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The Stedding are very unique and very unusual, in their own way. This is because of the various mystical properties that are associated with such areas. No one knows for certain how the Stedding receive their unique 'abilities', not even the Ogier. There is some speculation that the Stedding are not natural, however most Ogier scoff at the thought.

The first, and perhaps most obvious, thing about the Stedding is the chilling effect one receives when they first pass through the 'veil' or 'curtain' that signifies the boundary of the Stedding. The next thing of note would be the sensation that one was completely refreshed, as if they just woke up from a restful sleep. The last impression left is an overall sense of peace, mixed with an underlying joy of life. Unfortunately, for a few, the effects may not be so pleasant.

While the Stedding are peaceful and relaxing to most, Channelers are quite uncomfortable while within one, most preferring to conduct business on the outskirts of the area.. This is because all Channelers lose the ability to channel, much less sense the source, while within the Stedding. It is sometimes said that if a Channeler remains in a Stedding for too long that she might start to go mad from the loss of the source. On the flip side, channeling from the outside of the Stedding to effect anything inside does not work. No one is certain how this natural, or not so natural, shield works. It is said that even after some extensive study that the Aes Sedai are still perplexed by it.

Channelers are uncomfortable to go inside, then it would be best to say that the creatures of the Dark, and Darkfriends too far along in the Dark One's clutches, are loath to go within the Stedding. This appears to be a natural protection for those that reside within the Stedding or those with the knowledge of this particular property, and need the protection the Stedding can offer against creatures of the Dark. If Dark creatures are to go into the Stedding, they must be driven by force and carefully monitored; otherwise they will run back out and move as far away from the Stedding as possible. As with the 'proof against channeling', this too appears to be a great mystery, though not one that many care to investigate, given the advantages over the Dark it creates.

The last property of the Stedding really is not one at all; however, because of its nature to the Ogier and their link to the Stedding, it is mentioned here. That property is the Longing. Ever since the events of the Breaking, leading to the Exile, the Ogier acquired a defect - they are dependent on the stedding. Any Ogier that ventures out of the Stedding for too long suffers from the effects of the Longing, sometimes leaving an Ogier crippled, most times leaving an Ogier bereft of life. The few who survived over ten years and returned to the Stedding became invalid, needing constant care, or they died soon afterward.

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