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The Dexterity Statistic

The Dexterity Stat represents your character's ability to manipulate objects with his/her hands, and navigate surfaces with his/her feet. Your Dexterity influences how well (if at all) you could perform activities such as tight-rope walking, picking pockets, embroidery or dancing. Dexterity is used in combat to determine your chance of striking someone with your weapon, particularly missile weapons. The short-form for Dexterity is DEX.

+5   You can juggle chainsaws while walking a tight-rope blindfolded.
+4   You could learn to be the world's best stage magician.
+3   You can climb a steep wall with ease.
+2   You are a divine dancer.
+1   You have no problem learning delicate work like embroidery.
 0   Your dexterity is average for a human.
-1   You bruise your thumb a lot when you try to hammer nails.
-2   You leave a lot of crushed toes behind on the dance floor.
-3   You have two left feet and butterfingers.
-4   You tend to stumble on a smooth road and fumble when turning the pages of a book.
-5   You can't chew gum and walk at the same time.
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