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General Overview

NOTE: The following description is an overview of typical family life for people of this Class, your own character's family experiences are up to you.

Your family was humble and had to work hard, but that work was rewarded with a comfortable existence. Your home wasn't very big, but it was well maintained. Children often had to wear hand-me-downs, but there was enough clothing to keep everyone warm in the winter. Sometimes the family might suffer a bad year of failed crops or poor business, but during good years, it was possible to save up a little money and afford small luxuries. Several of the family's members helped on the farm/business. The children were probably trained in the family trade or apprenticed with another crafter of similar class.

Families with wage earners of these types would usually fall into the Trade Class: farmer, soldier, guard, small merchant, wisdom, carpenter, smith, miller, entertainer, miner, butcher, and baker. Those in the luxury trades or larger merchants might fall into this category if the family business isn't particularly successful, the family has large debts or a single wage-earner is supporting a large number of people.


Characters who grew up a part of the Trades Class are given a sum of 45 coppers in chargen, which represents their life savings.

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