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Players are welcome to make their own character pages for Cuendillar. In fact, this is encouraged. They are also welcome to put up images for their characters within their character pages. If you add images to the wiki you /MUST/ make certain that these are public domain images, or are images that you have permission to use.

If you upload an image, you must cite the permission parameters or list that they are public domain and include a link to where you found them within the description of the image. You are also welcome to create your own art for the wiki, but in doing so realize that when it is uploaded, it falls under the following guideline, which is the pre-requisite for any work a player does for the game:

All work done as a staff member or a player is done at a 'work-on-request' basis. This means that the wizard staff is contracting you to do work specifically for the game. The 'contract' requirement is non-negotiable and requires that any work that you provide for the game becomes the non-exclusive property of Cuendillar for the entirety of its life.

Character Pages

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