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Views on Darkfriends

The Ogier have never been capable of joining with the Great Lord of the Dark in his cause, preferring their peace and tranquility to his war and destruction. The Ogier are vastly opposed to everything the Dark represents. Power, greed, immortality are not things the Ogier seek. Power and greed have no meaning within their lives, and they are practically immortal already having lived longer life spans than most humans. The Ogier have already witnessed more events than they care to see, to want to live longer through war and destruction. During the Trolloc Wars, Ogier served as warriors to push back those forces of the Dark. Today, they would take up the same battle if only asked.

Dealing with Darkfriends

Whenever the Ogier comes into contact with a known Darkfriend outside of the Stedding, they would do everything in their power to contain them in some fashion, until they could be turned over to the proper authorities; not taking the law into their own hands. Should the Ogier find a Darkfriend within their own Stedding, a meeting of the Stump is held to discuss the Darkfriend´s fate. Several things could occur should the Darkfriend have a solid case against them:

  1. The Darkfriend is branded upon the cheek with the Dragon´s fang and then released into the world to show all what they are.
  2. The Darkfriend is imprisoned within the Stedding and watched, to make certain they do no harm to any others.
  3. The Darkfriend is turned over to the closest local authorities, for that nation to deal with the "problem".
  4. The Darkfriend, if known to be guilty of crimes within the Stedding, could be hung judiciously for crimes committed. The hanging would take place outside of the Stedding limits, in accordance with the Pact that none are harmed while within the Stedding itself.
  5. The Darkfriend is put to trial before the Council of the Stump. Such a trial has been known to be one of the hastiest events recorded within Ogier history. An appointed Speaker represents the "accused" Darkfriend (for no Ogier would stand for a Darkfriend on their own). The decision of the trial is the final outcome of the Darkfriend´s fate.
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