The Stump

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The Stump

Ogier ranking structure is quite different from that of most human nations. Rather than a single ruler, the stedding has a group of Ogier Elders that convene public meetings within the stedding. This group is called the Council of Elders or the Stump, and is the governing body of Ogier society. The members of the Stump are usually the seven oldest and most respected Ogier in that stedding. Positions in Ogier government maybe held by males or females, but on average there tend to be more females in the Stump. Ogier society is fairly egalitarian, but does have strongmatriarchal elements.


The Eldest is the head of each Stedding. They fill the same position as the ruler of any nation and are given respect as such. The Ogier holding the title Eldest is most often the Eldest member of the Council, unless otherwise appointed. They are the speaker of the Council and the Stump, passing final decisions as law of the Stedding once a decision is made. They preside over both closed and public meetings of the Stump, listening to cases brought to them by the Speakers.

First Elder

The First Elder is second Eldest of each Stedding. Ranked just below the Eldest, they are second in command when the Eldest is away on important business or too ill to attend to Stedding matters. The First Elder is often times sent as a dignitary to the other Stedding, meeting with the Elders to discuss matters of trade or other important issues.


The Elders are the other members of the Council of Elders, ranked just below First Elder. Outside the group, each Elder is held in equal standing amongst the Ogier. Inside the group, the particular ranking is dependant upon age, accomplishments, successes and failures on various projects. The Elders are comprised of the oldest Ogier within the Stedding.

The Speakers

As each society has a governing body, each society also has a body of the populace that speaks for them over grievances or other matters. These people are generally referred to as representatives; however in the Ogier society they are referred to as Speakers. In the books Speakers are any Ogier asked by someone to represent them in a situation; however, on Cuendillar the Speakers will be a designated group of Ogier that may be used to represent others. As with the Council of Elders, there is a ranking system amongst the Speakers.

First Speaker

The First Speaker is highest ranking Ogier among the Speakers. They are ranked just below the Elders, and used most often to represent other Elders. The First Speaker is the most respected of the Speakers, most often deferred to should more than one Speaker be working on the same case.


The other Speakers are generally just referred to as Speakers. They are ranked just below the First Speaker. Outside the group, each Speaker is held in equal standing amongst the Ogier. Inside the group, particular ranking is dependant upon age, failures and accomplishments amongst comrades. Ogier within this group may range from any age. Ogier are usually apprenticed to the Speakers at an early age, and are often used as dignitaries or aides when visiting other Stedding.

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