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How to Post a Log

This is the place where players can share role-playing logs with one another. To add a log, click on the 'edit' button above, and add the example of the link below. Save the page, and then click on the red link. Add your log text there, and save the document. Please make certain to add the logs in the following format:

[[LOG: Name of Log]]

Do this under the a Month, Year heading so we know what time of the year the log occurred in. IE:

== March 2008 ==

To create a line return between each link, type <BR> by each of the links created. For example:

[[LOG: Name of Log]]<BR>
[[LOG: Name of Log2]]<BR>

The final product should look something like this.

March 2008

LOG: Name of Log
LOG: Name of Log2

If there is already a date/month heading, just click on the edit button for that heading, and then create a new link for your log and add the text there. You don't have to edit the whole page, you can edit just headings. Now, go out there and post your logs!!

December 1997

LOG: A Spar in the Practice Yard

January 1998

LOG: Nobles Socialize

February 1998

LOG: The Last Stop
LOG: Lessons with George the Plant
LOG: Something about Cairhien

March 1998

LOG: The Ethics of the One Power
LOG: A Sharp Lesson
LOG: Mud Races: Feast of Lights

April 1998

LOG: A Noble Meets his Brothers
LOG: Dance of the Swordsman

May 1998

LOG: A Capture and a Rescue
LOG: House Bartawin Hosts a Masquerade
LOG: A Challenge
LOG: The Duel

June 1998

LOG: Coronation of a Queen
LOG: Coronation Illumination
LOG: Council Meeting

August 1998

LOG: Kindred Spirits
LOG: A Trip to the CoL Camp
LOG: A Meeting with the CoL, Take 2
LOG: Queen's Birthday Celebration
LOG: Royal Romance

October 1998

LOG: All in the Family
LOG: Vanishing Hope
LOG: Royal Wedding or Royal Pain?
LOG: Snow and a Royal's Lesson
LOG: Ideal Serving Girl. Not
LOG: Just a Joke Really.
LOG: A Queen and A Green: Trouble a Brewing

January 1999

LOG: Aes Sedai in Cairhien

May 1999

LOG: Explosive Showdown

June 1999

LOG: Fiery Revenge
LOG: First Meeting
LOG: A Luncheon

November 1999

LOG: Forwil and the Horse

December 1999

LOG: A Feast of Fools

January 2000

Cairhien Logs

LOG: In the Gardens

February 2000

Cairhien Logs

LOG: Failed Assassination

March 2000

Cairhien Logs

LOG: After the Assassination Attempt
LOG: Session of the High Court

April 2000

Cairhien Logs

LOG: Jerlon and Serenia
LOG: Dinner at the Silver Star Inn
LOG: Jerlon Searches for his Wife
LOG: Cairhien Receives the Savior's Ambassador
LOG: The Queen's Dinner Interrupted

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: Zannick Returns to the Tower
LOG: Zannick Looks for Kelsyn Gaidin

White Tower Logs

LOG: Zannick Returns to the Tower
LOG: Zannick Looks for Kelsyn Gaidin
LOG: Zannick meets an Accepted
LOG: Fencing Practice
LOG: An Accepted Pulled From the Water
LOG: A Day at the Flaming Arrow

May 2000

Cairhien Logs

LOG: House Demmar visits House Hagon

June 2000

White Tower Logs

LOG: A Child Delivered to the Tower

July 2000

Cairhien Logs

LOG: Savior Ambassadors

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: A Body at the Inn
LOG: A Delegation from Lorndale
LOG: City Council Meeting

August 2000

Cairhien Logs

LOG: Negotiations

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: Supplies for Lorndale
LOG: Supplies Arrive in Lorndale

October 2000

Cairhien Logs

LOG: Briana visits the Queen
LOG: First Battle with Savior
LOG: Reinforcements from Andor
LOG: Discussions amongst Sedai

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: Shallenne and Zedrum are Married
LOG: Gaeter looks for his wife

White Tower Logs

LOG: Meeko Visits the Tower
LOG: Meeko befriends a Novice
LOG: Discussions amongst Sedai
LOG: Discussing Novice Life

November 2000

Cairhien Logs

LOG: The search for a Kidnapper
LOG: A Chancellor is Named

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: A Body Near the Docks
LOG: A Riot in the City
LOG: A Thief

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: Darial and Angharad Annoying Each Other
LOG: A Bad Day Gets Worse
LOG: Angharad's Temper
LOG: Newly Raised Sisters and the Shadow
LOG: Black in the Amyrlyn's Stole?
LOG: A Body Near the Docks
LOG: Fate of the Missing Novice
LOG: Reiyona and Saevyna Find Time
LOG: A Surge of the Power
LOG: A Rather Macabre Scene
LOG: Sari's First Lesson

December 2000

Cairhien Logs

LOG: The Missing Princess
LOG: A Clue?

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: Meeko Accused of being a Darkfriend
LOG: Arrest of the Accuser
LOG: Meeko visits the Attacker
LOG: Meeko Answers Questions About her Attacker
LOG: Keats Visits Kirill
LOG: Tattoo Removal?
LOG: Discussion of the Trial
LOG: Kirill's Trial
LOG: A Meeting After the Trial

White Tower Logs

LOG: Angharad's Dreams
LOG: Sionil Offers Rheana a Lesson
LOG: A Lunar Eclipse
LOG: Sibling Bonds

January 2001

Cairhien Logs

LOG: Mystery of the Black Army Unfolds
LOG: Lady Gaylwin and Prince Lyren Meet
LOG: House Rhinorth Gossip and New Cousins

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: Warder Assault at Paulo's Shop
LOG: Drugged Chocolate
LOG: Dinner with Aes Sedai
LOG: An odd Proposal
LOG: Janese gets a Headache
LOG: Faleen runs for High Ambassador
LOG: Competitors Meeting
LOG: Hell Hath No Fury

May 2001

White Tower Logs

LOG: Aravin's Gentling

July 2002

White Tower Logs

LOG: Meeting of the Hall - Discussion on Raemira and Questioning Neri
LOG: Meeting of the Hall - Missive from Cairhein

October 2006

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: The Two Whites

December 2006

Caemlyn Logs

LOG: Chase Gaidin Banished from Andor

March 2007

LOG: An Aes Sedai in Need, Friend Indeed
LOG: Shaoman Surprise

April 2007

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: 1015 Tournament of Blades - Warning: Very Long.

May 2008

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: Termiane Faces Fayte and Kalver

June 2008

Field Trip Logs

LOG: A Matter of Promises
LOG: Babysitting
LOG: Lessons by the River
LOG: Lemon Cakes and Bambi Steaks
LOG: Holding Onto the Power
LOG: Daes Dae'mar - A Dubious Assignment
LOG: Daes Dae'mar - The Paranoia Express

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: Tournament of Trainees

November 2008

White Tower Logs

LOG: A Unique Library Experience
LOG: Digging the Hole Deeper
LOG: What's Wrong With my Clothes?
LOG: Not the Infirmary Again!
LOG: What every Woman Should Know
LOG: And This is a Bad Thing How?
LOG: Seemingly Harmless

Caemlyn Logs

LOG: An Encounter on the Road

December 2008

White Tower Logs

LOG: Food Harrassment, Part One
LOG: I'm Late! I'm Late!
LOG: Free Time
LOG:A Mid-Afternoon Snack

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: WHO is back in Tar Valon??
LOG: You say Hello, I say Good-bye
LOG: A Late Night Meeting
LOG: A Proposal Made and Rejected
LOG: Of Dogs and Gaidin...
LOG: I'b Nod Sig!
LOG: I'b Nod Sig: Part Deux
LOG: A Dirty Job...
LOG: Stubborn Mother Hens

July 2009

White Tower Logs

LOG: The Buck Stops Here
LOG: Of_Wool-Headed Students
LOG: Lessons And Arrivals
LOG: Puppy Love
LOG: Wolves In The Night
LOG: Ritual Me This
LOG: Air's Sirdye??
LOG: Store's Closed, Come Back Tomorrow!
LOG: Shadowspawn Attack in Kandor

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: First Meetings

August 2009

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: Disturbance Outside the Flaming Arrow

February 2010

White Tower Logs

LOG: Better Lathe Than Never
LOG: Is She Troll(oc)ing Us?
LOG: Fool's Hardy

March 2010

Cairhien Logs

LOG: The Battle at Piper's Glen

White Tower Logs

LOG: A Pinch of Salt

May 2010

Tar Valon Logs

LOG: Relationships for Statuettes

May 2011

Caemlyn Logs

LOG: Common Banter
LOG: A Trial

Very Unofficial Combat System

A player-created system for making combat a bit more varied and strategic:

SYSTEM: Termiane's Combat System

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