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The Endurance Statistic

Your Endurance Statistic is a measure of how long your character can perform a physically-strenuous task before tiring out. It indicates how long you could run, swim, carry something heavy, jog up steep stairs, etc. To a lesser extent, your Endurance represents how long you can concentrate on a difficult mental task before you're mentally exhausted and no longer able to focus. In combat, your Endurance affects how well you withstand hits. The short form for Endurance is END.

NOTE: The attribute that relates to channeling is Fatigue.

+5   You can hike for a few days with no food, water or sleep.
+4   You could survive harsh desert/arctic conditions for a few days with little protection from the elements.
+3   You can run for hours and then fight a battle.
+2   You could complete a marathon in competitive time
+1   A couple of hours of constant heavy lifting won't exhaust you.
 0   Your endurance is average for a human. 
-1   Walking for a few hours is very tiring for you.
-2   A short run leaves you winded.
-3   Climbing a flight of stairs exhausts you.
-4   Walking even a short distance is extremely tiring for you.
-5   Just thinking about work makes you tired.
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