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Leadership Information

Amyrlin Seat: Hannah Stasia Demanne
Keeper of the Chronicles: Calliste Onoilla
Mistress of Novices: Phaedra Stanwyck
Assistant Mistress of Novices Osia Charodene
Mistress of Kitchens: Yemena Marsheva Sylanovic
Master Gaidin: Rodegar Watahon
Master of Arms: Rayen Naul
Assistant Master of Arms: Lars Sylvian
Symbol: White Flame

General Overview

Located in the city of Tar Valon, the White Tower is one of the most powerful factions in the world. The Tower is the training center and home of the Aes Sedai, and their warrior protectors, the Warders. Its power lies both in the One Power and the political machinations of the Aes Sedai.

The leader of the White Tower is the Amyrlin Seat, who is selected by the Hall of the Tower, the governing body of the Aes Sedai. All Aes Sedai pledge to obey the Amyrlin without question. She is assisted by the Keeper of the Chronicles, who keeps the Tower records. NOTE: In the novels, the Keeper comes from the same Ajah as the Amyrlin, but that is not the tradition on the MUSH.

Only women who can Channel become Aes Sedai. Women from around the world travel to the Tower or seek out an Aes Sedai to be tested. If they have the ability, they enter the Tower as Novices. After years of study and training, they may be raised to Accepted, and then in turn raised to Aes Sedai. Women who lack the strength of will or are weak in Channeling are put out of the Tower after learning enough not to harm themselves or others.

Each Aes Sedai belongs to one of seven Ajahs. Each Ajah takes a different approach to achieving the goals of the White Tower. For instance, the Whites study philosophy, and the Greys are mediators. The Ajahs are: Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Red, White and Yellow. There are rumours of a secret Black Ajah of Aes Sedai sworn to the Dark One, but this is hotly denied.

Men on Cuendillar who wish to serve as Warders must also undergo stringent training before they are eligible to be bonded to an Aes Sedai. The first level of training is Trainee, the second is Sworn. Men who complete the Sworn level take oaths of fealty to the Tower, and then may be selected for bonding. The Master Gaidin leads the Warders. The Master of Arms is in charge of their training.

In addition to the Aes Sedai and Warders, hundreds of other people work and live at the White Tower - servants, gardeners, guards, scribes, clerks, etc.

The Tower touches the world in many ways. Many rulers have Aes Sedai advisors, though few will admit it. Members of the Gray Ajah often take part in treaty negotiations. Green Sisters help the Borderlands hold back the Blight. People from around the world travel to the Tower to seek Healing or counsel. When a male Channeler troubles the world, people turn to the Tower to help capture him and then gentle him - remove his ability forever.

Attitudes to the Tower and its folk vary. Most people view the use of the One Power with wariness or outright hatred. The Tower has a wide reputation for manipulating and secretly controlling politics. Few believe you can trust an Aes Sedai, despite common knowledge that their Oaths prevent them from outright lying or killing people with the Power. The Children of the Light consider all Channelers to be Darkfriends, and any found in Amadicia are imprisoned or killed. Aes Sedai can freely enter Tear, but Channeling is illegal there. Aes Sedai are respected and honoured in the Borderlands, and considered political tools in Cairhien.

NOTE: Aes Sedai, Novice, Accepted, Channeler, Warder, Trainee and Sworn are restricted character classes, and must be approved through character generation. Please see 'restricted characters' for more information.

Aes Sedai

Topics relating to roleplaying an Aes Sedai in the White Tower, including the Sedai Heirarchy, the Ajahs, Ajah goals, roleplay opportunities, OOC expectations, NPCs, and how to become an Aes Sedai.

Novices and Accepted

An outline of the Novice or Accepted training progran can be found in these pages. Student life, activities, rules, NPCS, OOC expectations, testing requirements, and other bits of information may also be found here.


Topics relating to roleplaying a Warder in the White Tower, including the Warder Heirarchy, a list of the sword forms, roleplay opportunities, NPCs, and how to become a Warder.

Trainees and Sworn

An outline of the Trainee and Sworn training program can be found in these pages. Student life, activities, rules, NPCS, OOC expectations, testing requirements, and other bits of information may also be found here.


Information of interest to all Tower residents and those associated with the Tower. Includes an overview of the structure and purpose of the Tower, a list of Tower NPCs, how to become Tower Eyes and Ears, the Tower's attitudes to other nations, a detailed history of events involving the Tower, including role-played events on the game, and awards granted by the Tower.

The introductory text used for this webpage was written and copyrighted © by Rhonda Peters. It is used with permission on Cuendillar MUSH.

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