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Views on the Mercenaries

The Ogier find the goals and actions of mercenary warriors a bit mystifying. While they can understand fighting for a just cause, the idea of fighting not for your own beliefs but for money is a concept foreign to the Ogier. They consider the mercenaries to be a rather hasty group of humans that gain their living from war and destruction; ideals that tend to confuse the peaceful Ogier. Yet, this does not stop the Ogier from being curious and wanting to learn more about this strange group of humans. From time to time, an Ogier or two has petitioned the Stump to visit one of the established groups. Thus far, the request has been denied; the Elders preferring not to start trouble with the hired warriors by getting in the way of whatever goals they’ve set for themselves. This does not mean that the Ogier will not want to learn more eventually, however.

Dealing with the Mercenaries

The Ogier are a very respectful group of beings, and thus grant the same respect and privileges to any mercenary that visits the Stedding as they do any other guest they receive. Depending on the amount of armed warriors within the group, the Ogier may request that several remain outside of the Stedding, along with the weapons of any of those that wish to remain inside the Stedding as guests. This is merely because the Ogier wish to prevent any violent acts within the Stedding before they occur. Any visiting mercenaries will be expected to abide by the Pact and any other conduct based customs within the Stedding. Breaking such customs are cause for dismissal from the Stedding, and perhaps banning. If the customs are violated repeatedly, a general warning will be issued to other Stedding against the offending group. If asked, the Council of Elders would accept a delegation of mercenaries to consider relations between the organization and their own area.

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