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Gaevin ###
Country: Shienar
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: White Tower, Tar Valon
Job: Warder to Shiradel Sedai
Hair Color: ###
Eye Color: ###
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Shadowspawn and conflict. Gaevin grew up in a world of black and white. Life and Death. Living in a small fortified village near the Blight that acted more like a supply station for the Blight Scouts, there was no in between. Growing up there, unfortunately, did not permit a terribly innocent and naive childhood. Gaevin saw much death, blood, and destruction. Among them, in a Trolloc attack, he received a painful facial burn that stays with him to this day. He also saw the diligence of his people to rebuild, to take up sword and stone once more and continue the fight against the encroaching Blight. It instilled in him a sense of somber pride.

So many Green Sedai and their Warders would stop by his village that he cannot recall the first time he clapped eyes on one, but he remembers the first time he saw them fight. It awed him nearly to speechlessness. His interest in Aes Sedai, Gaidin, the White Tower, it all continued until he was directly questioned by his father about his intentions. He declared that instead of following the family tradition of becoming a Blight Scout, he wanted to go to the Tower and train to be a Warder. While his parents were a little disappointed, they were also equally pleased, because he'd eventually bond an Aes Sedai, which everyone knew was better than 10 fighting men alone.

His training at the Tower was difficult, he started a bit late - at the age of 17, because of complications in his travels. He'd been waylaid on more than one occassion, as bandits thought he was easy pickings on the road, and he was struck by a bit of wanderlust before getting to the Tower. And, so, he had to adjust to the rigors of hard training after the easy life of the road. Starting as late as he had, there were also some bad habits of combat training that had to be broken out of him--unlearn what he had learned, so to speak. He trained at the Tower for 9 years, being Raised to the Cloak in 990. Within that same year, he was asked for his Bond from a White Sedai named Shiradel, a woman of Sea Folk heritage.

It didn't come too much as a surprised, he had talked with her often on military strategies and theories of logistics and had been very impressed by her. What surprised him was that he had not already been asked by a Green Sedai. He had anticipated that he would Bond a Green long ago, what with his regional knowledge and understanding of the way of life for a Borderlander, and his drive to fight Shadowspawn. But he would not refuse Shiradel, not simply because of her Ajah. They've made a good team ever since, but travel more than White Sedai are reputed to do, spending time among the Ogier and the Borderlands both, especially after Gaevin managed to convince Shiradel that her knowledge would be well-received in the Borderlands.

Family Information






Shiradel din Avandros Aes Sedai

Your Bondmate and the inspiration for many good philosophical debates. You are impressed even more by her devout loyalty to the pursuit of Truth and logic, and her military strategic analyses. Prior to being Bonded you talked to Shiradel Sedai on more than many occasion, and discovered that the two of you had much in common. Your protective of her, and sometimes think of her as the mother figure that you left behind, and so your relationship with your bondmate is strictly a chaste one. You admire Shiradel's strategic abilities, and even persuaded her to teach strategy in the borderlands for a year.

Vladmir Gaidin

Your stoic demeanour doesn't allow for many to want to get close to you, but Vladmir was different. When you were at the Tower instead of on one of Shiradel's missions, you were among Vladmir's instructors who appreciated his candor. When he was Raised five years ago, the friendly acquaintance of student/instrutor blossomed into a mutual respect and friendship.


Damril Tranketh

Gaevin can't quite put his finger on what's wrong with Damril, but there's something wrong. He's not usually this way, this pressing, this hateful toward other people, but Gaevin simply can't stand Damril. So, Gaevin doesn't miss an opportunity to make snide comments to the other Gaidin - who wasn't even trained at the White Tower. Its silly, he knows - but he can't help how he feels, can he?

Kirin Gardner

This lad is a plague to Tar Valon and should be purged. You remember the disdain you had for him with his arrival a several years ago. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) you've been gone the last three years so haven't even seen how badly its gotten out of hand. His popularity as a secret-monger has grown, and when you arrive back in Tar Valon to find this out it will outrage you even more. Selling secrets is worse than lying, as far as you're concerned.

Other acquaintances





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