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A Timeline of Notable Events in the Cuendillar World

There have been three calendar systems since the Breaking of the World:

The Toman Calendar

The Toman Calendar was used from a period after the Breaking until after the Trolloc Wars. It dated years AB (After Breaking). Year 0 AB is equivalent to year -2443 NE. (Approximately 3540 years ago.)

The Gazaran Calendar

The Gazaran Calendar was used from after the Trolloc Wars until after the War of the Hundred Years, and dated years FY (Free Year). Year 0 FY is equivalent to year -433 NE. (Approximately 1430 years ago.)

The Farede Calendar

The Farede Calendar is the system currently in use. Year 1 NE (New Era) began after the end of the War of the Hundred Years, in 1135 FY. Type '+date' to see the current year. See 'theme calendar' for a list of the months.

The New Era

A New Era date is given for all events in the timeline.
Events marked c. are approximated, but should be no more than 50 years off.
Italicized and bold events marked are occurrences in the books, everything else is unique to Cuendillar's world.

1022 NE

16 Saban: Serving maid Rhelora Meldre is elected to replace Chaeniel Daecyn as the High Ambassador of Tar Valon.

1021 NE

1020 NE

1019 NE

1018 NE

1017 NE

1016 NE

1015 NE

1014 NE

1013 NE

3 Taisham: Along the entire Blightborder, raids cease and the Blight goes silent.
6 Taisham: A thief is caught after having stolen the Crown jewels of Cairhien.
7 Taisham: The Hunt for the Horn of Valere is called in Illian for the first time in over 400 years.
Late Jumara: Dragonmount erupts without warning, causing immense destruction all the way up to the bridges of Tar Valon.
18 Aine: The quiet in the Blight ends as all four borderland nations are attacked by shadowspawn.
26 Adar: Shadowspawn attack Tar Valon, apparently arriving through the Ogier grove.

1012 NE

20 Taisham: The people of Cairhien elect Zakhar Pelarwen to be their new King. This is the first time Cairhien has ever had an elected king rather than one chosen by the Council of Nobles.
Danu: Trolloc raids across the borderlands reach a rate of nearly one attack per day.

1011 NE

25 Taisham: Lyren Tiigril is crowned King of Cairhien after approval by the noble council. Disappointed and angry over the lack of pomp associated with the coronation, the citizens of Cairhien begin to riot.
10 Aine: The missing gold from the Tar Valon bank robbery is recovered by the Tar Valon guards with the assistance of the White Tower.
22 Amadaine 1011 Hurricanes plague the coast of Altara, Tear and Mayene! They do massive amounts of destructive damage, and the death toll is a world high. No one is certain where the massive hurricanes are coming from, as it is the worst season these three nations have seen in ages.
20 Shaldine: King Lyren of Cairhien is removed from the throne and imprisoned when the rioters seize control of the palace.

1010 NE

19 Saban: Odd green crystals appear randomly across the known world. Each seems to affect channeling in a different way.
3 Aine: Eiliean Samelson, renown philosopher, dies in Cairhien.
Adar: Amadician spring crops are destroyed by a plague of locusts. Starvation sets in leading to open revolt. Many people are slaughtered by the Children of the Light in the process of attempting to restore order to the country.
11 Saven: Male Channeler Morgan Ishae is brought to the tower from Saldaea and gentled after confessing that he is a male channeler.
15 Amadaine: War is openly declared between Arad Doman and Tarabon. The sons of the two royal families are ordered home by the two rulers. Aes Sedai advisors to the two thrones are ignored in what advice they give.
Meat suddenly becomes scarce in Cairhien when hunters discover that there is no game to be found in the nearby forests. The Children of the Light begin providing supplies to the populace by purchasing from merchant trains and giving the food to the people in order to gain support among the commoners.
23 Maigdhal: During an Illuminator display, the main bank in Tar Valon is robbed. Several fires are lit and 4 guardsmen are killed trying to prevent the escape of the robbers.
5 Nesan: Princess Nessa leaves the White Tower to return to Cairhien.
4 Danu: Princess Nessa of Cairhien is burned to death in her chambers in the Sun Palace.

1009 NE

Choren: Princess Nessa su Tiigril goes to study at the White Tower.

1008 NE

Maigdhal: Xereille Vi'artha dies in her room while serving as Keeper of the Chronicles.
Shaldine: Military patrols are increased along both the Tarabon and the Domani borders.
12 Shaldine: Calliste Onoilla is chosen to replace Xereille as Keeper of the Chronicles.

1007 NE

Winter: A great plague strikes Caemlyn.
22 Adar: Flash floods cause serious damage in Saldaea and Arad Doman.
4 Amadaine: Shadowspawn attack the city of Caemlyn in Andor targeting the Royal family. The city gates are closed for 6 days. Meanwhile the guards search for the Wisdom, Mother Ereleuva, and Irinya Choswen is missing. She returns safely shortly after the gates are re-opened.

1006 NE

1 Adar: Ewin Delaseur is tried and convicted as a male channeler. He is gentled.
3 Amadaine: Raemira Birnoas retires from the Amyrlin Seat.
3 Amadaine: Locusts overrun the spring fields of Ghealdan, causing mass starvation in the area. Prices are rising, and riots are breaking out among the people.
20 Tammaz: Hannah Demanne of the Blue Ajah is raised to the Amyrlin Seat. Xereille Vi'artha is raised to Keeper of the Chronicles and Lynna Shandra is re-instated as the Mistress of Novices.
The plague that has been ravaging Amadicia and Ghealdan comes to an end through close work between the royal families and doctors of both nations.
Saban: King Ryndale of Tarabon forms an alliance with the Children of the Light.

1005 NE

The Amyrlin, Raemira Birnoas, disappears for a time and is later recovered by a group of Aes Sedai lead by Xereille Vi'artha and Valencia Demmar.
Ewin Delaseur attempts to seize the throne from Regent Thad Hargraves and the Tiigril family on whose behalf he reigns. He is taken to the White Tower to stand trial as a male channeler.
Gold is discovered in the Jangai Pass. People rush to this area near Stedding Tsofu. The mines are later blown up using Illuminator's fireworks.
Mid-year: A sudden gathering of Shadowspawn masses in the Northern Plain of Lances. A successful-counterstroke is mounted by joint Saldaean and Kandori forces after which the Blight lapses into another unusual quiet. Lord Jander Gwalerith is among the slain and after the battle one of his liegemen is forced into exile because of rumors of cowardice in abandoning his lord during the battle.
A faction within Murandy begins to raid over the border. Rumors say the problem is over Andoran mines near the border. While the Andoran Guard ignores the situation for now, tensions begin to boil between the two nations and the villagers begin to fortify for their own protection.
Whispers begin to surface that some Murandian nobles support another man for the throne than King Larson Anderlo who reportedly rules the nation with an iron fist under martial law.
King Masuro Chiura of Shienar raises taxes in preparation for putting up a wall along the entire blightborder of Shienar. The common people are unhappy with this.
House Troharon gains a position among the council of High Lords in Tear.
The Children of the Light begin to consolidate their power in the southwestern part of the continent leaving the people of Ghealdan increasingly wary with their Queen unable to bear children and provide an heir to the throne.
A petition to change the law in Ghealdan so that nobles marrying commoners can still inherit the throne is denied by the leaders of the Great Houses.

1004 NE

Queen Kylean of Arad Doman publicly states that she's looking for a new husband. Lords from both in and outside the country start vying for the chance of becoming Prince Consort. The squabbling over Almoth Plain continues much to the distress of Arad Doman's citizens. Nobles and commoners alike begin to call for Crown Prince Rohin to divorce his wife so he might marry another lady to ensure the succession. Queen Kylean gathers some advisors and travels to Tar Valon in order to demand answers from the Aes Sedai concerning the 'Night of Fire'. Crown Prince Rohin is made Regent during her absence.
High Seat Omari Reidun of House Chyred is exposed as a serial abuser and killer of young women. After years without being caught his activities were finally unmasked by Crown Prince Jotish Kaloni. This causes a major rift between House Kaloni and House Chyred.
King Ryndale of Tarabon seals a treaty with the Children of the Light. He accuses Princes Rohin and Kiritan of being responsible for kidnapping his daughter Princess Natalia as an excuse for attacking Arad Doman. Queen Kylean quickly returns home to pronounce her people's innocence and proclaim her wrath on those responsible for the disappearance of her son's wife. Her sons are sent out to find Natalia to meet King Ryndale's demands but preparations are still made for war.
Relations between the Tower and Arafel become strained when King Saevien demands the return of Durhas Imhorgan to Arafel. The Gray Ajah is left scurrying to set the situation right.
The Domani attempt to gain an alliance with those who live in Almoth Plain against the Taraboners who are rumored to be forming a secret alliance with the Children of the Light.
King Ryndale's Head Falconer and long time mentor of Prince Ravind, Rhali Messod, is exposed as a Darkfriend and executed. The Prince and his twin brother are sent to Cairhien.
A series of shadowspawn raids falls along the Kandori blightborder preceding a heavy assault on Saldaea which eventually wipe out the Baden fortress. Relations between Saldaea and Kandor become tense because Kandor does not aid Saldaea when it is attacked.
Mid-year: The Illuminator Storehouse in the middle of Tanchico explodes at the cost of many lives lost and damage to the entire neighborhood surrounding it.
A troop of city guards attacks the Hall of Counsels in Far Madding in an apparent attempt to wrest control of the city-state from the women and give it to the men. Instead of supporting them, the undecided men of the city rush to defend the Counsels and the traitors are forced into exile giving the First Counsel firm control of the city once more.
The Aes Sedai advisors of Kandor and Arafel are allowed to arrange a marriage between Prince Ganion of Kandor and Sayumi Theveth, the niece of King Saevien of Arafel. A marriage is also arranged between Sayumi's brother, Isaro, and Princess Ivashi of Shienar.
Princess Kendra Surene is escorted to Tar Valon and enrolls as a Novice in the White Tower.
Fighting breaks out between the Codarra and Goshien clans after a group of septs from each clan join forces to take control of a new spring formed by an earthquake. Intervention of the Wise Ones of the Taardad keeps most other clans out of the conflict but the Shaido enter on the side of the Goshien. Many Codarra are taken gaishain and the clan chief, Hamin, is killed.
Pushed forward as a candidate for Rhuidean by his mother, Surande, the roofmistress of the Codarra, Jalain, eldest son of Hamin is killed when Shae'an M'taal of the Shaido set upon the Rahien Sorei of the Codarra. In the wake of this, Bhorin of the Juern Rift sept is given permission to go to Rhuidean.
Traders from the Snake Water clan of the Miagoma bring back news that some disaster has befallen the nearest walled town of Shara. Other towns fall to similar fates but the Sharans give only lies or no answers at all.
A plague of illnesses begins in Amadicia and later spreads into Ghealdan. Crops gone bad seem to have been the cause of the illnesses.
Trade agreements are hammered out between the Queen of Andor and the Regent of Cairhien.

1003 NE

Tanaz si Zahan Rishona is born to Yegane ni Rishona t'Zahan, Queen of Saldaea.
Queen Luana of Altara dies in childbirth. Her son is stillborn.
12 Adar: Queen Elisia of Andor gives birth to a son, Galavan Talvis Murellan
Aravin Micansa is tried as a Male Channeler and gentled.
Altara becomes filled with malcontents and protestors after King Alisar taxes his people heavily to provide loans to Illian and Tear. After fires nearly destroy the Rahad the taxes are reduced. Skirmishing between House Aradia and House Falidia has been halted by royal command after a street brawl sparked by one of their duels causes half a dozen deaths and twice that number of wounded.
Solenne sur Paendrag, First of Mayene, continues to lose popularity even as her power has strengthened in the city-state. She has made overtures to Tarabon and Altara. Rumor has it the First's husband Jalon has retired to a hunting lodge outside the city after being challenged to a duel by the First's brother Gyles. The fist fight that followed had to be broken up by two Seconds and several Winged Guards.
Less than a full year after the plague of consumption, a plague of yellowjack fever begins to spread causing hysteria in Fal Dara as people once again flood the sickhouses. A group of Tinkers camped some miles form the city are blamed by the common people for bringing the disease and the King warns the Tinkers to leave the country while the gates of the city are closed for three days to prevent the disease from spreading. Several hundred lives are lost.
25 Choren: A series of fires erupt during a particular night, and reports come from all over - Arad Doman itself and different countries, about the same thing happening on that very same night. Scholars from all over the land have come to Bandar Eban's famous library. All boded ill word upon the matter, stating that this has marked the return of the Dragon Reborn.

1002 NE

The Savior is captured and summarily put to death; hung until dead. With the Savior gone, relations between Tear & Illian quickly degrade and hostilities arise between the two nations once more.
Lord Captain Commander Tomas Tumaal is missing and presumed dead. Lord Captain Aringill Kress is chosen as the new Lord Captain Commander.
King Saevien of Arafel issue a warrant for Durhas Imhorgan and sends out bounty hunters after placing a price on the Shae Doon's head.
Arafel begins preparations for a massive attack from the Blight.
The former followers of the Savior show up in Cairhien demanding to be heard by the Regent and the Children of the Light are clearly unhappy with the Regent as well. The Noble Council begins to show signs of opposition to the unpopular regent.
Men band together in Far Madding to demand more rights for their gender within the city-state.
Spring: Mudslides caused by the spring thaw block the major trade routes to and from Ghealdan preventing much needed supplies from reaching the country. Flooding occurs in the nations along the Southern coast.
A rash of pirates and brigands spring up in Illian in the wake of the Savior and the flooding. After several months the Illianer Companions are able to bring the problem under control.
The royal family of Kandor take advantage of the unusual quiet in the Blight to progress through the nation and tour the villages being rebuilt after the recent devastating trolloc attacks.
Eldest Ailar, daughter of Calia, daughter of Raemar of Stedding Shangtai passes away in her sleep. The Council of the Stump convenes to select a new Eldest.
Atha'an Miere ships begin spending more time in port to ask the assistance of local healers.
Outbreaks of consumption in Shienar lead to the King sending a request for aid to the White Tower.
11 Danu: Prince Andras is born to King Haligan and Queen Finellia of Amadicia.
Rumors spread that a massive gathering of Tinkers is going to occur.

1001 NE

Adelina announces that there will be no treaty between Cairhien and the Savior. She is killed in the war against the Savior.
Spring: Severe flooding and illnesses threaten the people of Ghealdan.
Lord Caption Commander Phineas Sinnar dies in a battle with the forces of the Savior. Tomas Tumaal is chosen to replace him.
The Children of the Light join the cause against the Savior, hoping to gain some good PR from the experience.
Andor comes to Cairhien's rescue, letting go of old differences to fight a common foe. The Savior's forces are pushed back with Andor's aid.
The Savior's forces in Illian are defeated and Kalil is reinstalled as King.
Over the summer the citizens of Almoth Plain unexpectedly rise up against Arad Doman and Tarabon, in an attempt to establish their own independence. Prince-Consort Aharon of Arad Doman is killed in battle. The rebellion is quelled by autumn. The events propel Crown Prince Rohin of Arad Doman to emerge from his reclusion although he still rarely attends any social gatherings.
Prince Risith of Arafel dies in a trolloc attack. The only member of his bodyguard to survive is Durhas. Durhas is almost executed until an Aes Sedai intervenes and takes him to Tar Valon after his exile from Arafel.

1000 NE

The Savior sends several Ambassadors to Cairhien and Andor in hopes to start some trade negotiations. Queen Adelina accepts the Ambassadors into her nation. Andor stalls.
Several skirmishes occur along the southern borders of Cairhien, attributed to bandits.
Tar Valon suffers from famine, as the stores from the earlier floods are ruined and cleared out. Refugees within the city riot against the White Tower, angry and upset at their loss of food. The city moves through a harsh winter.
Adri Gaidin falls ill and dies. Meeko Unega takes over as High Ambassador of Tar Valon. The City Council sets up varying shelters and soup kitchens to help the needy under Meeko's direction.
Princess Zuana is born to King Alisar and Queen Luana of Altara.

999 NE

9 Taisham: Prince Terkari is born to King Haligan and Queen Finellia of Amadicia.
Heavier than normal rains plague the borderlands during the spring season, causing flooding along the blight border during the spring thaw. Refugees travel to Chachin, Shol Arbela, and Tar Valon.
The flooding moves to Tar Valon, causing a several villages to evacuate their homes and take refuge within Tar Valon.
The High Ambassador of Tar Valon sends a rescue team into the village of Lorndale, the villagers being too stubborn to leave their homes in this crisis.
Tarwin's Gap is invaded by an entire fist of Trollocs and several Myrddraal. The small village of Belin's Gorge is destroyed, no survivors remaining. Mysteriously, the Trollocs and Myrddraal disappear, not feasting on the remains of the dead.
Illian is lost to the Savior's forces, defeated in a strike which surrounded the nation not only from the land but the water as well.
All river trade is cut off, keeping the Mayeners, Sea Folk, and other water based trade away from Tar Valon and the northern nations.
New squabbles erupt on Almoth Plain between the Taraboner and Domani forces. Reports from Tarabon suggest that Princess Natalia too has become reclusive, just like her husband, Prince Rohin.
Yegane ni Rishona t'Zahan gives birth to twins, Shahvir (heir to the throne) and Arshad.
The royal family of Ghealdan is devastated as the King, heir to the throne and the heir's heirs are all killed in a fire.
Pillara din Heni Guiding Star becomes her Clan's Wavemistress.

998 NE

In the early months of 998, the War of Succession in Murandy comes to an end. Lord Larson Anderlo of House Bergois is crowned King of Murandy. However, rumors suggest mysterious circumstances surround his gaining of the throne. Others suggest that he is not a Lord at all, but an imposter planted by the Savior.
Illian goes to war with the Savior, gaining aid from Altara.
The Savior cuts off trade along the Erinin river.
Various notables and non-notables in Altara start to go noticeably missing. People are quick to accuse the Savior.
Once more the Blight goes into a strange quiet, causing some nervousness among the Borderlanders. Even the vegetation stops advancing, where it was fervently growing before. Aes Sedai have been sent to the borders to study this phenomenon.
18 Jumara: Queen Elisia of Andor gives birth to a child - a young girl named Aeline - causing some unrest among the nobility; particularly those hoping an heir would not be born.
Early spring: Prince Rohin, son of Queen Kylean of House Jenmosen of Arad Doman, returns to court with Princess Natalia, daughter of King Ryndale of House Kaloni of Tarabon. Later that year Princess Natalia is seen leaving the home of her husband. Ever since, the King and Queen have been fighting non-stop among themselves, each blaming the other for the falling out of their children.
Yegane Rishona, Queen of Saldaea, marries Lord Tariq Zahan.
25 Maigdhal: Prince Milad is born to King Haligan and Queen Finellia of Amadicia.
Princess Othilia is born to King Larson and Queen Gisela of Murandy.

997 NE

Yuluriss Sedai of the Red Ajah is found murdered within the Tower gardens, an act committed by Morillin Sedai who is later captured and tried for being a member of the Dark.
The united Tairen and Illianer forces are beat back by the Savior's men, disguised as loyal members of their own forces. Any resistance in Tear is quelled. Rumors suggest that after his victory, the Savior has sent forces to Cairhien.
A naval force is sent to Altara attacking its water borders. Those men who managed to land in Ebou Dar found themselves dealing with many traps and machinations created to fight back. The battle between the two warring forces ended in victory for Altara.
The year long quiet of the Blight ends as Shadowspawn raid the Plain of the Lances, burning and razing everything in sight. New growth of those oddly dangerous plants have also been spotted following along the area cleared away by those Shadowspawn.
Adri Gaidin is elected High Ambassador of Tar Valon. Shallenne Tyrell Mahanon and Meeko Unega are elected as Ambassadors of Tar Valon.
After months of negotiation a peace treaty is signed by King Ryndale of Tarabon and Queen Kylean of Arad Doman. The marriage of Crown Prince Rohin to Princess Natalia, oldest child Ryndale's and only daughter seal the treaty. After the spring wedding, the two retire to Jenmosen's country estate where they may get to know one another in peace.

996 NE

In an unprecedented move, Tear and Illian combine their remaining forces together, to strike at the Savior's men. In turn, it seems the Savior gained support of other varying people. Rumors suggest the Savior has an Aes Sedai advisor aiding and guiding him, though the Tower greatly denies any such support, giving it's aid with the Tairen and Illianer alliances.
In Andor, Queen Elisia, High Seat of House Murellan, marries Lord Vince Brighton, formerly High Seat of House Linmar. Lord Vince swears a blood oath to protect her as the First Prince of the Sword, chosen by the brotherless Queen.
The Blight goes unusually quiet. Those along the borderlands take the time to gear up for any possible invasion.

995 NE

A few months into 995, Accepted Jaice mysteriously disappears from the Tower after channeling into an unknown ter'angreal that apparently functioned as a kind of gateway. It pulled her to Cairhien, where a similar-but-broken ter'angreal was found. Together with Maeve, a former Accepted, they managed to produce a working copy of the ter'angreal, rediscovering the lost ability to create Ter'angreal.
The war between Tear and Illian continues. Small groups of bandits pillage and plunder the spoils of the war, taking advantage of the smaller villages without protection. The leader of the bandits later emerges as a man known as the Savior; rallying together the 'little' people of the nations under one banner, promising equality to the commoners and the dissolution of the noble class. In a bold move the Savior manages to take the Tairen nation.
Prince Tobas Bershan of Ghealdan is killed in a duel.
Iolanthe is born to Larson Anderlo and his wife Gisela in Murandy.

994 NE

Adelina su Tiigril returns to Cairhien and is crowned Queen. The Children of the Light are accepted within Cairhien's court.
The village of Tolemac is overrun by bandits, finding unexpected aid from a group of traveling merchants.
Trouble rises in the south between the nations of Tear and Illian. It is claimed that the Horn of Valere is being kept in The Stone of Tear. Tear denies the accusations to that effect, which strikes a war between Tear and Illian.
Micana Sedai replaces Tamarind as Keeper of the chronicles.
Morillin Sedai replaces Semarra as Mistress of Novices.
Several Domani nobles are found to have been involved in King Ryndale's plot to overthrow the Domani throne and are promptly banned; some from court, others from Arad Doman. A few are executed for High Treason.
5 Saban: Princess Relysis is born to King Haligan and Queen Finellia of Amadicia.
28 Tammaz: Nessa is born to Queen Adelina su Tiigril in Cairhien.
Zoirin Javert Bershan and Delora Aselich marry.
Elisia Murellan becomes Queen of Andor when her mother Naruai dies.
Sandra is born to First Counsel Chigolle in Far Madding.
Jain Farstrider disappears during his return from the Great Blight.

993 NE

King Merin of Cairhien is assassinated, plunging the area into Civil War. House Morgwyn is wiped out in a war of succession, causing the Noble Council to enforce military law for the duration of the succession.
An assassination attempt is made on Adelina su Tiigril, the next strong contender for the Sun Throne, while visiting in Tar Valon. The Children of the Light are banned from Tar Valon for taking the law into their own hands and executing Adelina's would-be assassin.
Tamarind Sedai of the Blue Ajah is named as Keeper and Semarra of the Green Ajah is named Mistress of Novices.
Adelina, the favorite for the Sun Throne, makes a pact with the White Tower to send her first born child there for training.
The Tower sends a new Aes Sedai Advisor, a Yellow, to Arad Doman's court. Elisia Murellan, Daughter-Heir of Andor, visits Arad Doman on a state trip. She uncovered a plot to overthrow Queen Kylean. King Ryndale of Tarabon was attempting to place one of his cousins upon the throne instead. But thanks to Elisia the Queen was prepared for the attempt on her life and so the plot failed.
Yegane Rishona is crowned Queen of Saldaea.
Zoelle Andronikos is born to King Kalil and Queen Theresita of Illian.
Princess Finellia of Ghealdan marries King Haligan of Amadicia.

992 NE

Amyrlin Seat Kamala of the Green Ajah and her Warder, Kedric, were found dead within the Amyrlin's private suite. Raemira Birnoas of the Blue Ajah was recalled from Altara, and later seated as the next Amyrlin. At age 40, she is the youngest Aes Sedai to have been placed on the Amyrlin Seat. Her rule lasts until 1006 NE.
Arynne Mi'alan Aes Sedai replaces Raemira Birnoas as advisor to the Throne of the Winds.
15 Tammaz: King Cyrus of Arad Doman dies. After a week his daughter Kylean ascends the throne. Later that year, 19 Shaldine, Princess Sharai dies in childbirth but her child, Princess Rinchen, survives. Queen Kylean bans her Aes Sedai Advisor from Arad Doman, claiming she will only accept a member of the Yellow Ajah from now on.
Kalil becomes King of Illian when his cousin dies.
King Haligan's advisor, Master Naldino, is executed for plotting the death of the former king and queen.
Windfinder Shaylyn din Heni Breaking Clouds dies.
One of King Kalil's advisors is killed in the Perfumed quarter.
Danu: Lyorah Tailech of the Yellow Ajah is assigned to be Queen Kylean's new Aes Sedai advisor.

991 NE

Age five, Princess Tahira of Arad Doman dies from a wasting disease on the first day of the new year.
Marith is chosen as Eldest of the Ogier.
Prince Odilon is born to King Alisar and Queen Luana of Altara. Haligan Digera ascends the throne of Amadicia when his parents are killed in a carriage accident.
Daughter-Heir Elisia Murellan completes her study in the Tower and returns to her home in Andor.
Telina is born to First Counsel Rheanna Chigolle in Far Madding.

990 NE

1 Taisham: Princess Ymilia is born to King Alisar and Queen Luana of Altara.
Princess Finellia of Ghealdan is betrothed to Crown Prince Haligan of Amadicia.

989 NE

Kalil marries Theresita.
Alisar takes the throne of Altara when Pirone Baratose dies.
Alisar marries Luana Ybiessa.
Raemira Birnoas Aes Sedai becomes the advisor to the Throne of Winds.
28 Danu: Lyanka Lennor is born to former princess Irmine in Ghealdan.
Danwyn is born to First Counsel Rheanna Chigolle in Far Madding.

988 NE

Prince Aharon is made Marshal-General of Arad Doman's military forces.
13 Amadaine: Pravin & Ravind are born to King Ryndale and Queen Keranin of Tarabon.
Princess Ileane of Altara announces her plans to marry. The next day she is killed falling from her horse in a hunting accident.
23 Shaldine: Herlikin Lennor is born to former princess, Irmine in Ghealdan.
Hynen is born to Kaden & Lelila Malaki in Shienar.

987 NE

Princess Sharai of Arad Doman marries Salden, High Seat of House Stypharion. The union is the result of the 'Southern Alliance' between the three Great Houses bordering Almoth Plain, Jenmosen, Thareri and Stypharion.
Risith is born to King Saevien and Queen Khidyra of Arafel.
Faydette is born to Larson Anderlo and his wife Gisela in Murandy.
Hannah Demanne is discovered to be a Dreamer. She is the first Dreamer in the White Tower to discover that Dreamers can enter Tel'aran'rhiod.

986 NE

The aging King Cyrus of Arad Doman calls his heir and her family back to Bandar Eban.
13 Choren: Princess Kendra is born to the King and Queen of Kandor. Princess Lidwina Bershan dies when she is thrown from her horse.

985 NE

Princess Tahira is born, daughter of Princess Kylean and Prince Aharon of Arad Doman.
Queen Timora of Saldaea dies. Her daughter is too young to assume the throne so a Regency Council is appointed to rule.
Maidar is born to King Saevien and Queen Khidyra of Arafel.
13 Shaldine: Tobas Lennor is born to former Princess Irmine in Ghealdan.

984 NE

Salden Stypharion becomes High Seat of House Stypharian.

983 NE

Jetrung, a son, is born to King Saevien and Queen Khidyra of Arafel.
5 Taisham, Daniar Lennor is born to former Princess Irmine of Ghealdan.
13 Amadaine: Jotish is born to King Ryndale and Queen Keranin of Tarabon.
8 Danu: Princess Kylean and Prince Aaron of Arad Doman are the proud parents of a second child, Prince Kiritan.

981 NE

King Juchin of Arafel dies. Saevien succeeds him on the throne.
Lord Quentiro Murellan, Consort of Queen Naruai, dies.
Princess Irmine of Ghealdan marries Brishen Lennor, commoner but heir to House Silver Sky. This common marriage forever disinherits both the princess and her future children from the throne of Ghealdan.

980 NE

13 Amadaine: Natalia is born to King Ryndale and Queen Keranin of Tarabon.
Prince Saevien marries Lady Khidyra, the younger sister of lord Jazhar.
Naruai Murellan becomes Queen of Andor.
Namid Thareri becomes High Seat of House Thareri.

979 NE

11 Saban: Arad Doman celebrates another birth as Prince Rohin is born, son of Princess Kylean and Prince Aharon.
A serious plague sweeps through Ghealdan. Princess Finellia barely survives.

978 NE

Scandal erupts at court, Crown Princess Kylean of Arad Doman is pregnant. The 16 year old is quickly married to the father of her child, Lord Aharon of House Thareri. He is given the title 'Prince' but the couple is banned from court anyway. The two travel throughout the country so that the citizens may get to know their future Queen. Prince Aharon proves to be a military mastermind and rises quickly through the ranks.
A great army joins together at Tar Valon to fight the Aiel. This Becomes known as the Battle of the Shining Walls.

977 NE

5 Shaldine: Pillara din Heni Guiding Star is born, daughter of Windfinder, Shaylyn din Heni Breaking Clouds.

976 NE

Tear and Illian cease fighting.
King Laman of Cairhien cuts down Avendoraldera in order to construct a unique throne.
Late Spring: The beginning of the Aiel War. In response to the actions of King Laman, four Aiel clans (Nakai, Reyn, Taardad and Shaarad) cross the Spine of the World and attack Cairhien.
The Aiel clans capture Cairhien and burn the city, except its library, a few months into the Aiel War.
8 Aine: Elisia is born, the only daughter of Duchess Naruai and Lord Quentiro of House Murellan in Andor.

975 NE

20 Shaldine: Yegane is born to Queen Timora of Saldaea.
Marshall-General Nusair Haroun dies in an accident.

974 NE

24 Tammaz: Solenne is born to First Alormon sur Paendrag, High Seat of House Caubere, and his lady wife Ladora. She is hailed as the next First of Mayene.

973 NE

Kamala Fermand of the Green Ajah is raised to the Amyrlin Seat. Her rule lasts until 992 NE.
King Tarim of Tarabon dies. Prince Ryndale takes the throne and soon after marries Keranin.
Eldest Kamala, daughter of Helena daughter of Mesine dies of natural causes.
5 Jumara: Zoirin is born to King Hanain and Queen Lyanka of Ghealdan.
23 Amadaine: Haligan Rumen Digera is born to King Bastien and Queen Adelie of Amadicia.
17 Jumara: Giyas Ardolan is born in Murandy.

971 NE

Queen Timora Rishona of Saldaea marries Jazhar Shamire.

970 NE

Tear and Illian go to war in a conflict that lasts six years.
Timora si Rishona is crowned Queen of Saldaea.
House Lalinnon is enobled by Queen Timora in Saldaea.
Marshall-General Nusair Haroun allegedly attempts to raise a rebellion against Saldaea's newly crowned Queen. All the members of House Mercan are exiled to Arad Doman for the attempted rebellion.
Queen Kaitren and Princess Semara of Tarabon die of food poisoning.
Crown Prince Anirvan of Tarabon dies in combat.

969 NE

Lady Hara returns to Bandar Eban's court.
Princess Feyolin of Tarabon dies due to pregnancy complications.
Queen Leorah si Sharna of Saldaea dies in a hunting accident.
Marith becomes a Stedding Elder.

968 NE

The Travels of Jain Farstrider is printed for the first time.
Hostilities between Cairhien and Andor end.
27 Jumara: Alisar is born to the King and Queen of Altara.

967 NE

Nikolous Andronikos is born to King Kratos of Illian.

966 NE

Prince Tobas is born to King Hanain and Queen Lyanka of Ghealdan.

965 NE

Laman Damodred becomes King of Cairhien.
Cairhien and Andor are at war until 968 NE.
7 Aine: King Cyrus and Queen Aziza of Arad Doman give birth to a second daughter, Lady Sharai.
Princes Lidwina is born to King Hanain and Queen Lyanka of Ghealdan.

963 NE

Kratos Andronikos becomes King of Illian.

962 NE

A Crown Princess is born to Arad Doman's King Cyrus and Queen Aziza, Lady Kylean.
Princess Irmine is born to King Hanain and Queen Lyanka of Ghealdan.
King Balaese Ybiessa of Altara dies.
Pirone Baratose ascends to the Throne of the Winds in Altara despite three houses allying against him in an attempt to keep him from the throne.

961 NE

Nuedan, son of King Juchin of Arafel, dies.

960 NE

Prince Hanain is born to King Hanain and Queen Lyanka of Ghealdan.

959 NE

Virduran Kaloni is born, son of King Ryndale and Queen Keranin of Tarabon.

958 NE

Tuluya Adrikos is born to Nuedan, Crown Prince of Arafel.

957 NE

The lands of the former nation of Malkier are completely covered by the Blight.
The beginning of the Whitecloak War following Amadicia's attempt to conquer Altara. Illian responds to this aggression in order to prevent an attack on its own lands. These events are known as "The Troubles" in the histories of the Children of the Light.
Forces of the Children of the Light capture the King of Illian at Soremaine, where the Illianer Companions help prevent the entrapment of the majority of the Illian army.
The Council of Nine in Illian manage to pay a ransom in order to see the return of the King.
The King of Illian forces the Children of the Light to accept a treaty that requires them to give up any claim to Altara.
King Cyrus of Arad Doman marries Lady Aziza of House Myntyrs.

956 NE

King Cyrus of Arad Doman divorces Hara for her infertility. Since she is no longer Queen, she returns to her brother's estate
23 Aine: Saevien is born to Crown Prince Nuedan of Arafel.

955 NE

Autumn: The abandoned nation of Malkier is overrun by Trolloc armies and destroyed.

953 NE

Plotting against al'Mador Toryedin, a rival branch of the royal family attempts to gain control of the throne. In a move to take control of the Seven Towers, they move troops loyal to them from out of the Blight and the borderforts. Trolloc forces take advantage of the weakened defenses of Malkier to attack the nation. The Malkieri are pushed back, and the traitors flee. They are believed to have been killed by trollocs.
al'Mador and el'Latika of Malkier die at Herot's Crossing while trying to defend Malkier from the advancing Trolloc armies. Forces from Shienar, Arafel and Kandor attack the Trollocs at the Stair of Jehann and are able to temporarily push them back.
Sureni Adrikos is born to Nuedan, Crown Prince of Arafel.
Houses Harone and Onujan are founded in Shienar.

952 NE

Nuedan, Crown Prince of Arafel, marries Lady Milare of Malkier.

951 NE

Javier Elaekith, brother of Queen Hara of Arad Doman, becomes High Seat of House Elaekith.

950 NE

Noane Masadim of the Blue Ajah is raised to the Amyrlin Seat. Her rule lasts until 973 NE.

949 NE

13 Tammaz: Twins, Ryndale & Feyolin are born to King Tarim and Queen Kaitren of Tarabon.

946 NE

Eurian Romavni of Kandor writes the book A Journey to Tarabon.
King Cyrus of Arad Doman marries Lady Hara of House Elaekith.

945 NE

Cyrell Andronikos becomes King of Illian.

944 NE

Anirvan is born to King Tarim and Queen Kaitren of Tarabon.

941 NE

The King of Illian dies with no heirs beginning the four year period known as the "Silent War"

937 NE

King Shahir of Arad Doman dies. The coronation of the Crown Prince Cyrus takes place a week later.
Tarim Kaloni is crowned king of Tarabon.

935 NE

The Children of the Light have effectively seized control of Amadicia by this time. There continues to be a King but for all practicalintents and purposes it is the Lord Captain Commander who rules Amadicia.

933 NE

Nuedan is born to King Juchin of Arafel.

922 NE

Kirin Melway of the Brown Ajah is raised to the Amyrlin Seat. Her rule lasts until 950 NE.
Queen Farizah of Arad Doman dies from a wasting disease

918 NE

Arad Doman's Crown Prince, Cyrus, is born to King Shahir & Queen Farizah, and becomes their only child.
House Jendash is founded as a reward to Arslan Jendash for his defense of the country against bandits from the Almoth Plain.

889 NE

Radianh Aridmor founds House Jenmosen and takes the throne of Arad Doman at the same time. She arranges a marriage between her son, Shahir, and the newborn princess Farizah to justify the claim to the throne.

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