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Associated Statistic: Dexterity

Your Woodworking Skill relates to any task that involves working with wood, which is used in many ways. Areas studied by the woodworker might include harvesting and finishing wood, selecting and shaping woods, and finishing wooden goods. The professions that might use this skill include: bowyer, fletcher, shipbuilder, wagon wright, wheelwright, carpenter, cooper, cabinetmaker, musical instrument maker, woodcutter, and charcoaler. Not every woodworker will have knowledge of all areas of the craft - each specializes in particular fields or types of works using wood.

The following is a guideline to what your character might know at each skill level. See Skill Charts for info on using these charts in role-play.

  1. You are familiar with the woods common to your region and the basic tools of the trade. You can use them to perform simple household repairs.
  2. You know the best type of wood to use for particular products (housing, furniture, shipbuilding, instruments, etc.) You can make simple pieces like bookshelves and are familiar with simple finishes (paint, varnish).
  3. You've developed one field of woodworking to the level of apprenticeship (fields include shipbuilding, instrument making, wagon/wheelwright, cabinetmaker, bowyer, etc.)
  4. Your knowledge of woods, finishes and woodworking techniques in your chosen field is increasing.
  5. Now at journeyman level, you could earn a living in your primary field and could choose to pick up a secondary field for a hobby or to supplement your income.
  6. You could successfully own your own business producing goods in your primary field.
  7. You are considered a master crafter in your primary field and could function at journeyman level in your secondary field. You could begin to pick up a third field if you wanted.
  8. The quality of your woodworking products is attracting the attention of the nobility in your region. You are familiar with just about every wood, finish and wordworking technique in your primary and secondary fields.
  9. Word of your skill is spreading and you may receive commissions from foreign nobility and rulers.
  10. You know just about everything there is to know about wood and how to use it to create beautiful and functional objects in all three of your fields.
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