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Associated Statistic: Reason

Your level in this Skill reflects your character's understanding of esoteric matters that are not common knowledge. This includes identifying rare and unusual objects (lightsticks, cuendillar, etc.), detailed knowledge of ancient history and historical figures, including the Age of Legends, the Forsaken and legendary Dark creatures, detailed understanding of how the Pattern works, ta'veren, etc.

Esoteric Lore also includes theoretical knowledge of the One Power and Channeling that a non-Channeling character might know. For example, a Warder may learn a little bit about the One Power through his association with an Aes Sedai, and know that too much Channeling will exhaust her. Characters from the novels that display this type of knowledge include Loial, Moiraine and Verin.

The following is a guideline to what your character might know at each skill level. See Skill Charts for info on using these charts in role-play.

  1. You've heard that Heartstone comes from the Age of Legends, and know it is the same thing as Cuendillar.
  2. You know that Fades, Trollocs and other Shadowspawn exist.
  3. You know the legends of the Horn of Valere intimately. You can identify Heartstone when you come across it. You have a general idea of what ter'angreal are.
  4. You understand the implications of Ta'veren to the Tapestry. You've heard of Portal Stones and might recognize one.
  5. You know half of the obscure truths of the history of the Age of Legends, and are familiar with the Prophecies of the Dragon.
  6. You know the Forsaken/Chosen *do* exist and a little bit about them. If you're not a channeler or bonded to one, you might be aware of the finer points of channeling and the effect of a bond between warder and channeler at this level.
  7. If a non-channeler, you understand that there are five Elements to channeling. You know 3/4 of the obscure truths of the history of the Age of Legends. You have some knowledge of unusual abilities like Dreaming and Sniffing.
  8. If a non-channeler, you might know that channelers need to see their weaves. You know that there are mirror worlds to our own which were once accessed through Portal Stones.
  9. You know nearly all obscure truths of the history of the Age of Legends, have heard of many types of unusual abilities that people have such as being Viewers or Wolfbrothers and know the difference between angreal, ter'angreal and sa'angreal even if you aren't a channeler.
  10. There is very little that you don't know about the Age of Legends, the prophecies of the world, the One Power, esoteric Lore of the Dark and unusual objects such as ter'angreal or Age of Legends relics.
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