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General Overview

NOTE: The following description is an overview of typical family life for people of this Class, your own character's family experiences are up to you.

Your family secured the basic necessities of life - most of the time. There was enough money for basic housing, clothing and food. The house was likely little more than a shack. Clothing had to last, and was handed down from child to child. There wasn't much food, and little variety, but no one starved. All able-bodied members of the family did what they could. The elderly cared for babies, and older children worked in the fields or family business. It was nearly impossible to save money for extras like buying a weapon.

Families with wage earners of these types would usually fall into the Poor Class: a lowly servant, thief or laborer. Or a fisherman, hunter, farmer or soldier who wasn't particularly successful. Those in the more common trades such as grocer, butcher, baker, miner, and tanner, and some other trades and businesses might also fall into this category if the business did poorly, the family had severe debt, or there was a particularly large family being supported by a small business or a single wage earner.


Characters who grew up in the Poor Class are given 1 additional point to spend on any physical Statistic. The physical Stats are Strength, Dexterity, Endurance and Quickness. These points are applied on top of the selections you make in the Statistics section of chargen.

Assets and Flaws

Poor characters cannot select the Prestigious Family Asset or the Black Sheep Flaw.


Characters of Poor heritage are given a sum of 30 coppers in chargen, which represents their life savings.

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