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Aysha Maie (last name unknown)
Country: Kandor
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: White Tower, Tar Valon
Job: Accepted at the White Tower
Hair Color: Pale Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

She knows her name is Aysha, and that her mother's name was Maie. Maybe that's why she took it as her second name, and declined the luxury of a last name. Other than these two facts, she knows little else about herself - she was born of Borderland stock, because she has too many of the Kandori and Arafellian traits of her parents. She has vague recollections of growing up in a store of some sort, but anything else is a blurry mess. She doesn't know it, but Aysha was born 16 years ago in Kandor, in Chachin. Her father was from a long line of (bad) jewlery merchants, passing down the generations a storefront in a good part of the city. They usually made just enough to scrap by and keep the store in the family, though once Aysha's father got his hands on it the store suddenly went through a revitilazation.

It was a hard process, but the store began to generate a profit rather than break even, and soon Aysha's family were relativley well off. By this point Aysha was about 9, her brothers a bit older than her. As the youngest child and only girl, she was the light of her father's eyes and he took pains to spoil her rotten. In exchange she took pains to act proper at all times, and was always the polite child. Her life was otherwise typical for that of a Kandori girl - she rode horses, learned how to dance, flirted with boys, etc. Her life became not so typical when she was 16 years old.

As a result of her father's store becoming one of the most popular in all of Chachin, other stores naturally were forced to close. One of these was the store of a five generation merchant named Thorim. His store having been the most popular for many years, the sudden popularity of Aysha's father's store put him out of business. The stress at having to fight for every sale and then of finally losing his family storefront pushed Thorim over the edge. He began spreading rumours about Aysha's family, especially her father - calling him a thief, a lowlife, a wife beater, even accusing him of association with unseemly sorts of people. When this tactic didn't work, he began to pay street rats to vandalize the store. Finally, Thorim was driven to work destruction himself - he began to plot to set the store on fire. Thorim planned for a week, thinking that he had found a time that noone would be at the store.

On the chosen day he set to work, working quickly after the setting of the sun. Unfortunatly, Aysha herself was sweeping the floors, finishing up a day of chores she had neglected by going riding with the sone of a prominent Captain in the Royal Guard. She worked slowly in the back of the store, daydreaming of her day with the handsome young man. Thorim worked quickly in the front, spreading kindling and flamable substances in the dark. Therefore, Aysha didn't notice when the fire began to consume the store and spread to the back. When she finally did notice, and attempted to escape, she witnessed two things - the fire eating away at her family's pride and the man who started it.

With eyes wide, she got a good look at the man who started the fire, but not the large wooden beam hanging over her. Thorim did, though didn't attempt to save her as the beam crashed down into her, knocking her out cold. Not expecting to have to deal with a hurt, probably dead girl, he collected her up and ran out of the burning store before anyone in the growing crowd could get a good look at him or the person he carried. Climbing onto his waiting horse, he rode out and south about four or five hours into a small town. Upon his arrival at the small Kandori town of Lashombe, he deposited the unconsicious body of Aysha into the proverbial lap of the innkeeper and hastily made his exit.

Thorim wasn't the brightest bulb when it came to covering his tracks, and a few days went by when he decided to go back to the town and finish the job he started. However, Aysha was gone, having woken up a few hours after Thorim left her with the innkeeper. Frightened upon waking up in a strange place, with almost no knowledge of who she was, she stayed with the innkeeper and his wife for a few days before leaving in the middle of the night, on the road south. When she woke up, she remembered that her name was Aysha, but that was about it. That and she had a blinding headache which would fade over the next few days. Though she realized the she should probably rest, an almost screaming voice in her head told her that she needed to move, that she needed to leave where she was.

So, she stole a horse and began to ride south. After riding for a few days, and stopping to sleep under various patches of bushes, she found herself sweeping the floor as a menial worker in a shop just outside Tar Valon. Her first notions of the White Tower came upon meeting the Accepted Reya in the Ogier Grove within Tar Valon. It was only a matter of time before the Accepted had convienced Aysha to come to the Tower, where she was tested and inducted in a matter of days. She currently has yet to begin her lessons, instead taking the time to get acquiainted with the other students.

Family Information






Novice Aloysia

Aysha and Aloysia first met during Aysha's first lesson (coincidentally never finished), along with the Novice Herlikin. The three became casual friends, and have since chatted a few times about life as students at the White Tower.


Darian is a trainee who goes out of his way to try and protect Aysha and be her friend. Aysha isn't sure how to take this, especially due to her shyness, but lets him think of her as a friend.

Novice Herlikin

Herlikin and Reya became friends during one of their first meetings together, a lesson that was never quite finished. The two, along with the Novice Aloysia, gathered and spent a few of their free moments chatting about how difficult it was to be a student. They are not close friends, but they have chatted amicably a few times.

Accepted Reya

Reya is the first person from the Tower whom Aysha got a chance to fully meet and speak with. Though their conversation was brief it has resonated with Aysha, and she counts the Accepted as an acquiantance, if not a friend. That was their only meeting.



Aysha witnessed Thorim attempting to light her father's store on fire. Before she would stop him, a beam hit her and she lost consciousness. Thorim kidnapped her and took her from Kandor to Arafel, where she woke away from her family and with hardly any memories. Thorim had abandoned Aysha, but thought better of it and went back to get her, to finish the job and kill her. She was gone by that point, and he has spent the rest of his time searching for her.

Other acquaintances





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