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Ages ago the Ogier had a talent close to their hearts, running strong within them: Treesinging. Sadly, over the years, this talent has dwindled to a poor excuse of their former ability, but those with the ability are no less appreciated today; all Ogier Treesingers are honored members of their community. Treesinging is the ability to cultivate objects from trees without harming them, as well as the ability to coax seeds to take root and grow strongly.

An Ogier with this ability is greatly honored and respected. They are the only ones that can coax trees to freely create rare objects, called 'sung wood', without doing any harm. They can often times nurse diseased plants and trees back to health, or help small crops to take to root. Considering the Ogier's pride in their trees and gardens, it is no wonder that Treesingers are highly prized.

Treesinging is a restricted character ability, to ensure that the Talent is as rare in the game as in the books. Ogier characters interested in playing a Treesinger need to select the ability in character generation and be approved.

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