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Leadership Information

High Ambassador: Rhelora Meldra
Ambassadors: Gaetlan Chinosh, Kalech and Monieva Tellerien
Symbol: White Flame
Villages: Luagde, Daghain, Osenrein, Darein, Jualdhe, Alindaer

General Overview

Built on an island in the middle of the Erinin river to the northeast, the city-state of Tar Valon is home to the White Tower, where Aes Sedai receive training. Tar Valon was the first city rebuilt by Ogier stonemasons after the Breaking of the World many centuries ago, and is a place of beauty. Its traditions and sovereignity have continued unbroken since 98 AB, for roughly 3000 years.

On the MUSH, the Amyrlin Seat is the titular ruler of Tar Valon. An elected High Ambassador governs the city on a day to day basis.

Travellers are a common sight in the city. Some come in through one of the six major roads that pass through Tar Valon, others voyage here to seek the aid and counsel of the Aes Sedai, and yet others have come to train at the Tower. Some stay, and because citizens come from varied cultural backgrounds, the city has no native culture of its own, but is a melting pot of many cultures.

Tar Valon is tolerant, not only of cultural variations, but of the use of the Power. Although not all of its citizens feel comfortable with the presence of the Aes Sedai, all have little choice but to accept them.

Few dare to speak out against the Tower or the Aes Sedai, not necessarily for fear of the Tower, but for fear of the reaction of the city's citizens. Many of the locals are staunchly pro-Tower, and have been known to react vocally, occasionally violently, to those who publicly disparage the Tower.

The six towns at the foot of the bridges into the city grow and supply Tar Valon with food, though the city must trade for virtually all other raw materials. Trade is also important to the merchants who cater to citizens' varied tastes. There is very little crime in Tar Valon, because of fear of Aes Sedai punishment, said to be frightening and severe.

Tar Valon Guard

The Tar Valon Guard maintains order within the city and its surrounding areas. They are in charge of making sure each gate and each dock is well guarded, and that the traffic flow to and from the city is controlled smoothly. The Tar Valon Guard has a responsibility to protect the citizens of the city and its surrounding areas, and even has its own mounted cavalry to patrol the outlaying borders.

Tar Valon City Council

The Tar Valon City Council is the major governing body of the city, freeing the Amyrlin to work on more important worldly matters within the White Tower. Major decisions affecting the city are decided by the ruling body of the City Council. The members of the City Council meet and convene regularly to discuss topics and issues the affect the general populace of Tar Valon.

Tar Valon Laws

All citizens are expected to be aware of the laws governing the city. Guests and visitors of the city are given some lienency, though ignorance of the laws is not a defense that will be taken kindly within Tar Valoner courts. Those people entering the city and the territories surrounding the city are expected to follow the same laws governing social and criminal conduct within the city of Tar Valon.

The Tar Valon Merchants' Guild

The Tar Valon Merchants' Guild is an integral part of the Tar Valon social and political structure. They are the people who regulate trade and commerce within the city, and they hold some heady influence within the Tar Valon City Council - at least ideally speaking. They are the econimic movers and shakers.

Tar Valon Merchant Shops

A list of shops that can be found within the city of Tar Valon, and their various owners.

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