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General Overview

You cannot play a Noble or select the Noble Class in chargen unless you have been pre-approved by the Wizard staff. Noble Houses have been created for some of the unopened areas, so you are not limited an open area for your Culture. This approval is OOC, it doesn't mean your character must begin play as an accepted member of the family, or even knowing s/he is noble born. Your character can be an orphan or an outcast from the family ICly. Whatever your IC circumstances, any sort of nobility must be pre-approved.

If the Wizard staff approves your character, they will use a command to set something on him/her. Only those that have this information set are permitted to purchase the Noble Class in chargen. In addition, characters from certain Cultures are not able to play Nobles, as nobility does not exist in some Cultures. See 'cg culture' for more information on Culture effects. See NEWS NOBLE for more information on policies and IC information related to the nobility.

The social aspect of nobility is as important as the economic one. Minor noble houses might live little better than the middle class, while major noble houses would be considered wealthy, but all nobles are set apart by their nobility. In this world, the vast majority of people, including the nobles themselves, consider the nobility to be "better" than other folk - they have positions of power and wealth because they are the product of superior bloodlines.

Those who decide to play noble characters should be prepared to play them as people who are set above the common people. The young men and women of the house might go slumming down at the local inn, but it's pretty unlikely that the older members will spend much time there. Romances between nobles and commoners may be tolerated in some families, but rarely are they encouraged or allowed to pass without negative comment.


Characters of Noble heritage begin with Level 1 in the Heraldry, Old Tongue and Politics Skills.


Characters who grew up a part of the Noble Class are given a sum of 60 coppers in chargen, which represents their life savings.

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