Irinya - when I made my claim to the throne, I knew the consequences. I had weighed and measured them, and was readily given support when I had made my decision. I made a sacrifice of my life, should it happen to come, to watch over the people of Andor and to make sure they understood that someone out there /was listening/ and that /their call/ for leadership was answered.

Did you listen? Did you hear them? Have you patched them up? Fed them? People who are not of your own specific court? Seen that they had protection and shelter? Actions speak louder than words, and I have acted. I continue to protect, to feed, to shelter, and I have the support of my own house, and three other houses as well. How much support do you have? How much support does the Daughter-Heir have?

These are words for thought. Simply that. Should anyone find themselves in need this winter, House Lothievia will see to those needs.

A Vision of the Future

Fiveday, 5 Adar, 1023

Once again, Lady Irinya emerges from the Choswen estate to address the people.

People of Andor,

While I am certain it is heartening to at last hear a rousing speech from Lady Airalyn regarding her motivations for putting forth her claim to the Lion Throne, a speech referencing motivations other than a prophecy, I would ask that you look beneath the surface of those words.

I have a good deal of experience in politics, and I have seen such tactics as those Lady Airalyn is using before. Her efforts to assure us that she grieved with us when our beloved Queen was lying in state are a noble attempt to pull at our heartstrings. In truth, she was not there. Her House was absent during the funeral. Let us not lose sight of this. I was there, shedding my tears with you. As you grieve, I grieve, and it angers me that House Lothievia was not there to grieve with us.

What I find most disconcerting, however, is Lady Airalyn's insistence that she is showing her generosity by offering handouts to win your support. In truth, it is an age-old political maneuver, bribery disguised as generosity. Often you will see politicians using such tactics when they want to win a throne or some other position of power, to bribe the people, to lead them to believe they are seeing to the people's wants and needs. But when Lady Airalyn's money and resources run out, who will you turn to? How long do you think it will take to beggar the realm with such so-called generosity?

While I am certain Lady Airalyn's motivations are heartfelt, I fear that these efforts are short-sighted. I would like to share with you a vision of the future I see should I myself gain the support needed for the Lion Throne. My vision is this:

I see a vision of a prosperous nation, in which the people of Andor pride themselves in their work and achievements, rather than relying upon handouts. Our economy will thrive through trade and the production and sale of goods created by our own hands. Our realm will be safe and secure, because we will be united once again under the Lion Banner, rather than divided as we are now. Our streets will be safer, as I fully intend to strengthen Andor's justice system by appointing magistrates who will judge fairly and impartially in accordance with the law, by instituting a magistrate-mentorship program, to allow young people who are interested in the pursuit of studies in the law a chance to become involved. My vision includes a continuation of our beloved traditions, of the Queen's Bounty offered on high feast days, of festivals such as the Shaoman festival in which Queen Elisia promised Caemlyn an orphanage, of our family bonds holding our nation together, rather than tearing it apart. I see a vision of our nation rising from the ashes of this Succession to once again stand proud among the nations, with strong relations with our neighbors.

While it is true I do not have the support of the Houses just now, I do not give up so easily. I am committed to this path as surely as Lady Aeline, or Lady Airalyn. I believe the test of time will prove that I am the best person to rule Andor out of those who have thus far put forth a claim. The people of Andor must judge what true leadership entails. What the people of Andor do not see behind the scenes are my extensive efforts to seek diplomatic solutions to this crisis, while Lady Aeline and Lady Airalyn head down the road to a promise of a bloody bath.

I will not support any claimant who will not listen to reason, but neither will I spill Andoran blood needlessly. If it is the will of the people that I set aside my claim, then I shall do so when the time comes. But as of yet, I am not convinced it is that time. What I ask of you, people of Andor, is time to prove to you my worth. Ask yourselves, what is Lady Airalyn's vision of the future under her reign? You now know mine.

Once she has finished speaking, Irinya returns to her estate and the flurry of activity to be found there.

Return of the Merc(s)

Fiveday, 5 Adar, 1023

Not many travel the streets of Caemlyn at night when they don't have to anymore, but one group has returned to the city who doesn't seem to care about darkness or the roving bands of armsmen spreading across the hills and plazas. Termiane Koronel and Aloysia Teranor have returned to Caemlyn. They have done so without fanfare and without much in the way of retinue, only accompanied by a pair of hooded and cloaked figures. This despite rumors that the pair have gathered nearly a thousand mercenaries to their name--not to the name of any noble House, but to their own.

Of the greater mass of Cal'har Company, rumors flit about like moths around a lantern. They dispersed when Termiane refused to pay them from the coin collected from Lareca holdings. They have sworn to place their leaders jointly on the Lion Throne of Andor. They are marching on Caemlyn in support of one claimant or another. They have fought to the death with the Murellan and Buchannan armsmen they so recently served alongside. They have killed all of those armsmen in their sleep. They have been slaughtered by those armsmen for their faithlessness to Aeline's cause. They have recruited those armsmen to their own cause, whatever that may be.

Only time will tell what Cal'har Company is -actually- up to.


Nineday, 9 Adar, 1023

A few rumors arise, and soon spread through the city with an air of uncertainty attached. Apparently, Lord Under-Lieutenant Quinlan Buchannan was seen conversing with Lady Irinya Choswen, and later, Lady Belya Choswen, in the Arboretum in the company of five guards from each House. But it was not a confrontation, as some might at first assume. Or was it? Well, certainly no blows were exchanged. Instead, they appeared to be having quite a civil discussion, despite the withdrawal of House Choswen's support for Lady Aeline. Quite a few tongues are wagging as people gossip and wonder what it could mean. Is Lady Irinya going to withdraw her claim and support Aeline again? Or is Lord Buchannan having second thoughts about supporting the Daughter-Heir?

Whatever the case may be, both parties departed the scene on amicable terms, and no blood was shed. Perhaps the feud between House Choswen and House Buchannan truly has ended.

Mercenary Meetings

Sevenday, 17 Adar, 1023

It seems that Termiane Koronel and Aloysia Teranor have been busy since returning to Caemlyn. One or both of them have been seen entering the Choswen Estate and the Lothievia Estate one or more times. The exact number of visits to each estate is the subject of some rumor, with some suggesting that Termiane has perhaps found a sweetling within House Choswen, given the frequency of his visits--and the remembered rumors of his dealings with the Lady Laurellia Choswen.

Whether the discussions are about the war or more delicate matters, it seems quite clear that Cal'har Company is in discussion with--or at least has had discussions with--the remaining two claimants for the Lion Throne now that they have given up the Daughter-Heir's cause.

Wolf in sheep's clothing?

Sevenday, 17 Adar, 1023

Rumors abound that Lord Quinlan Buchannan was seen entering and exiting the Lothievia estate recently. Was it simply a social call on his sister and her children? Could have they made deals while inside? Or perhaps he was delivering demands from someone to those within? Whatever the reason for the visit he was seen looking a bit inquisitive, but healthy on his exit and return home to the Buchannan Estate.

Dahan Feast and Masked Ball

Sevenday, 19 Saven, 1023

Men dressed smartly in the livery of House Choswen move about the city of Caemlyn as spring reaches its height, carrying the following news:

Citizens of Andor,

The feastday of Dahan will soon be upon us. This is a time of celebration of freedom from the Shadow, and the prevalance of the Light. House Choswen wishes to invite one and all to a two-day event, to be held in the Arboretum.

The first day of Dahan will feature a mock battle to take place in the afternoon, followed by a grand feast in the evening, during which we will celebrate the Light's triumph and our continued perserverence against the Dark One and his minions.

The second day of this event will feature a masked ball in the evening, to which all are invited. The ball will take place in the gardens of the Arboretum, where lights will be strung to drive away the darkness as evening descends.

Let us not forget in these dark times that there are still reasons to celebrate life, and let us not lose sight of those things which tie us together as a people.

Event Theme: Feastday of Dahan Feast Date: Wednesday July 13th, 3pm EST Masque Date: Thursday July 14th, 5pm EST

OOC: If you wish to be a part of the mock battle between the Shadow and the Light, please @mail Irinya to let her know which side of the 'battle' you wish to be on. It would be nice to have at least two PCs on each side, if not more, representing a number of NPCs in addition.

Dress code for the Masked Ball will be a half-mask at the minimum, but costumes or feastday clothes are welcome.

Mercenary Oath

Threeday, 7 Amadaine, 1023

In the wake of the dramatic and decisive defeat of the forces of the Shadow in the Dahan mock battle and just prior to the grand feast, controversial mercenary Termiane Koronel finds a hefty crowd and makes the following speech:

"There has been much concern over the conduct of myself, Cal'har Company, and mercenaries in general during the course of these... Troubles." A faint smile touches the Domani's voice as he uses the Andoran term for a War of Succession. "I stand before you to put at least some portion of that concern to rest. Cal'har Company has a new contract." A self-deprecating chuckle rises from his throat, "That part, of course, only lays my own concerns to rest. The next part, however, will hopefully lay yours alongside."

There is a pause, and when the blue-eyed sell-sword speaks again, it is in a solemn and resonant tone. "Under the Light, and by my hope of salvation and rebirth, I, Termiane Koronel, Captain of Cal'har Company, do swear that for the duration of these Troubles, Cal'har Company will make no attack upon any Andoran House save if directly ordered by our employer, Lady Irinya Choswen."

He lets the buzz such a strong oath creates die down again before continuing, "As you know, Lady Irinya has striven to keep the bloodshed of these Troubles to a minimum. With the hiring of Cal'har Company, and in pressing this Oath upon us, she has taken another step toward that goal." Gesturing about himself at the festivities of the Feast of Dahan, his voice regains the lyrical music his native land is so famous for, "But there is ale, and food, and joy about you, courtesy of House Choswen and Lady Irinya. Enjoy it, and remember that whether we wear white, red, or both colors alike, we are all brothers and sisters in our eventual fight against the Shadow."

Stepping down again, the burned mercenary returns himself to the festivities as well. Copies of the oath are delivered to each of the major Houses by couriers. Whispers quickly spread of the promise and the threat both implicit in the words: Cal'har Company will make no attack upon any Andoran House... save if directly ordered by their employer. Lady Choswen has been a woman of peace thus far, but how far will that forbearance last now that she has near a thousand blooded, professional soldiers in her employ?

Buchannan position

Threeday, 26 Amadaine, 1023

Lord Quinlan Buchannan steps out into Heartsblush square and begins to speak

"Given the recent developments with the Daughter-heir's situation. We will from this point on be supporting Lady Airalyn, my sister for the Next Queen of Andor. While I may have said some things to some individuals despite having not talked to her before that point. I have to say to those that know who they are. I was mistaken. However, as many of you know House Buchannan and House Choswen have not seen to agree for many long years. That is why we cannot and will not at this time support Lady Irinya as the next claimant. We will should she become queen support her then, but feel Lady Airalyn is the best choice for the job at this moment in time. We also will help continue looking for the Daughter-heir as is possible."

With That Quinlan steps back and goes about talking to others in the square.

Choswen Speaks

Fiveday, 28 Amadaine, 1023

After word reaches the public that Lady Aeline has gone missing, Irinya Choswen leaves her estate with a good number of her House armsmen around her for protection. Her expression is grave as she makes the following address to the people:

Citizens of Andor,

I am much agrieved to hear of the news concerning our missing Daughter-Heir. While I have withdrawn my support for her claim to the Lion Throne, I would never wish her ill, and should foul play be determined to be the cause of her sudden disappearance, those at fault shall pay dearly. Please try to remain calm, and know that efforts are being made to get to the bottom of the situation, and to find her.

Furthermore, I wish to make it clear to Lady Airalyn Lothievia that House Choswen condemns the actions of House Risden, one of those Houses in support of her claim, in harassing the citizens of Caemlyn, and seeking to undermine our economy by seizing control of certain areas of the city and the assets of certain merchants. We were assured that measures were being taken to assure such actions would not continue, and yet, these things have not ceased. House Choswen calls upon House Risden publicly to cease such operations immediately, for it is unethical and unbecoming of a noble House of Andor.

Once Lady Irinya has finished this speech, she lingers in the Arboretum for a time, doing her best to answer questions and alleviate the fears of the people. Then she and her escort return to her estate, the gates closing firmly behind her.

Join the Lothievia Guard!

Sevenday, 2 Tammaz, 1023

Lady Airalyn Lothieva makes her way, on foot, to a crowded intersection within Caemlyn. She has her guards clear a small area for her, while a pair of them borrow a table from a nearby common room, making the innkeeper quite happy about the generous coin he receives. With help, she steps up and settles her skirts, then looks out over the people and raises her arms. Once there is enough quiet in her immediate vicinity, she begins to speak in a clear, strong voice:

"My dear people of Andor, my heart has weighed heavily of late as two more tragedies have struck our fair nation. Most glaringly, the Daughter-Heir has gone missing. Whatever our differences in our views for Andor's future, I only hope the best for her on a personal level. It is my fervent wish that she be brought back safely. If I should sit upon the Lion Throne by then, I will investigate deeply to discover those behind this nefarious plot and bring them to justice."

Jaw setting for a moment, her expression hardens. "The other matter is a grave insult to all those harmed by recent aggressive actions. While the Cal'har Company is skillful, its time in this land has been wrought with blood and theft. This is precisely why I so firmly turned them down when their help was offered. Despite the previous attack on Andorans in our own lands, Lady Irinya has considered it well and good to hire them for her own bid.

"They may give all the assurances they want, but the fact remains that these men -- and women -- slaughtered Andorans... our own people! And now they are being paid rather generously, it seems, with -Andoran- coin. Is this the kind of justice Lady Irinya intends to offer if she should become Queen? Shall we have cause to fear our attackers will be allowed to return time and again while -being paid for it-?

"While the Lothievia ranks are comfortably filled, positions are now open to any who wish to join." She pauses to let her gaze fall meaningfully on any nearby soldiers in Choswen uniforms, then shift to the rest of the crowd. "Bring your skills, your experience, and above all, your ethics. You need not worry that mercenaries will harm you any longer, nor that their own high-coin demands will diminish your own purse. Fight to put a Queen on the Lion Throne who will choose right over might every time. Join the Lothievia Guard!"

Once finished with outstretched arms and a warm smile, Airalyn steps down and has a pair of guards return the table. She remains in the square as long as it takes to speak to those who wish to speak with her and ask questions. She repeats this speech several times over the course of a few days, each time in a different part of the city to increase the likelihood of all hearing it as well as giving the chance to those of any birth to quietly share their concerns and ask questions.

Mercenary Amusement

Nineday, 4 Tammaz, 1023

When the words of Lady Airalyn's latest speech reach the encampment of Cal'har Company, on the plains outside of Caemlyn proper, Termiane Koronel can be found joking and laughing about it with some of his men, members of the Choswen Guard, and even members of the Queen's Guard. After all, he served with many of them earlier in this conflict, and earned the respect of many--and perhaps even some measure of friendship from some.

Wherever the various discussions take place, the choicest bits make the rounds of Caemlyn quickly enough:

"We offered to help Lady Airalyn? Not hardly. We offered her the chance to -hire- us. And she turned us down because despite her calls for bathing in blood, she claims she doesn't want any more fighting. That's all well and good with me--all the better to get paid -not- to fight--but it's flaming well naive of her, wouldn't you say? With all these thousands of men carrying their swords and spears and bows around? Bit of double-talk too. On the one hand, she's claiming she doesn't want any more fighting, and on the other, she's practically begging for people to join her armies.

"And all this talk about slaughter--well, I'm sure she's never seen a battlefield, but I can tell you there wasn't any -slaughter- out in the Lareca lands. There was fighting, there was bloodshed, but it wasn't mercenaries cutting down loyal Andorans, it was Andorans killing each other, with a few of us mercenaries pitching in on one side. It was done by Andorans, at the command of an Andoran. And those Lareca men weren't standing there begging to be cut down, either. They were fighting, and fighting hard. I'd be happy to serve alongside them any time. And there sure weren't any civilians killed. We made -sure- of that.

"Her thoughts on justice... now those are just as much a laugh as her thoughts on war--no wait, not war--whatever it is she's calling her plans. I'd say that recognizing where fault lies and not punishing those who aren't to blame is pretty just.She claims Cal'har Company stole from Andorans--I can tell you we didn't steal anything. I'd be a good deal richer if we had. We helped House Murellan forces, alongside House Buchannan forces and Cal'har Company, confiscate weapons and coin, to keep Lareca from arming more soldiers to send to war. All of it was accounted for, too. The weapons are in the hands of House Murellan, ready to be returned as soon as the two Houses aren't fighting each other, and the coin either has been repaid or will be. That may be theft in Lady Airalyn's eyes, but not in mine--and I'm pretty sure Andoran law would give it a pass too.

"Now, I get that Lady Airalyn's scared of Cal'har Company--they're some of the best soldiers I've had the honor to work alongside. But it's not like we're mad dogs or anything. Light... she's got a copy of the oath I've sworn on the part of Cal'har Company. Unless she wants to decry me as a Darkfriend--and if she wants to do that, she and I are going to have -words-, she should know Cal'har Company won't be attacking anyone without direct orders from Lady Irinya Choswen. And if she knows Lady Choswen at all, she knows those orders won't come unless it's the last possible choice."

In each of the conversations, the sell-sword seems more amused by Lady Airalyn's attempts to rile up Andor against Cal'har Company than anything else. His responses are light-hearted, joking at times, but also quite clear and direct.

A Call for Peace

Threeday, 8 Tammaz, 1023

At first, it almost appears there will be no response from House Choswen in regards to Lady Airalyn's speech given in the city. But several days later, Lady Choswen is once again seen to leave her estate and address the people. She takes up a place on the grassy green of Heartsblush Square, surrounded by her armsmen in Choswen colors, and speaks to the people who gather to listen.

Loyal Andorans,

We have been at war with one another for far too long. The death of Queen Elisia has struck a blow to our hearts, and to the heart of our realm, and the realm bleeds. How long must we continue to fight one another, Andoran against Andoran? I tell you, this can be ended peacefully, but Lady Airalyn's recent call to arms has the ring of an open declaration of war, in my ears. How much longer will you continue to listen as she wavers, speaking of wishing for peace and diplomacy with one breath, and then calling for more swords with the next? Especially when I, her sole remaining contender, have actively sought for peace and diplomatic resolution, rather than war?

Lady Aeline has gone missing. This is distressing news, but unfortunately, the realm must continue to function, and an able and committed leader is needed to return Andor to its former days of peace and prosperity. With Lady Aeline's disappearance, Lady Airalyn now turns her bloodthirst on House Choswen. I implore you, people of Andor, to listen very carefully to the tone of Lady Airalyn's words, and consider a more peaceful resolution instead.

Lady Airalyn condemned Lady Aeline for refusing to seek diplomatic resolution to the situation, and now she would condemn this nation to a bitter and bloody war by calling for arms, even as I have sought to seek that very diplomacy she found lacking in Lady Aeline. Lady Airalyn would have you believe that the mercenaries I have chosen to employ will once again turn on the citizens of Andor. This is simply not the case. In truth, I have hired them for the sole purpose of protecting those who would suffer from the harassment of brigands and thieves, to protect, rather than to fight with hostile intent. I have given them specific orders not to engage Andorans in combat unless they are first engaged. They answer to -me-, not the other way around. It is unfortunate that Lady Aeline was unable to differentiate between the two, but I am not so easily manipulated by a charming smile and flowery words.

Lady Airalyn speaks of right over might, but it is she who is calling men to arms, and who openly speaks of fighting. Consider this, before anything else. Meanwhile, I have gained the support of House Thaeweth and House Roesone through diplomacy, not coersion. These Houses support me because I am committed to bringing this realm to peace again, and to protecting our nation from threats both within and without. I am not interested in war, and if there is to be war, it will not be instigated by me, and certainly not by the mercenries I have hired. However, I do mean to be -prepared- to protect this realm from those who would seize power by force.

It is not I who called for a blood bath. In fact I am trying to stop one, and unfortunately, one is required to meet the threat of violence with an equal show of strength. If you are interested in stopping the bloodshed, I call upon you, people of Andor, to call for an end to the violence. Lend your voices to my own, and denounce Lady Airalyn's continued attempts to warmonger and harangue us all with her attempts to incite a war.

With these solemnly spoken words, Lady Choswen lingers for a time to address any concerns citizens may have over her intentions regarding the use of her mercenaries. Then she returns to her estate with her escort, her expression filled with resolve.

Cairhienians return home!

Sevenday, 22 Tammaz, 1023

Lord Quinlan Buchannan steps forward in the middle of Heartsblush square to announce the following:

"We wish all Cairhienians here to visit solely or trade to remain, but those brought in as guards for other houses, we make the request that you return home. While we welcome alliances with Cairhienians, we do not need or want this kind of help from you at this time. If this was a time where the enemy was someone from outside of Andor, we would gladly welcome you with open arms. I and my family have however for long, stood against needing such helps from any other countries. That is the main reason we cannot support a Choswen claimant. As while they are not the ones who currently have such help, they have held many ties to Cairhien and used in in the past. We should be able to handle this without any noblehouses from anywhere else regardless of familial relationship being involved. Yes it may look like a double edged sword with mercenaries being used as well, but they arrived first within Andor to offer their services and weren't called on by others to assist. I request those families that have made such requests of their families and allies within Cairhien for this war of succession to send those Cairhienian troops packing at once. Once we have a Queen whoever she may be, During the time of Coronation and verious celebrations regarding that, you may return as tourists at that time. For now I would request you to return to your homes, and wait for news."

With that said he steps back and begins talking to some there.

Public Condemnation

Fiveday, 2 Maigdhal, 1023

Criers are sent forth from the Royal Palace through the Northwest Gate of the inner city shortly after Lady Irinya and her family take up residence there, to spread the following announcement amongst the troops gathered at the Northeast and the South gates:

"Let it be known that House Choswen has, until this time, attempted to negotiate with Lady Airalyn for a peaceful resolution to this Succession. As her allies have now chosen to openly take up arms against those who would support this peace, they shall all be considered traitors to the Realm, and in rebellion, and shall be dealt with accordingly henceforth.

"House Choswen does hereby condemn the actions of Lord Maizran Demmar and Lord Velan Risden as seditious and treasonous and now calls for their arrest. Lady Airalyn Lothievia, too, shall face these same charges unless she immediately renounces her claim, for allowing such actions to continue in spite of her insistence that she desires peace. Additionally, House Buchannan shall face the same charges for their support of a claimant who would bring Cairhienin troops onto Andoran soil during time of war. However, those who immediately lay down their arms and declare support for House Choswen's claim shall be pardoned of all wrongdoing.

"House Choswen is committed to defending the Realm against rebellion and treason, and shall use all resources at its disposal henceforth to ensure the security of Andor's people against those who would seek a throne and wage a bloody war for selfish gain."

Once the criers have delivered their messages, they return to the Palace immediately through the same gate through which they left.

Not Crowned Yet!

Nineday, 6 Maigdhal, 1023

Lord Maizran Demmar, surrounded by a largel contingent of his soldiers, issues his own speech back at Irinya:

"Lady Irinya Choswen,

I do believe that your speech and your judgment that Andorans fighting against you in this War of Succession are traitors, is perhaps a bit premature. For, in your declaration, you are summarily crowning yourself Queen, and I assure you, /Lady/ Irinya Choswen, that you are not yet Queen - for you do not yet have the requisite number of Houses to follow you to make such a claim. I also further assure you that should you attempt to arrest any of my men, or the men aiding House Lothievia, or Lady Airalyn herself in this endeavor, then you will force me to act in a manner that I'd just assume not to. For, /Lady/ Choswen, you do not yet know what it is that I am capable of doing, nor do you quite understand my prowess as a General. Pray, Lady, that you neither you, nor your people, or those that follow you ever have to find out.

That is all."

The Definition of Treason

Threeday, 10 Maigdhal, 1023

Once again, criers are sent forth from the Royal Palace to address Lord Maizran's speech:

"It is within the rights of a High Seat of a noble House to call for the arrest of another noble who has committed acts of treason. As Lady Airalyn Lothievia is a noble of much lesser rank than her own, the High Seat of House Choswen has every right to call for her arrest and to make an accusation of treason. The crime of treason is defined as follows:

Treason is the willful conspiracy to overthrow the government of one's sovereign nation. Treason is also defined as actions taken to allow a foreign government to assist in such actions as to seriously undermine or injure the parent nation.

As Lady Airalyn and her allies have sought to overthrow House Murellan's rule of this nation from the very day of Queen Elisia's death, have endangered Andor's security by bringing forces across the border from a foreign country with which Andor has had unstable relations, and now seek to wage war at the very gates of the Royal Palace to prevent the peaceful transition promised by the betrothal of Lady Meghana and Lord Galavan, their actions shall be deemed treasonous and harmful to the Realm as a whole.

In the event that there is no Queen, the law must continue to be upheld. Brigands and cutthroats, murderers and rapists and other criminals shall not be allowed to continue their miscreant behavior in the absence of a Queen, and neither should we allow this treason to go further unpunished.

The continued threats and provocations from Lord Maizran Demmar have been carefully considered, and have been deemed equally treasonous. Additionally, the foray of his Cairhienin forces into House Choswen lands shall not go unanswered. Lady Irinya Choswen has made no moves to crown herself Queen as yet, but the actions of Lady Airalyn and her allies leave her little choice but to respond to the threats that have been presented. If violence is the only way to resolve this conflict, then it is with great regret that Lady Irinya Choswen must give Lady Airalyn the war she and her allies so stubbornly demand.

With that somber declaration, the criers, after they finish reading their messages from Lady Choswen, return to the Palace.

House Buchannan Statement

Fiveday, 4 Choren, 1023

Lord Quinlan Buchannan, stands in Heartsblush square once more. He begins to speak

"Greetings Fellow Citizens and guests. House Buchannan is saddened to hear of the reports, of loss, and we offer our condolences to all families who lost a loved one. However, sadly once it reached the point of having people from Cairhien come to assist I do not think there was a point of return. We still think Lady Airalyn should be queen, or the daughter-heir if she is ever found alive. However, being it appears Lady Irinya Choswen may be the likely next queen. We will be in support of her during her reign. We have always supported the Queen whoever she may be. I again offer House Buchannan's condolences to those that lost loved ones during not only the last battle but all the war. Thank and may the creator bless the new queen when she is Coronated."

With that, he quiets down and goes to talk to some others in the square about various subjects.

Resolution Day One Emits

The following are the emits after the results of the first Resolution Day were determined.

First Blood (Resolution Day 1)

Resolutuion Day Two Emits

Arrest of Chase Daemon (Resolution Day 2)

Diplomacy and War (Resolution Day 2)

Resolution Day Three Emits

Maneuvering (Resolution Day 3)

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