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This is a page where players of Cuendillar can brainstorm about the kinds of TinyPlots they would like to see. Mundane as well as magical type plots are wanted. From there, we'll set a team of players and staff to put things together in order to fully develop the plot and possibly put it on the grid. To number the ideas, simply use # after the next line, and it will automatically show things in numerical order. IE: # Foo will show up as 1. Foo. Include your brainstorming ideas here.

  1. Heck: I assume we are just suppose to edit to place ideas ;)? If not, sorry about this! Anyways I like the TP that is going on with the Browns to take a little 'field' trip but I was wondering if we could include some more things into that? Perhaps a bandit attack? Discovering something interesting? Or maybe for some reason there are no browns there? Loose ideas and I'm just throwing them out there, and by all means I don't want to intrude into someone else's TP either

  2. Heck: My other idea, and it may be way out there but I figured I'd just give it a shot. Is maybe a War that involves the homeland or the culture a majority of characters were brought up in. Or at least some events that are leading up to a near war, and might effect surrounding areas or even the character's themselves as well their families and home would be there.

  3. Roadspike: A fire in Tar Valon proper could be interesting, especially if it was close enough or big enough for residents of the White Tower to have to help put it out and clean up the mess afterwards. This could then lead into questions of how the fire started, and if it was intentional, who caused it.

  4. Roadspike: Something that causes a split between two factions in the White Tower and forces players to choose sides would be mighty interesting, even if it was just a personality conflict between two powerful Aes Sedai (like Lelaine and Romanda in the books). Nothing that actually split the Tower would be good, but something just to create slight conflict or force players to make a choice would be interesting.

    Heck: I like the second idea a lot, it actually seems very interesting. Maybe even steem down to the Gaidins as if a Green and hers split to one side, might drag those Sworn and Trainees that respect said Gaidin to their side?
  5. Shaeldar: Catalyst- I've had an idea for a TP character for some time now. It occurred to me that Prophecies are considered dangerous in the game, and thus restricted. To this end, I propose combining two of the most dangerous assets in the game: A Male Channeler with the Foretelling Talent. I propose his talent to draw him to key points on the map, leaving traces of prophecy burned into stone.

    This could allow him to draw a following and perhaps put some of the other TP ideas into play. 1. A split in the Tower- is it ethical to keep new prophecies at arms length? 2. A war started from a following. 3. Perhaps he could start in Tar Valon, starting a fire when he sets the first prophecy (which is later discovered). This could also prompt an otherwise unlikely escape for a male channeler from the capitol city of witches. 4. Obviously the Aes Sedai and perhaps the Children trying to hunt him down.
    Kat: Oh, I really like that idea! Doing logs about the everyday lives is getting a little tedious since there has been little to no excitement of late...
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