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A character generation system, or "chargen" for short, is a method of defining a character's abilities, knowledge and training in various fields. The Cuendillar chargen system has been designed to help people create varied and intricate characters to add to their enjoyment of the game. The system is also used to resolve role-playing conflicts, and allows for more realistically coded commands and objects that people can interact with.

Once characters have gone through the initial chargen process, their skills and knowledge can be increased by spending Experience Points, or XP. These are earned through role-play and in other ways.

This section serves as an introduction to the system and suggests a few things for you to consider before you take your character through the chargen system. It also attempts to answer some common questions that people have.

Introduction an introduction to the purpose and use of chargen
Begin at the Beginning things you should know before going through chargen
Age Factors setting Age, Age and Skills, effects of old Age
Cultural Background Information nationalities and races
Classes of Society socio-economic Class of your character's background
The Basics of Statistics Statistics
Attributes Attributes
Assets and Flaws Assets and Flaws
Skills choosing Skills, Skill Levels, Bonuses and Penalties
Backgrounds writing your character's background
Justifications writing your chargen selection justification
Character Approvals the approval process for character backgrounds
Restricted Characters characters with unusual abilities (Channelers, etc.)
The One Power One Power Statistics, Skills and other information
Roster Characters guidelines to creating pre-generated characters
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