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General Overview

NOTE: The following description is an overview of typical family life for people of this Class, your own character's family experiences are up to you.

Making ends meet was a constant challenge for your family. There were always times when there wasn't quite enough food or clothing, or where you might not even have had a place to live. All members of the family had to contribute something just to make survival possible, including the elderly and the children. Or perhaps your character had no family in his/her youth, and grew up as an urchin on the streets, begging for scraps.

Families with wage earners of these types would usually fall into the Pauper category: beggars, petty thieves/pick-pockets and farmers, fishermen, laborers and servants who have fallen on hardship or who live in Tear.


Characters who grew up in the Pauper Class are given 2 additional points to spend on any physical Statistic(s). The physical Stats are Strength, Dexterity, Endurance and Quickness. These points are applied on top of the selections you make in the Statistics section of chargen.

Assets and Flaws

Pauper characters cannot select the Prestigious Family Asset or the Black Sheep Flaw.


Characters of Pauper heritage are given a sum of 15 coppers in chargen, which represents their life savings.

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