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Announcement: We no longer have a host for Cuendillar, but I am leaving the webpage and the links up for reference for players and/or visitors. I enjoyed nearly a decade of play on the game and am so grateful for the many stories we got to tell together. (Updated 11/22/21)

Game Information

Cuendillar MUSH is a science-fiction/fantasy game based loosely on Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series. In book two, The Great Hunt, and in Robert Jordan's The World of the Wheel of Time, there are objects called Portal Stones that allow travel into differing dimensions, times, and even planets.

Cuendillar is one of those dimensional worlds, with its own unique story and histories. Because of this, you may see plotlines that resemble those in the books, but you will not see characters from the books ever played here; with the exception of Forsaken, who will be used for various plotting elements.

If you are familiar with the storyline, you will note that the various timeline aspects of our game do not follow the books, and in fact we've had several deviant plots. Included in this set of pages are various bits and pieces of information which you should find helpful in getting to know the game and what we're all about - as well as finding a place to settle down.

Cuendillar MUSH is operated with the permission of Robert Jordan.

All players should read: A Letter from Robert Jordan

Thematic Information About the Game Character Generation Player Resources Staff Resources
Story Arch Suggestions Andor Introduction Character Pages Secure Groups
Cairhien Begin at the Beginning Wiki Editing Basics Staff Pages
Children of the Light Age Factors TinyPlot Brainstorming Staff Priority List
The Ogier Cultural Background Information Role-Play Logs Templates
Tar Valon Classes of Society Player/Staff Meeting Logs Player Plots
White Tower The Basics of Statistics Organizations Staff Plots
Timeline of Events Attributes Public Domain Art Staff Resources
Noble Houses Assets and Flaws Player Artwork
Skills Gaming Clients
Character Approvals
Restricted Characters
The One Power

Current Events

Andor is presently involved in a War of Succession. For more information on the plot, please click on the following link: Andoran War of Succession.

Getting started

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