The Pact

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The Pact is an ancient, or semi-ancient, agreement that the Ogier made during the time of the Covenant of the Ten Nations. The Pact is an agreement making the Ogier Stedding neutral grounds, much like the Oath that holds along the mountain range of Rhuidien, Chaendaer, in the Aiel Waste. The Pact holds that there is no fighting while within the Stedding and consequently no blood shed. Anyone who violates the Pact agreement may find themselves asked to leave the Stedding. Leniency is granted to first time offenders who have yet to learn of the Pact. While Ogier do allow visitors to carry weapons within the Stedding, it is generally frowned upon. Large armies are not allowed to pass through occupied areas unless an agreement is made with the Elders during times of war. The peace of the Stedding must not be disturbed, nor Ogier lives disrupted.

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