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Under-Aged Ogier

Ogier youngsters are often too curious for their own good, and often wish to 'escape' the peace and serenity of the stedding to experience the world at large. Trips to the outside world are possible (though infrequent) if the youngster is in the attendance of elder Ogier who can guide and protect them. Once in a great while, a youngster might petition the elders to make an unescorted trip outside the stedding, but usually their decision is to not allow such a venture. All petitions to the elders should be presented both verbally and in writing, and follow the protocol set for such things.

When a young Ogier leaves the stedding -without- permission, the council of elders should be informed immediately, ideally by the guardians of the youngster. The council of elders should be told of any notes left by the youngster and of any particular longings, dreams and inclinations the youngster might have expressed. Depending upon each individual situation, the elders and/or guardians may decide to send out messages to other stedding or even a party of Ogier to find and bring back the stray youngster.

Usually, the missing youngster is young male Ogier who has felt the need to broaden his knowledge of the outside world. These male Ogier frequently find themselves wedded to a new bride as soon as they are found, to settle them down once and for all. When a young -female- goes missing, it is generally found out that she is in the company of another 'missing' male Ogier, or foul play has been involved in 'removing' her from the stedding. A meeting of the council will -always- occur soon after the youngster returns (or is brought back) to the stedding. Indeed, it may occur at -any- stedding that the youngster may visit if a message regarding his/her absence has been received by that stedding.

In all cases, the elders will ask many questions and review what they can of the following situations before determining how to handle the missing or newly returned problem child.

Some likely questions from the elders might be:

  • What is/was the duration of the youngster's absence?
  • For what reason was the stedding left?
  • For what reason was permission not obtained? OR
  • After permission was denied, why was the council's decision not obeyed?
  • Did good come to the stedding or others due to the youngster's absence?
  • Was any harm caused by it? What repercussions have occurred?

The Elders will make any decisions required based on the answers to the questions they ask. Their word is law in the stedding and can not be ignored. If the youngster is found to have been absent without good reason, most likely the Elders will make sure he/she is watched and too busy with tasks to ever be able to leave again!

Mature Ogier

Though young Ogier, below the age of 100, are not allowed to leave the Stedding, adult Ogier are allowed to leave without so much as a farewell. There is no set law in the Ogier society that one must follow any specific procedure for leaving the stedding. However, as is usually the case with Ogier, there is still usually ceremony involved.

For tradition's sake, even though it is not required, almost all adults do follow the ceremony for leaving. When they intend to leave, the adult Ogier declares his destination, and his expected time of travel. If they are expected to return, they give their expected return date. Usually, both of these are done in public, where all can here them, or before the Council and their family and friends. The Elders almost always give their approval, more out of tradition than anything that may be taking place in the travel.

However, the Elders can reject the proposal for travel. They only do this in the most extreme cases, usually when threat of the Longing will affect travel severely. At this time, the Ogier has to examine his travel, and try again. If the Elders approve, the Ogier may depart at any time.

OOC Travel Policy

Staff will entertain plots that allow Ogier to leave the stedding, so long as the stedding maintains a population where role-play can be sustained even with the absence of others. Those players who wish to take their Ogier outside of the stedding, or role-play running away, should first check with the Area Leader. In most cases, permission will be granted to leave the stedding. The staff understands that players need to get away from their main role-play area for a time, however there will be a limited number of runaway situations that the staff will be willing to deal with. Anyone considering a runaway plot must be willing to suffer any consequences that might stem from such a situation.

There are two ways in which an Ogier can travel outside of the stedding; on foot or through the Ways. OOC, as well as IC, permission must be obtained before using travel within the ways, as an IC Ogier guide must be arrange for in advance; not all Ogier understand the Guidings or know how to read them. Leaving the stedding by foot needs no other approval other than what has been outlined above.

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