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The Strength Statistic

The Strength Statistic represents your character's muscular power and strength. It indicates the amount of weight you could push, pull, lift, bench-press, etc. Your Strength figure affects the amount of damage you do with a weapon in combat. The short form for Strength is STR.

+5   You could beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in a wrestling match.
+4   If you arm wrestle the average blacksmith, you'll win.
+3   You can beat down a locked door.
+2   You can haul about heavy sacks without much effort
+1   You are stronger than average, you could easily work at hard labor.
 0   Your strength is average for a human.
-1   You are weaker than average, hard labor would be tough for you.
-2   You could lift and carry two full buckets of water, but not much more.
-3   You can barely manage to lift a toddler.
-4   You couldn't carry a medium-size book for any length of time.
-5   Your muscles are underdeveloped and wasted, you can only lift very small and light objects.
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