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This page is where players of Cuendillar can make suggestions on what thematic elements and story arch elements they would like to see from the books. You should give each new section a header, using === Header === (IE: === Crossing of the Dragonwall ===). You should also use bullet points under each heading. You can create a bullet point by using an asteric and text after the asteric. (IE: * This is the suggestion that I want to make, and here is why. - Nynaeve). The information them shows up like below.

Example Entry

  • This is the suggestion that I want to make, and here is why. - Nynaeve


Opposing Factions

Aiel have proven to be a powerful force in the Wheel of Time world. Their spears are reknowned and their ways of war are the stuff of legends. But legend fades to myth... Would the realm really be ready if the clans crossed the Dragonwall once more?

Interaction between them and the rest of the world could be interesting.


Everything about their culture stirs animosity among all the other nations of the world. From their need to conquest and their use of damane to the strange and exotic beasts they bring with them; The Return could be imminent. Even if it wasn't, what if it started with but a few small ships? How much trouble could that really bring- and what sort of time for preparation might that leave the nations of Randland?

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