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Leadership Information

Lord Captain Commander: Angrill Kress
Lord High Inquisitor: Marcello Byrne
Symbols: Golden sunburst on a field of white
Fortress: Amadicia
Camps: Cairhien

General Overview

The Children of the Light is a militaristic group of men dedicated to upholding the Light, somewhat similar to Medieval groups like the Knights Templar. The Hand of the Light is a non-military branch of the Children somewhat like the Spanish Inquisition in its approach to bringing people to the Light. Members of the Hand have the official title of Inquisitor.

Its headquarters are in Amadicia, although it owes allegiance to no nation. The Fortress of the Light is located in Amador, the capital of Amadicia. The Children have great power and influence in Amadicia - even the King rarely dares to act against their wishes.

The Lord Captain Commander is the head of the Children, and presides over their governing body, the Council of the Anointed. The Council is made up of a dozen of the highest-ranking Lord Captains, and the High Inquisitor, the leader of the Hand of the Light.

The Children of the Light were founded in FY 1021, during the War of the Hundred Years. Originally a group of peaceful preachers against a rise in Darkfriends, within 100 years it had become the military organization it is today. Its guiding principles are outlined in The Way of the Light, a book written by its founder, Lothair Mantelar.

The Children suspect anyone who does not conform to their interpretation of proper service to the Light to be a Darkfriend. They believe the One Power to be a thing of the Dark, and thus consider all Channelers, particularly Aes Sedai, to be Darkfriends.

Composed of men from all nations, the Children travel throughout most of the world. They are feared and hated by many who derisively refer to them as Whitecloaks, and to the Inquisitors as Questioners, although it is not safe to use such terms in their presence. There are people who respect them and agree with their philosophy and approach, and not just in Amadicia.

ROLE-PLAYING NOTE: The Children are trained military men who travel in groups, and their accusations against someone are believed by many people. It is not realistic to show open dislike or defiance of them constantly, particularly to their faces. We ask that people please role-play their reactions to the Children in a fashion consistent with the novels. We also ask those playing Children to develop fully-fleshed characters who do more than bully people.

The introductory text used for this webpage was written and copyrighted © by Rhonda Peters. It is used with permission on Cuendillar MUSH.

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