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The Quickness Statistic

Your Quickness Stat relates to both your speed of locomotion and your reflexes and reaction time. Your Quickness indicates your speed when walking, running, swimming, etc. It also influences how quickly you can react to catch a thrown ball or dodge out of the way of a falling rock. Quickness is used in several ways in combat - it determines who has the first action, how often you can fire a missile weapon, and affects your ability to avoid attacks aimed at you. The short form for Quickness is QUI.

+5   You could pluck a speeding arrow out of the air.
+4   You can set records in short distance runs.
+3   You could easily learn to juggle six or eight items with aplomb.
+2   Your hand truly is faster than the eye.
+1   You get impatient waiting for others to catch up with you when you go for a walk.
 0   You move at average speed for a human.
-1   You'd make a pretty bad tennis player, you're often a few seconds too late to hit the ball.
-2   You have trouble keeping up with others during a stroll down the street.
-3   If someone waves to you while walking down the street they'll be a half a block away before you manage to wave back.
-4   Your reaction time is lethargic - molasses moves faster than you do.
-5   A snail could beat you in a race.
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