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Ogier Views on Andor

The Ogier view those residents of Andor to be a very modest grouping. They remember the times when parts of Andor used to be part of Manetheren and how bravely they fought during times of war. Ogier are very respectful of Andoran commoners, and of course those of the upper classes. They visit Caemlyn from time to time to work on stonemasonry, and for various trade agreements. They travel so rarely outside of Caemlyn that some people in more distant villages believe they don't exist outside of stories.

Dealing with Andorans

The Ogier are on good terms with Andorans, so they always treat them with the utmost respect. They are formal whenever visiting with nobility, and very seldom move out of the intricacies that etiquette dictates. An Ogier delegation might be sent to Andor from time to time to discuss various repairs that may be needed around the city, or certain domestic needs that might be needed within the Stedding. Trade agreements are often made between the Ogier and the Andoran nobility, items in exchange for guidings through the Ways or passage through the Stedding, or for Ogier made items that may be otherwise hard to find. Andoran delegations are always happily received within the Stedding; and as with other visitors, expected to follow the agreement of the Pact. The Ogier are not above putting even nobility out of their Stedding should the rules of etiquette not be followed.

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