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Skill Charts

If you type look over the list you will see a general description of the skill, and also a chart of what a character with that skill might know at each Skill Level. There are a few things to take note of in considering the charts:

  • They are primarily a role-playing aid for your background knowledge. The results of coded commands like +combat, the language system, etc. depend on not only your character's level, but variables such as other characters' levels, difficulty levels, etc. and may not mesh exactly with what the skill chart says about your level in that instance.
  • The charts are provided as examples only. Most of the Skills on Cuendillar are very broad. For example, a person with the Victualling Skill might choose to role-play being a brewer or a vintner who knows little about cooking, while the Victualling chart charts the levels from the point of view of someone specialized in cooking.
  • The charts are a guideline to what your character learned before play or has learned off-screen during play. If you learn something through role-play at an earlier level than the one indicated in the chart, it's fine to role-play using that knowledge. For example, the Esoteric Lore chart indicates knowledge of Sniffing at Level 7. It might be reasonable for a Borderlander or a person who has a Sniffer friend who's revealed his ability to know about Sniffers at a lower level, or without any knowledge of Esoteric Lore in general at all.
  • The authors of the charts are not expert in every field covered by the skills. An expert woodworker might find our chart for the Woodworking Skill inaccurate, for example. Feedback on the Skills charts is welcome, but please keep in mind that this is intended as a general guide to the sorts of things characters would know at various levels, it is not possible for us to be completely encyclopedic about every skill.

The skills charts were written by Sa'sara, Tel'aran'rhiod and Saidar @ Tales of Ta'veren.

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