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General Overview

NOTE: The following description is an overview of typical family life for people of this Class, your own character's family experiences are up to you.

Your family lived well, and rarely had any financial worries. Your home was large, and well-appointed. Your clothing was tailor-made and always in style. You ate the best of food and your family could entertain lavishly. Your family could afford one or more servants to take care of the laborious and tedious tasks of living. There was no need for the children to work in the family business, although your parents probably made sure you received training for your duties as an adult. Your family could easily afford tutors and trainers in whatever you desired to learn. Your family could afford everything it needed and almost everything it wanted.

Families with wage earners of these types would usually fall into the Wealthy class: the head of a large and successful merchant house, high level advisors and staff to a ruler, successful artists, and acclaimed scholars.


Characters who grew up a part of the Upper Class are given a sum of 75 coppers in chargen, which represents their life savings.

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