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Snow and a Royal's Lesson

Setting: Garden of the Sun Palace, later moved to Dining Hall

Characters: Lyren Tiigril - Prince and Heir to the Sun Throne of Cairhien
Sydnia Tiigril - New Wife of the Prince
Raksha "Kell" Keller - ex-Servent of Sydnia, teacher and friend to Lyren

Lyren holds a pair of knives awkwardly, trying much to dispell the look of disgust of the weapons from his face. He stomps back and forth in the snow to keep warm.

Kell stands on one of the broad pathways that has been cleared off from the major acumulation of snow, but still is getting dusted with the white stuff every so often. She has her hands on her hips, in no way dressed for the outside chill, but she doesn't seem to care. She sighs distantly and says, "Lyren, you're holding those knives like you're a child who doesn't know how to use them. Even if you don't know how to use them you should always try to make the other people think you do." She draws out the remaining knives from her belt and takes a position. "Like this. Alright? And stop fidgiting. Get used to the cold."

Lyren frowns, starting to reconsider this idea.. but he keeps his peace as he stops bouncing from foot to foot. He hefts the knives, then squints as he studies how Kell holds them, trying to mimic her... he doesn't do a great job. He keeps wanting to hold them like swords.

Kell sighs and looks up at the sky, murmuring a soft, "Why me?" then sheaths her knives and moves to circle the young prince, watching his stance, "Don't hold them like swords, Lyren. They are knives. If you fight with a knife like it was a sword than anyone who knows knives at all could easily beat you. And bend your knees more."

Sydnia comes out into the gardens quietly, her cloak wrapped around her tightly, the hood pulled up to keep her face warm. She pauses where she can observe without making much noise at all.

Lyren tightens his lips, making no move to angage in the melee.. "Then how am I supposed to hold them, Raksha? You show me.. but I cannot seem to get it right..

Kell nods, "Fine. If you insist." She moves closer and reaches out to take Lyren's hand, moving a few of his fingers into different positions while she says, "There." Then she moves to fix the other hand with a nod. "Alright. You're hands are right now, let's work on your arms." She uses both her hands to guide the right arm into the position she wants.

Lyren calmly allows the adjustments to be made, no fuss, no hassle, until he has it right. And then he complains. "It feels awkward.." he mutters, though he does hold the position..

Kell sighs and repeats in a mocking voice, "It feels awkward." She pokes him in the ribs as she adds in a not really angry voice, "Of course it's awkward. You've never held a knife right before in your life. You'll get used to it."

Lyren wrinkles his nose in way of reply, then his face smooths out again.. yes, he is aware of the extreme patience Kell is practicing. "Alright..." He has yet to notice that the two have an audience.. "What's next?"

Kell backs up to look the young prince over again, then nods, "You're bending your knees right now at least, but put your legs further apart, and balance yourself. Then I guess I could teach you a few different stances. Defensive and all. Right now you've almost got the ready stance down."

Lyren shifts his feet another half foot apart, finding his centre of balance.. then he nods. "Alright.. I think I have gotten it.."

Sydnia shivers slightly, rubbing her arms within the cloak that covers her. She still watches quietly, not wishing to interrupt the leasson. Her smile is mostly for Lyren, a pleased, loving, proud smile.

Kell nods and circles Lyren a few times, looking over the stance, then nods, "Very good..." She voice trails off as she notices the sshort cloake figure, then she continues, "Alright. Perhaps that is enough for today..."

Lyren frowns, confused. "Enough for today? We have hardly started... I thought you were going to at least throw me in the snow a few times before calling it quits.."

Sydnia looks up at Kell. "Is it perhaps too cold?" she inquires. "I was a bit chill myself, but I am simply standing still." She seems to wait calmly for an answer.

Lyren sighs, then begins to straighten as he unexpectedly hear's Sydnia's voice..

Kell moves quickly and shoves Lyren hard in his left shoulder as he straightens, murmuring, "I didn't say you could move, and since you insist on tasting snow a few times." She doesn't answer Sydnia, yet.

It's a well placed shove... doesn't need to be strong if done right, and Lyren was definately pushd right. He spins, tries to regain his balance.. hops once on his right leg... and the ploooof... he disappears in a cloud of white stuff.

Kell grins briefly and now turns to Sydnia, "Well, I'm not too cold. This is nothing compared to winters in the Borderlands." Then she motions towards the pile of snow Lyren landed in, "But I have a feeling his highness is rather cold now."

Sydnia crosses her arms under her cloak, to keep warm as she giggles at her husband. "Nice one, Kell," she says with amusement, nodding as she smirks.

Lyren sputters as he tries to pull himself free of the confining drift.. he only succeeds in getting even more snow down his shirt.

Kell chuckles and actually nods to Sydnia before moving over to the snow drift and offers her arm to the prince, "Come on, get up. Might as well get you inside and warm."

"And dry," adds Syd pragmatically, still grinning. "You really ought to keep on your guard, love." She shrugs again, trying to keep warm.

One of the Prince's flailing arm's grabs Kell's... and for a moment, only a moment mind you, he considers hauling her down with him. But.. he deserved it, so he contents himself with having her help him up instead. Trying to ignore the snow inside of his clothes, he smiles around chattering teeth.. "Thank.k.k.k y.y.you, Raksha... I am ss.s.s.sorry you had to see that, SYdnia.."

Kell shakes her head and lets go of the prince with her hand, brushing the snow that got on it off, "Where's my knives?"

Lyren's eyes drift back to the snow bank... "Uhmmm.... probably beneath all of that.."

Sydnia rolls her eyes, looking amused at the whole situation even as she huddles in her cloak. "You silly fool. You're just going to have to go look for them now. I doubt she wants to wait until spring."

Kell sighs deeply, "No. I'll look for them. You need to go ahead and get warm inside. Don't want you catching cold, Lyren." She does however chose now to point out a few lessons, "Learn from this. One, don't move unless your instructor says so. Two, always expect the unexpected. And three, if they aren't your knives, don't let go of them." She grumbles, "Those two were my favorite."

Lyren sighs... he really doesn't handle himself well with either of these women.. with both of them around, well.. it's equal parts enjoyment, equal parts frustration. He pulls the tails of his shirt out, and hops a few times, dumping snow out, shivering all the while.. muttering to himself.

Kell bends down and reaches into the snow drift, feeling around with her hands for the knives while she says, "Sorry. I really hadn't even considered throwing you in the snow until you said that." That could be a lie, but who knows. She finds one of the knives and places it back in it's sheath then starts to look for the other, having to get part of her legs in the snow.

Sydnia looks to Kell and shakes her head. "He's not going to catch cold so quickly. He'll help you," she offers.

Lyren runs his hands through his hair to lessen it's whiteness.. then he nods his head. He lost them, it'd be all he could do to help find them. "Yes dear.." he says, then wades into the drift where he fell, searching..

Kell chuckles and shakes her head, continuing her search as she says in another mock, "Yes dear." She seems to enjoy mocking him, "And you don't have to help.

"Perhaps I do not have to help.. but that does not mean I cannot, Raksha.." besides. It's the right thing to do. Finally, though, Lyren finds it.. wincing a little when he draws his hand back. But he's a man.. pain is nothing.. and he reaches down again, more carefully, drawing out the knife. Leaving a small spot of red in the snow.

Kell sighs and stands up upon seeing he found the knife, even if a painful way to find it. She brushes off the snow gathering on her trousers before reaching out for the knife, "Alright. You can go ahead and go inside now. I'll come back tomorrow to give you another lesson, alright?" She doesn't know if she's invited in, so she isn't going to push it.

Sydnia tsks softly. "You might as well come in and have a cup of hot tea to warm up," offers Sydnia. "Lyren, get you inside," she orders.

Lyren hands the knife to Kell, hilt first, nodding.. "You have got to be cold too, Raksha.. Come in and join Sydnia for tea... I will join up with you two after I have changed and dried.." Still his teeth chatter (Just don't want to type stuttering)

Sydnia snags Lyren's shirt neatly, dragging him gently into the house, smiling and shaking her head. "Come along, Kell," she says pleasantly, sounding a bit amused.

Kell follows with a small sigh, sheathing the knife back into it's place, now with all of them in her belt she seems to feel a little safer. She watches as Sydnia drags Lyren along, shaking her head. She does not seem as amused as she murmurs a soft, "Thank you for your generousity, Sydnia, Lyren. But really, I'm not that cold." And she doesn't drink tea, but she refrains from saying that.

Lyren isn't so much being dragged along as following good sense.. "Well.. some mulled ale, at least."

Sydnia smiles amusedly, pulling off her own cloak as she enters the warmth of the house, wrapping it about her husband's shoulders. "Go up and change and we'll meet you in the dining hall," she tells him, then kisses him lightly on the cheek.

Kell chews on her lip uncomfortably, then moves to follow Sydnia, saying nothing.

Kell walks in, fidgiting slightly, brushing off snow and other such things. Even fiddling with her hair a little, then she says softly, "Um. Would you mind if I just had some mulled ale, like Lyren mentioned. I don't really have a taste for tea."

Sydnia motions for a servant as she settles into a chair at a small table by the kitchen. "That's fine," she says pleasantly. "I think I recall you not liking tea."

Kell nods and takes her seat as well, "That is good. I didn't think you would remember." She starts to calm down once she is seated, a little.

Sydnia looks up as her husband enters, smiling slightly as a servant brings out three mugs of mulled ale. "Come join us, love, now that you're dry," she calls, looking back to Kell after a moment.

Kell scratches at her hair and looks as if she's uncomfortable again, but trying to hide it. "Um." She tries to think of something to talk about.

Lyren tilts his head at the door... only damp, now, in dry clothes. He heads for the table.. "Hm.. it is not often I get to see you two in the same room.."

Sydnia glances at her husband warningly, an odd light to her eyes, though she smiles cordially. "That was quick, dear," she says. "You are all dry, aren't you?"

Kell shifts in her chair a little, unable to think of anything to say, but then, hey, she doesn't need to say anything. She's just a servant in the company of Royals. Offically at least.

Lyren nods his head.. "Of course, my dear... for the most part. My hair will dry soon enough." He settles down into a chair beside Sydnia, ignoring the server as his mug is placed down before him..

Sydnia lifts her own mug, cupping it with both hands to warm them. "We simply worry about your getting sick, you know. It just doesn't do to have you sick."

Kell murmurs a soft, "Yeah, how will I ever teach you to defend yourself with a knife if you're so sick you can't move?"

Sydnia looks to Kell thoughtfully. "At some point, it might be useful for you to teach me to use such a knife, for defense."

Lyren darts his eyes between the two.. and considers, for a moment, in responding with a less than favourable remark.. but, well, he's learned to reconsider these days, so instead he says, "I have been cold before... but than you for your concern. Truly, to have people care about me warms me more than this drink..

Kell takes a sip on her ale before responding to Lyren, "I wouldn't know." Then she looks at Sydnia, hearing her request for possible training in knife, then looks a little doubtful for a minute. Very doubtful. Then finally she nods slowly, "I guess I could. Though.." she trails off.

Sydnia tilts her head to one side. "Though what?" she asks curiously. "I've been thrown by a horse before. Getting thrown in the snow is not far from. I will see if I can fit it into my schedule if you will."

Kell finally nods, "I was going to say that I'm not a very good teacher. I'm usually more of a student. Lyren here is the only person I've ever taught anything to." She shrugs her shoulders and takes a drink on the ale.

Lyren smiles slightly.. "You will find Sydnia an equally able student, if not more so, Raksha.. than I. Just try not to get her hurt, please.."

Kell grins briefly and just says, "I'll be as gentle with her as I am with you."

Sydnia glances at Lyren, her look suggesting that although she is not planning on getting hurt, she will take her lumps and nothing he can do will stop her.

Lyren returns Sydnia's meaningful glance with a purely innocent smile. "Perhaps you will prove to have more aptitude than I do, dear.."

Kell sighs distantly and returns to her ale before saying, "Has anyone told you that you two are discustingly sweet to each other? Must be something about Cairhienin marriages."

Sydnia rolls her eyes and sniffs slightly. "He's not altogether sweet at times," she admits teasingly.

Lyren raises his mug to his lips.. a fter he sets it back down, he admits, "Perhaps we are... but yes, there are times, I suppose, that Sydnia feels a good throw in the snowbank is what I need.."

Kell grins and says, "I always prefered throwing you in the river myself." She can't help but laugh softly.

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