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General Overview

The justification of your +sheet information is designed to help you get through the review process with minimal frustration to you and the reviewer, as well as to help you clarify what your +sheet information means to you. This information may be set either before or during the chargen process, but once it has been approved, it may not be changed.

The justification ties in to the Background Level 1 in that it contains some background information. However, your background is designed to be a "life story" while the justification is a simple list of +sheet elements that need detailed explanations.


The justification is limited to approximately 7950 characters in length. +Justify commands are listed in '+help justify'. The elements of your justification should be in a list format. This allows the reader to easily locate material and ensures no elements are missed. Use \%r to create a return, and \%r\%r to put a blank line in a place. \%b inserts a space and \%t inserts a tab.

Elements to Include in Your Justification

The following list of +sheet elements is not exhaustive. Please check the descriptions for your individual Assets and Flaws to determine what kinds of information need to be listed in the +justify. "You" and "your" in the following notes indicate your character.


  • Any Statistic of +4, +5, -4 or -5, and how that Statistic has affected your life. Assets that change a stat (Strong, Weak, Clever, etc) need only be indicated if they raise the stat to that level.
  • Legendary Stat (+6) should detail which Stat is legendary, how you demonstrate the legendary status of this Statistic, and how the legendary level of this Stat affects your life.
  • Any grouping of Statistics (for example, all high or low physical statistics) and their effect on your life should be explained. Example: Sally has Endurance -2, Strength -1, Dexterity -1 and Quickness -1. She explains that she has avoided doing any physical work and is therefore in extremely poor shape, to the extent that it makes her frequently ill.


  • Any skills that do not fit with the rest of the character should have an explanation of how they were received. Example: A pampered noble lady with Streetwise or a street brawler with Etiquette.
  • Any skills that do not fit the stats. Example: A character with a poor Reason score who has Scholarship skills.

Restricted Characters

  • Many restricted characters have specific instructions on information that should be included in the +justify. This includes Accepted needing to detail their Novice testing, and Assassins needing to indicate a country in which they are a wanted criminal.

Assets and Flaws

  • Physical Assets and Flaws need to be indicated in your @desc.
  • Unless there is something particularly notable about people's reaction to your physical Asset/Flaw or it has particularly affected your life, it does not need to be justified.
  • Even if you do not yet know you have a specific Asset/Flaw (for example, a Compulsive Urge or penalty on a skill you haven't tried) you must detail how it will affect you or you will react when you find out about it.
  • Phobias: Where and how they were received and how they affect you.
  • Skill-related Assets and Flaws should have explanations on how they were discovered. How the Asset/Flaw affects you is optional for Aptitude, Knack, Skilled, Inept, Unaccomplished or Unskilled unless you take it more than once.
  • Items or money received, income received or expenses must be detailed - where the money/item came from, where the income comes from or what the expenses are for.
  • Channeling Assets/Flaws that affect channeling Stats do not need to be explained unless they are taken more than once.
  • Background Assets/Flaws should detail how the Asset/Flaw affects your life and how you cope with it. In most cases, you must establish a specific focus for your Asset/Flaw (example: Hatred - Trollocs or Spirit Guide - Aunt).
  • You may not take more than two Assets and Flaws based on the same incident in your life, as this makes for a very one-dimensional character. Example: Trollocs overrun Sue's farm and kill off her family. Sue takes Lost Love (family), Hatred (Trollocs), Idealistic Goal (killing all Shadowspawn) and Rage (Trolloc rampages). Sue would be a one-note character that does not provide a lot of RP hooks to her player, who may become quickly bored.

Justify Examples

The following is a sample formatted +justify/read.

EXAMPLE: John is a Lost Tinker with a high Strength stat:

+justify/read John
Lost Tinker: Upon being attacked by bandits at age 15, John realized he couldn't stand seeing his mother in danger. He fought back and saved his mother, but was subsequentially removed from the band.
Strength +4/Strong: Working with his blacksmith father, John developed the muscles in his arms and got used to doing heavy labor. He enjoys the feeling that strength gives him, since he enters the wrestling competitions at fairs.
Compulsive Urge - Gambling: Shortly after going out into the world, John ran in to a bad crowd. After being introduced to gambling, John found he couldn't get enough of it, and now simply can't resist being drawn into a game of chance.
Fastidious - Lies: The gang that John joined after leaving the tinker band lied to him about their ongoing thievery. After he was arrested as part of the thefts (which he wasn't part of) and discovered the lies, he refused to tolerate liars anymore, because lies get people hurt.

All information regarding Character Generation should be completed under this category.

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