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Associated Statistic: Perception

Your Victualling level is a measurement of your knowledge of food and beverage storage, preparation and serving/presentation. Almost everyone can cook a basic meal, but those with this skill have more advanced knowledge. Victuallers usually specialize in one or two areas, but may have knowledge of more at higher skill levels. Fields covered by this skill include: cooking, cheese making, baking, brewing, wine making, liquor making, innkeeping, making of preserves, confection making, salting fish and meat, butchering animals, milling grain, etc.

The following is a guideline to what your character might know at each skill level. See Skill Charts for info on using these charts in role-play.

  1. You can cook basic meals like stew and soup with ease.
  2. You know how to prepare common meats and vegetables so they are tasty and cooked correctly. You can use common seasonings to enhance your meals successfully much of the time. You can bake bread and similar simple items.
  3. You are familiar with the basic food storage techniques of salting meats, making jams, and drying or pickling fruits and vegetables.
  4. You know recipes for all the meals eaten by the common and middle classes of your region, including more complex baked items like pie crust. You're familiar with all local spices and their correct use.
  5. You are knowledgeable with all local ingredients and spices and can prepare them in meals enjoyable to refined upperclass palates.
  6. Your recipe repetoire now includes a few foreign dishes and you're gaining some knowledge of foreign ingredients and spices.
  7. You can prepare most dishes from the four countries nearest yours fit for commoner or upperclass tastes, and grow increasingly familiar with foreign ingredients and spices.
  8. You know most of the recipes in your half of the world. If you experiment with creating your own dishes, they are successful most of the time.
  9. You could take on the position of head chef in the White Tower with ease, confident that you could cook any of the dishes requested from the wide variety of ethnicities and social classes there.
  10. You can read a one-line description of a meal in a story written 500 years ago and set in a forgotten nation and cook it correctly.
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